Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Born a Hero - Celebrating the Strength of Women for the SAF‏

1 July is also known as the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Day. 

Speaking of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the first thing that usually comes to mind will be uniformed male soldiers defending the nation. Few would associate the success of the SAF with women who hail from different walks of life, and the contributions they have made towards our country’s defence system. 

As part of the commemoration for the SAF’s 50th anniversary (SAF50), women’s website Material World has launched the Born a Hero project to celebrate the unsung heroes behind Singapore’s defence. 

There was a celebratory event held at TANGS Orchard on SAF Day. At the event, participants were treated to exclusive discounts and deals – including a $10 TANGS voucher.

The event also include complimentary refreshments from The Providore.

Thanks GF for bringing me along. Haven't seen her for nearly a month, this must be our longest record of not meeting up each other. Must take a photo together.

Missed the girls so much. Haven't got the chance to join them for a long time. Thanks GF for reunite all of us together.

Thanks Jasmine for the photo.
While we enjoyed our time shopping, we were glad that the Born a Hero initiative with Material World gives us an opportunity to thank and honour women for the various roles they play towards protecting Singapore.

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