Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy 76th Birthday to Granny

Celebrating Granny's birthday was our next family gathering where we will come together to celebrate this important occasion. We celebrated it yearly by having an indulgent dinner together. The children will take turn to organize and foot the bill, this year was aunt's turn. 

Instead of going to the usual 8 course dinner style at Chinese restaurant, aunt decided to break the tradition and go for buffet style. We went back to Vienna International Seafood and Teppanyaki Buffet Restaurant for Granny's birthday. We were here this year during Mother's Day celebration.

I had 2 rounds of Chinese, Western and Japanese delights, and 2 rounds of Teppanyaki. Feeling so full by then, I don't really have a big appetite. 

Yam ice-cream.
Ice-cream is my favourite dessert. I can skip the cake portion, but cannot skip the ice-cream portion. Eating ice-cream made me happy.

Vienna International Seafood and Teppanyaki Buffet Restaurant was really nice to sponsor us a green tea cake.

Happy birthday, Granny. 
Stay happy and healthy always.

I have no idea what to buy for her other than tonic, but I know that my cousins will definitely buy her bird nest. So I think that money is still the most practical gift, hence I give her red packet instead.

The green tea cake was one of the cake selection in the buffet. 
I was glad that I did not try any of the cake earlier so there was still room in my stomach for cake.

The long weekend had come to an end. I was really tired, was out practically the whole day on Friday. Rest at home the entire day on Saturday. 

With the General Election (GE) just over last Friday, half of our table topics were concerning about GE. This was also my first time voting. With the GE over, we are all concern about the formation of the new parliament, to know who is our future Ministers leading the individual Ministry.

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