Monday, August 10, 2015

Sentosa Sands of Time - SG50 Celebrations

2015 is a special year for Singapore because we are celebrating our golden jubilee. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, 7-10 August was declared as Jubilee Weekend for Singaporeans to come together to celebrate our 50th year of independence. Over the Jubilee Weekend, many programmes have been prepared for Singaporeans around the island.

One of the programmes that interest me was Sands of Time at Siloso Beach. A 100-metre long sand sculpture, built with three-dimensional (3D) elements, were created that tell a story of Singapore’s transformation into the thriving metropolis that it is today.

On the last day of Jubilee Weekend, met up with KP to go Siloso Beach after meeting my projectmates to discuss on our project. Initially we thought of going for the cable car too, but the queue was madness. We heard the announcement saying that the waiting time was 8 hours. I rather walked in to Sentosa.

Inside Sentosa, it wasn't any better too. It was crowded with people, both local and foreigners, especially at the tram station.We gave up the idea of waiting for Sentosa Express, seriously walking was even more faster.

Happy 50th birthday, Singapore. 
50th years of independence did not come by easy, may we continue our Singapore spirit and strive to be better.

Finally we arrived at Siloso Beach after an hour from Vivo City.

The Singapore story will be told through sand. From its days as a young, underdeveloped nation, where Singapore was thrown into a world of financial, social and political uncertainty, the nation has come a long way in paving its path towards success.

9 August 1965 was a significant date for Singapore.
At 10am that day, the proclamation declaring Singapore's independence was broke off over radio. 

At 4.30pm, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew then broadcast the news of separation on television. He was fighting back his tears when delivering the speech.

Did you guys listen to the recording of Proclamation of Independence read by our founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew at 9am on National Day?

Singapore first National Day Parade in 1966 after her independence. It was held at Padang.
The contingent troops march past City Hall.

Long before the modern supermarkets emerged, this was how the old days open-air market looked like. The women would visit cart to cart, browsing through the fresh produce spices and hot bun.

Singapore's Slangs that only true Singaporean will know. 
Some of the common words that we always like to use. 

The familiar places in Singapore

Remembering Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew.

Home is where the heart is, a place where we hold fond memories with our loved ones.
The rapid urbanisation of Singapore over the past 50 years has improved our standard of living and creating comfortable living environment.

Sands of Time exhibition was amazing, every sculpture was meticulously engraved and the end product was impressive. Every sculpture tells a story about Singapore.

I haven't been coming to beach for a long time. Being at the beach was great, love the seaview and the sand. Finally have the chance to step out of my house. I have been coping at home the past few days doing assignments. Feel so nice to be out.

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