Saturday, July 11, 2015

Back to Singapore Zoo and River Safari

Oh yeah, so looking forward for the day to come. I'm going back to Singapore Zoo and River Safari again. This has been my major motivation to endure through the weekend. Finally the day has arrived.

We started our day early so that we have ample time to walk through both attractions. We met up at 10.30am at the bus stop of zoo.

Our first stop was to see the otters. They are one of the cutest animals that I really liked, Steffi and I wanna bring one of them home. The otters are excellent swimmers and they moved really fast.

We were so lucky to catch the white tiger looking at us. Why do I say so is because it was sleeping when we were there. Just when we were about to leave, it was awake.

That was the only cat we saw. The lions, leopard and cheetah were all sleeping. Zzzzzz. Did we come at a wrong timing?

Reaching the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia. 
Realised I haven't been to this part of zoo before. Usually I just walked the main route and never walked up the slope. So this time round, we wanted to explore the whole of Singapore Zoo.

This is a resident place for Hamadryas Baboon and Nubian Ibex.
Spotted a Nubian Ibex at the top of valley. Initially I thought it was a deco because it didn't move at all.

We were standing at the corner of the valley and we saw a Hamadryas Baboon coming out. They are known for their bright red/pink bottom. 

As we walked in  further, we were stunned like vegetables when we saw a colony of more than 90 baboons residing in the valley.

We spent a good 20 minutes here watching the clans engaging in their social activities. Basically, they were eating non-stop, this seems to be their favourite activity. The parents were very protective of their babies. When the babies were grabbed away by the others, the elder will immediately snatched it back.

This was so fascinating. Okay, we need to get moving to cover the other parts of zoo.

We moved on next to Australian Zone to see koala bear and kangaroo. There was queue forming to visit the zone. We were kinda disappointed. All 4 koala bears and kangaroo were sleeping. Why so many animals sleep at this hour???

At the gift shop with my koala bear. So cute.

We missed the elephants show. It has ended when we reached, now the elephants were making their way back.

Yeah, got an unobstructed view of the elephants. They were really huge!!!
We only have a few minutes to observe before it made its way back to the home.

At rainforest zone to see the cute African penguins.
They are one of the few Penguin species that can be found in non-freezing conditions warm tropical. 

They like to hide at one corner to avoid the hot sun.

Giant tortoise. Chan Lin's favourite.
They have a huge shell. They are the largest living tortoise in the world.

They seemed to have a difficult time moving due to the bulky shell. 

Made our way up to Kidszworld. 
Meet the little goat. It's their feeding time now. They were all rushing in for food.

The zookeeper also hang some grasses at the side for us to feed the goats. Yeah, now the goats were coming to us for food. A chance for us to get up close with them.

First time seeing bats in daylight. They have long fingers if you notice.

Aww, look at their webbed wings. It looked so stretchable.
They slept in the day and hunt at night.

Ring-tailed Lemur from Madagascar.

Looking at the different types of tropical crops. So interesting.

With their long neck, they are able to reach for leaves and fruits up high on the trees.

White Rhinocero.
They are the second largest land mammal. See the obvious size difference between the rhino and the birds. The birds looked so small and fragile.

We completed our trail at the zoo. Can't believe I actually spent 5.5 hours in it. I broke my record from my usual 2.5 hours. It's 4pm when we left zoo, proceed on to River Safari next.

This was my third time to River Safari, I didn't took much photos here except for the river cruise, which was something new. The river cruise ticket was $5 per person, there was another promotion going on where both ticket was sold at $8 for river cruise and boat ride. We decided to go for $8 tickets.

You must be quick to spot the animals because the boat was moving at a constant speed and it's kinda of hard to spot some.

Boarding the river cruise.

We all want a corner seat so the 3 of us sat at different rows. A selfie before we departed.

The river cruise meander along the perimeter of the River Safari, we enjoyed the cool breeze and admiring the mother nature. The cruise ride is not so much about seeing animals, but for us to immerse in nature at its most charming and picturesque.

Spotted an elephants.

You can expect many picture-perfect scenic photo opportunities like this.
So serene and peace, felt like I was being transported out from the city life.

Personally I think that the boat ride and river cruise is just to complete the experience at River Safari. If you are hoping to see more animals through the boat ride and river cruise, it is not really worth spending money at.

Though we were so thirsty and shagged when we were out, we have a wonderful and enjoyable day spent. I like sitting there, doing nothing and just watch the animals. Made me so happy


  1. Great photos! Haven't yet visited the Singapore Zoo or the River Safari.

    1. Hi Mark, come visit one day. It's pretty interesting (:



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