Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yong Hui and Hwee Peng's Wedding Part 2

Back to Orchid Country Club again, this was my third time here. I was here for bowling previously.

Yong's dinner reception was held at Orchid Country Club balloon. Orchid Country Club is one of the best-kept secrets of couples who yearn for an unforgettable wedding. For couples who are planning to get married, Orchid Country Club is one of the places where you can consider holding your wedding reception if you are looking for attractive price package.

A grand staircase that led us to the cocktail reception.

Seeing little Aiden again. Such a cutie.

Peach garden combination.
I like all the food served. They are of high quality and on par with the food served at hotel dinner reception.

Braised shark's fin soup with crabmeat, fish raw and bamboo pith. 
Taste delicious. I finished every bits of it. 

Sauteed prawn with salted egg york accompanied with sauteed prawn with cereals. 
This was my favourite dish, I love salted egg prawn.

Steamed sea garoupa in Hong Kong style.

Welcoming the bride and groom in. 
They looked so sup, riding the wedding buggy in.

The couple exchanging their wedding toast.

Followed by the traditional yum seng.

Do you know that there is a total of 3 "Yum Seng"?

Each toast has its different purposes. First toast is for blissful marriage; the second toast is for eternal love; and the third toast for fertility.

Congratulations to Yong and Hwee Peng, wish you a blissful marriage. 

Photo-taking time around the tables.

Traditional braised pork belly with steamed bun.

Braised ee fu noodle with straw mushroom and chives.

Long time no see, bro. Since Chinese New Year till now.
We can go long periods of time without speaking and still feel close to each other.

With the bros.
This seems like the first time we are taking photos together. Hmmm, we should take more photos together in the future.

Back to my seat to finish the last dish, mango sago with pomelo.

Today marks the start of your new journey, may your life be filled with love, happiness and joy.

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