Saturday, August 1, 2015

Candylicious Party at Sophisca

I have a sweet Saturday afternoon spent with my lovely friends at Sophisca Candylicious Party.

The party was held at Sophisca @ Ion Orchard  store.

Sophisca is originated from Taiwan. Few years ago, my cousin bought me a packet of Sophisca chocolate from Taiwan. This was my first time trying Sophisca and what attracted me to Sophisca was the creative packaging.

Credits Jas for the photo.
Thanks Jasmine for bringing me along to the event.

Chance upon the cute wedding couple design marshmallow. They have various designs for this.

Seems like a great gift to give out during your ROM or wedding.

Shopping at Sophisca makes me happy because of the colourful and creative designs of sweets and chocolate. I enjoyed looking at all the designs individually.

Time to play mahjong.
An ideal gift to buy for your mahjong friends or even for yourselves if you are a mahjong lover. Have one of this chocolate before playing. Confirm huat!

win the game with 自摸.
I am referring to mahjong. Pls don't think otherwise. Lol.

So many different variety of sweets.

Chocolate in plaster packaging. 
You can grab some and put them in your bag so you can have the chocolate when you are in need of it, just like plaster.

That's the one my cousin got for me in Taiwan. Chocolate in condom packaging. 
Interesting right?

How about marshmallows placed in a sanitary pad?

My favourite corner in the store. Each box of chocolate has different quotes and messages. Some are funny while some are heart felt. The different colour box also represent different flavour of the chocolate. For instance, those boxes in pink are strawberry flavour.

Spotted a chocolate medal. 
Aww, so irresistible not to pose with all the chocolates and sweets.

Thanks Joanne for the photo.
It was a nice catch up with the girls, I haven't seen them for quite awhile.

Received my birthday gift and card from Jasmine. I like it very much, I haven't been receiving a birthday card for a long time. We are in the ara of sending e-cards, we don't purchase physical cards anymore. So when I received the card, I was really touched because it felt so personal. Thanks Jas for the gifts and invitation (:

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