Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Outing with Le Bff

I had an awesome Sunday to end off the week.

I have not step out of house for a long time other than work. I was feeling so stressed at work and rushing to  meet deadlines for my assignments. So other than work, I just cope myself at home doing my assignments, watch videos and sleep. This has been going on for the past 3 weeks. Gosh, I'm turning into 宅女. Nothing to keep me looking forward to and I felt very demoralized. 

This is a rather unhealthy lifestyle, I need a change in my mindset and I really need to learn how to relax myself.

Finally dragged myself out of house to meet some of my favourite people. Headed to Somerset to meet GF for flea shopping. We went back empty-handed as all the good stuffs have been snatched away. It was a short 1 hour meetup with GF and Joanne, gonna rushed off to my next outing.

Set off to Jun Hou's house!!!
Jessie and I were the first to reach JH's house, followed by Ye Chao.

The scenery of his house was beautiful, I love scenery that has sea view.

JH was nice, he has ordered KFC and Pizza Hut for us. We had a happy time feasting.

After our early dinner, it was darts time. That's the main reason why we came to his house. No longer need to go Safra to play darts. We left mash potato and pepsi cola that we couldn't finish, so the forfeit for the loser was to eat the mash potato or drink pepsi.

Playing dart makes us happy and lost track of time, we played for nearly one and the half hour. We paused to think of our next activity. Thought of catching a movie but rejected by Jessie, so Jun Hou suggested arcade at VivoCity. Lol, I haven't start into arcade for years I think.

Mandatory group photo before we left Jh's place.
From left to right: Jessie, me, Jun Hou and Ye Chao.

We had a joyful time playing all the games. 
My favourite games were bumper cars and motorcycle racing. 

After the games, we drove up to Mount Faber Safra for supper and chit chat. Just as we were talking, we realised that one of us has been very quiet throughout. YC has K.O. liao. Okay time was getting late, a signal to go home liao.

I love meeting up with these brunch of people, we enjoyed each other companions and never a boring moment coming across us. Doing simple things like having a meal together or playing darts make us feel happy satisfied. Cherish all these moments.

See you guys soon again.

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