Friday, July 3, 2015

Sing, Love - The Concert‏ and Interview with Stefanie Sun

Welcoming my weekend with a star-studded concert at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa.

This year is Singapore 50th birthday. In celebration of its Golden Jubilee, more than 30 members of the music industry have worked together to create an original music album with five original songs pays tribute to Singapore.

The album is aptly named ‘Sing, Love’, and the songs are written in a mixture of four different languages. 

GF and I getting ready for a star-studded line-up of local artistes with an exciting Sing, Love concert. We were seated at the second row, so near to the stage. Awesome!

The host of concert was Danny Yeo, media personality that all of us recognised.

The album is presented by main sponsor IMC Live Group and support by SG50. 'Sing, Love’ is available for free download in 2015 at

Minister for Social and Family Development, Tan Chuan-Jin, gracing the event as Guest-of-Honour. Minister expressed that he felt heartening to see both veterans and young talents from the music industry coming together to present a birthday gift that can resonate with Singaporeans.

First song - Starlight, performed by Sezairi and Joanna Dong.
This song is written and composed by Chen Jiaming and Ruth Ling, Malay Lyrics by Sezairi.

Watch the video here.

Second song - Come back to you.
A song written, composed and performed by Jimmy Ye and The Sam Willows.

Watch the video here.

I like the chorus of this song, it's very catchy:

Come sunshine and come rain 
Come laughter or come pain 
Come with me and come what may 
I always come back home to you again

This is my first time listening to The Sam Willows and I'm loving their music.
They are the new music sensation of Singapore.

This song is going to be in my download list. I really love this song, it instantly lift up my mood.

Third song - Kite.
Performed by Corrinne May, Charlie Lim and T’ang Quartet.
Written and composed by Corrinne May and Charlie Lim

Watch the video here.

Fourth song - Love Sings.
Performed by Jeremy Monteiro, Rani Singam, Nathan Hartono and THELIONCITYBOY 
Written by Jeremy Monteiro, Rani Singam and Nathan Hartono 
Tamil Lyrics by Rani Singam and Gomathei Muthusamy

The song was written in a mixture of languages and the artistes engaged the audience in a sing-along elements.

Watch the video here.

Fifth song - 简爱 Simply, Love.
Written and composed by Liang Wern Fook, Rap Lyrics by ShiGGa Shay

Liang Wern Fook's song is never disappointing. This is my favourite song of all, it breaks the tradition of the typical National Day songs. 

The song is performed by Stefanie Sun and ShiGGa Shay.
Double S's team.

Watch the video here.

简单 My Love 
因为有你 我才存在 
简单 My Love 
因为有我 你才存在

Shigga Shay in the house.

The title of the song speaks for itself. Simply, Love. I simply love the song. 
I am not someone who will immediately love a song when I first hear it as I only start liking after hearing it a couple of times. But if I do like a song the first time I hear it, it must be really nice. Trust me, you will like this song.

We have come to the end of the concert. It ended off with an ending speech by Ruth Ling, the album's executive producer. 

After the concert, we have a closed door interview session with Stefanie Sun, Homegrown singer. So happy to have the opportunity to see her upclose.

Stefanie shared with us that this year is the year for national duty with SG50 approaching, she will be taking part in National Day Parade. 

We are just one month away from our National Day, can't wait for more SG50 celebration and activities. Before I end off, remember to visit to listen and download the song for free.

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