Friday, June 19, 2015

Happenings in June - Dinner gathering + Chillout

Wednesday 17/6/15

I have a simple dinner gathering with friends whom I had not seen for ages. Though we had not meet for a long time, there is never a moment of awkwardness when we met. Seeing old friends made me feel warm and comfort, we reminisced the old good times, be it studying or walking home together.

With le bff, enjoying our hearty dinner at Skinny Pizza. 
This was my second visit to Skinny Pizza.

We ordered Wild Truffled Mushroom Pizza, recommended by YC. He used to work in Skinny Pizza so he was familiar with all the food served here.

The English Breakfast pizza. 
The pizza was toppled with smoked bacon, sunny side-up egg, roasted Roma tomatoes and mixed mushrooms on a roasted Neapolitan-style tomato sauce.

The Black Pepper Prawn Linguine.

Our dinner will not be complete without dessert. We headed down to 記得吃 Ji De Chi at B2. We ordered 3 desserts to share among the 6 of us. My choice of selection was chendol snowy ice.

Green tea snowy ice.

We have so much things to catch up on and we could have go on for many more hours if it wasn't a working day the next day. Oops and also we have a Cinderella in our group who need to be home by 11pm. Let's arrange for another meetup soon again.

Thursday 18/6/15

That day was a hectic day for me. We had a in-house chillout session in the evening and we were busy preparing for it the entire day. We went out to purchase liquors, soft drinks, tibits and ordering McDonald delivery.

2 buckets of wines and Hoegaarden beers. We bought the buckets at Daiso. 
Glad that it was over.

Friday 19/6/15

TGIF! So happy when come to Friday. It's time for us to have a good rest after a long tiring week.
My events have become lesser nowadays, so I use my free time to meet up with friends for catch up and lepak around.

Our favourite place of meetup is Vivo City because Grace always ended her work late. By the time she ended work, it has past 8pm. To make things convenient for her, we always scheduled our meetup at Vivo or HarbourFront.

We have our dinner at Kim Gary. I haven't been coming here for years. I ordered one of the western set and it comes with a creamy soup.

Our la kopi and teh session began.

My pork chop and chicken chop set. You can select either fries, spaghetti or rice. I opt for fries.
Kim Gary was preparing for their closing off and we left the restaurant at 9.30pm. We decided to find another place for chit chatting.
McDonald has come up with a new McFlurry flavour: Banana Chocolate McFlurry.
CL has wanted to try it out. It tasted like vanilla ice-cream with a hinge of banana taste. 

I decided to go for Oreo McFlurry. My all time favourite.

So happy to see Maggie again. You still looked the same like the last time I saw you. 

I really enjoyed the time spent with these brunch of people. We felt contented even if we are not eating expensive food or finding special activity to do. We are happy with just spending quality time together. No more just meeting up once a year because I am going to organise it often.

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