Saturday, September 5, 2015

Food Tasting at Cafe Borsa

I have been busy lately till I don't have time to really sit down and enjoy a good meal or going cafe hopping. Life has been so fast paced and hectic. Ought to give myself a break from work time to time, doing some of my favourite things such as cafe hopping.

I was being introduced to a cosy cafe found in a hidden gem, away from the hustle and bustle:
Cafe Borsa

Cafe Borsa is a halal-certified cafe situated at Changi Road that specialized in wholesome Western food, cooked healthily via an oven. Everything served here are either baked or roasted, there is no fried food found here at all. That makes the food served at Cafe Borsa a healthier choice.

On the outside, it seems like a very small eatery place. On the inside, it was actually a very cosy cafe that makes you feel homely. The family-run cafe has a homely setting and the friendly boss makes me feel comfortable. Mr Chua, the father, is the main chef of the cafe. He has passion for food and loves experimenting new recipe using different ingredients and seasoning.

As a newly startup cafe, they have an extensive menu that cover most of the components such as brunch, main course, pasta, sandwiches, sides and drinks.

Here are the food that we tried:

Ice Honey Citron ($4)

The ice honey citron came to our rescue. The weather has been really hot nowadays, we felt so thirsty and tired walking under the hot sun. I immediately gulped down the drink when it was served. A very refreshing drink to have on a sunny day. The honey enhanced the sweetness of the drink, the taste was just right and not overpowering. Honey citron is available in hot and cold option.

Mid Wings ($5 / 6 pieces)

The mid wings that were freshly served from oven. It was delicious and flavourful using simple seasoning like garlic and pepper. The wings were juicy good, every bite tasted delectable. I never know that baked wings can taste equally good.

Baked Salmon (8.90)

The baked salmon was served with salad and mashed potato. Linda and I loved their mashed potato. The mashed potato was so tasty that it don't need to topple with gravy to make it taste better. The mashed potato was soft that it literally melted in my mouth.
The baked salmon was paired with lemon butter sauce to boost the flavour of the salmon. The salmon was very tender and moist with no fishy taste.

Duck Confit ($12)

Duck Confit is the signature dish of  Cafe Borsa and definitely not an easy dish to prepare. Firstly, the duck has to be marinated with special ingredients for 24 hours overnight. The next day morning, the duck has to be baked for 2 hours before it is consider done. As this dish needs to be prepared beforehand, stocks are limited per day.
Duck confit was served with cranberry sauce to sweeten the taste. The duck meat was super tender and tasted marvelously. The secret of the tender meat lies in the overnight preparation and the oven baked added a little crunchiness to the skin. 
The duck confit definitely lives up to its name as the signature dish.

Cafe Borsa's menu covers most of the components except for dessert. Hence, Mr Chua is trying some of his creations. One of it is this red bean smoothie dessert.
A perfect dessert to have after a meal. The taste was just right, not too sweet.

Thanks Wei Wei for the invitation and GF for the recommendation. 
Linda and I enjoyed the food tasting very much. We will definitely be back again for the food again because of the delicious food and affordable price. The price you see on the menu is the price you pay, no GST, no service charge. 

Cafe Borsa is located along Changi Road and just 8 minutes walk away from Eunos MRT station. Muslim living or working around the areas, do give Cafe Borsa a try. They also offered meal delivery in the vicinity for free.

Cafe Borsa is a great to chill on a weekend, I enjoyed the quality time spent here having nice chat over the great meal.

Cafe Borsa
116 Changi Road #01-10
Singapore 419718

Tel: 63487688
Operating hours: 11.30am - 9.00pm (Monday to Saturday)

For more information, pls visit

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