Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happenings in June - iDarts + Night Safari

Wednesday 24/6/15

Met up with le bff again after one week. We met up to play darts this time round.

Jessie, JH and I were the earliest so we went for dinner at Telok Blangah Crescent. YK was supposed to meet us too but we couldn't contact him, he didn't picked up our calls. Since his house was just a few blocks away, we decided to pay a surprise visit to his house. It turned up that he was just awoke, he got a shock when he saw us. In order not to shock him further, we went to the playground below his house to wait for him there instead.

Some kiddo enjoying at the playground.

After YK came down, we went to iDarts at Mount Faber Safra.
This was my first time playing darts. Met many of my friends there. There are 2 pros in my group, they even have their own darts.

The darts provided by iDarts.

iDarts is a bar like place, you can order beer, vodka and other alcoholic drinks. But this isn’t the usual club scene with just upbeatmusic, drinks, and people mingling around. With the dart machines, we can enjoy the happy teamwork and enjoyable moments with friends over lively darts games.
It was really a fun and addictive games. It creates unforgettable fun times for all of us. I have hit BULLSEYE a couple of times, so happy. No wonder the guys always love coming to play darts, I'm sure we will have more of these session again. Such gathering gives me strength to stay endure till weekend.

Saturday 27/6/15

Meeting le bff the second time in a week. What can we do on a Saturday night other than drinking?
So I decided to plan a sight-seeing outing trip to Night Safari. Night Safari was established since 1994. I have never been there before so I called along my spontaneous bff.

After an hour of ride, here we were at Night Safari. My goodness, it was super crowded that night. The queue to the entrance was so long then it stretched beyond the gift shop.

Upon entering, the first stop that we went was tram station. That is the best way to begin your exploration.

The tram ride was about half an hour long, it travelled deep into the domain of the world’s most fascinating nocturnal animals. The tram ride was inclusive with the tickets.

 We enjoyed our tram ride very much. It put us in the best seat to observe the nocturnal animals in their specially lit enclosures. We came upclose with some of the animal, it’s a sensory adventure. I only have this photo during my entire half an hour ride, it was too dark to capture any photo and flash photography may blind these animals.

After the tram ride, we then queue to wait for the animal show which began at 9.30pm.

Creatures of the Night Show.
The show was approximately 20 minutes. It brings together a constellation of our nocturnal superstars who will thrill you with their natural and unique behaviours and skills.

JJ, me, Jessie and JH.
After the show, it's time to begin our walking trails. A pity we didn't manage to cover all the trails. We left Night Safari at 11.15pm. Nevertheless, it was still an unique experience for me.

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