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Beauty Review: DJ Carboxy Therapy Face Mask and Pure Vitamin C Serum

Not only has Korean Wave dominate the world, Korean skincare is also high in demand in Singapore because we want to achieve the flawless and dewy skin of the Korean.

Today I will be sharing with you 2 very popular products in Korea, highly recommended by Get It Beauty, a famous Korean show that talks about all of the hottest trends in Korea from fashion, to makeup, to nail care, to diet.

DJ Carboxy Therapy Face Mask and Pure Vitamin C Serum.

DJ Carboxy Therapy Face Mask ($80.00) 

The mask pack comes in a pack of five. Each pack contains a syringe and a sheet mask.

Carboxy Face Masks deliver amazing results in a 30 minute non-invasive treatment that works on all skins and without needles.

This innovative therapy generates activating bubbles that contain a proprietary formula which stimulates skin to restore beauty, energy and health. Activating bubbles are absorbed into the skin to increase oxygen and the skins ability to assimilate necessary nutrients and eliminate destructive toxins. 

Carboxy treatments have no down time and results are cumulative and apparent from the first treatment!

Carboxy Face Mask works to:

- Restores skin health 
- Detoxify skin surface 
- Maintain oil/ moisture balance 
- Enhance skin elasticity and suppleness 
- Provide smooth youthful facial contours 
- Reduce pigmentation, freckles, age spots 
- Improve and even skin color, whitens skin
- Provide hydration and moisture 
- Reduce redness and sensitivity, anti-inflammation 
- Reinforce skin tone and strength 
- Reduce stored bulky fat pockets 
- Minimize wrinkles and fine lines 
- Clear acne and post-acne marks 
- Tighten and refine pores
- Improves blood circulation

Singapore has been heavily affected by haze recently. The haze not only affect our respiratory problems, it also affect our skin as well. It causes premature skin ageing, rashes or even breakouts. Hence, during my weekly masks during these days makes me feels good because my skin is moisturised and hydrated.

I was very sua ku. When I first opened up the products and saw these hypodermic needles with syringes, I got a shocked myself. I was like "oh man, I thought this is a safe treatment without needles. Why suddenly got these needles in it, even Vitamin C Serum too?"

Not to worry about it. Inside the syringe is actually Carboxy CO2 Gel.

The formulated gel together with the special sheet mask activate CO2, and transfers it to the skin cells. When the skin absorbs CO2, it starts physiological reactions that enhance the skin condition. After one treatment you will see immediate results in skin tone, smoothing of fine wrinkles and extremely soft silky skin.

Pure Vitamin C Serum ($60.00)

Alongside with the mask, I received Pure Vitamin C Serum that also comes in a pack of 5 syringes. It can be combined with the Carboxy treatment Mask for use.

The two ingredients, Viamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, are kept in separate chambers of a needle-free syringe. When ready to use, push and pull the syringe to get the ingredients mixed. 

The 3 ml of serum is more than enough for a full face treatment or can be used for multiple applications.

I can't wait to try out the mask.

Here's a video to illustrate the use of carboxy face mask.

After washing and cleansing my face, I took out one of the serum syringes. Pull-and-push it several times to mix the Vitamin C powder and Hyaluronic acid. Do not open the exterior cap until it is ready.

After mixing, apply the Vitamin C Serum in the container syringe evenly over the skin. Be careful when you open the cap, the serum will ooze out  after constant push and pull of syringe.

The serum was fast absorbed into skin, leaving my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated. No sticky feeling

After applying the serum, time to prepare for the mask.

Use 1 whole tube every time on skin; do not save for later use.

Apply the CO₂ gel in the container syringe evenly over the skin. 
I must say one syringe has lots of CO₂ gel, I have a hard time finish using. However you can't keep for next use because one syringe only comes with one sheet mask. The gel is really thick does not have a nice scent too.

Put on the sheet mask and let it soaked with the gel by tapping with fingers. It has a cooling sensation when put on. Remember to keep the mask contacted to skin by tapping while CO₂ gas is generated. When tapping, you can hear the sizzling sound and experience a little discomfort. I could feel the stinging sensation when CO2 penetrated into skin. Keep tapping until the bubbles are gone.

Leave the mask on and remove it after 20-25 minutes, no more than 40 minutes.
After which, wipe away the gel residue and cleanse the face with water. Do not use cleanser.

My bare face before ad after the result.

I apply lots of gel over at my cheeks and lower jaw, I noticed that fats have become thinner and my skin become softer. My skin was moisturised and glowed with radiance. Initially, I was scared that my entire face will become red because of the stinging sensation. Rest assured, it was not result in redness. 

We all want to look at our very best all the time. 
DJ Carboxy Therapy Face Mask and Pure Vitamin C Serum provide a quick fix to glowing skin. Perfect to use if you have an important function that night. No wonder they are the number one best selling in Korea.

Jofiel Beauty is the exclusive distributor in Singapore for DJ Carboxy Therapy Face Mask and Pure Vitamin C Serum. To place your order, pls visit

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