Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bangkok Jam's Thai'Rrific Food Fest‏

I have a great and fulfilling night enjoying the Thai Street Food at Bangkok Jam's Thai'Rrific Food Fest‏.
Bangkok Jam is a familiar household name to many Singaporeans. It provides diners with both authentic Thai favourites, as well as dishes infused with Western style cooking.

To celebrate the diversity of Thai street food one can find at the streets and markets of Bangkok, Bangkok Jam hosted a Thai Street Food Carnival, Thai’Riffic Food Fest, at Marina Square outlet.

Tickets were sold at all Bangkok Jam outlets for $15 nett per set to be paid by cash only.
Each set includes six pieces of $2 coupons and three $1 coupons. These coupons can be used to purchase the food and beverage at the stalls that was priced from $1 to $5 for each serving. 

Each set of ticket entitles the participation for the lucky draw where consumers stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as complimentary room for 2 nights at Four Points by Sheraton, Bangkok and Marina Square shopping vouchers at the event.

I felt as if I have came to little Bangkok.
Tuk Tuk spotted right outside Bangkok Jam. The three-wheeled rickshaw is one of the popular transportation features in Bangkok.

With the girls at Bangkok Jam's Thai'Rrific Food Fest‏. 
Thanks Meryl for the photo.

Tuk Tuk, let's drove to Bangkok Jam.

I must say the team had put in a lot of efforts in creating iconic Bangkok street food items from the City of Angels. The Food Fest was spearheaded by Chef De Cuisine, Thongloy Wilaiwan, Bangkok Jam.

At our first stall, we started off with soup from City of Angels.

Red Tom Yum with shrimps at $3.

At the price of $3, the portion given was generous. I have ate at least 4-5 shrimps in the bowl of soup. The shrimps were succulent and fresh. The Red Tom Yum was flavourful but too spicy to my liking. I took 5-6 sips and that's my threshold, I could feel the burning sensation down my throat and in my stomach. Those who can take really hot and spicy food will love this.

At live stations watching the demonstration of Thai Chef's skill and mastery of making the signature Spicy Mango and Papaya Salads.

We opted for the Spicy Mango Salad.
This was yet another hot and spicy dish.

Okay, I need a drink badly after having 2 spicy dishes at a go.

I tried both Thai Iced Milk Tea and Butterfly Pea Lime.
The sweetness of the milk tea was just perfect while the butterfly pea lime was refreshing. Both eased our thirst and soothed our throats.

Crispy Thai crepes from the floating markets.
A popular street food in Thailand. I love the thin crispy crepe and the juicy savoury toppings in it. It was a sweet indulgence.

Next, we went to fried food stall.

I requested a bit of everything and that includes Tod Man Pla (Thai Fish Cakes), Peek Gai Tod (Fried Chicken Mid Joints with Thai Fish Sauce Marinade), and Pandan Leaf Chicken.

I love fried chicken mid joints the most. The chicken was juicy good and chewy on the inside. The pandan leaf chicken was flavoursome with the aroma of pandan infused in the chicken. Delicious.

The stall also served Porpiah Tod (Deep-fried Spring Rolls).
It tasted crispy good.

Finally got a plate of Boat Noodles.
The queue for boat noodles was super long through the fest. We decided to wait until the crowds dispersed before queuing for it.

The kway tiao was really smooth and the broth brought out a light taste. A simple and yet delicious dish.

Arriving at the street of streets of Chatuchak for desserts.

I opted for the Coconut Shell Ice-cream.
The ice-cream was Cream), with toppled with dried mango, jackfruit slices, lord chong (green chendol stripes), and a Singaporean favourite; nata de coco.

This was my favourite dish that night. It was so delicious that I went for second round for this. It looked so photo-worthy and the taste of the ice-cream has definitely meet the same standard. Thumb up!

Mango Sticky Rice.

Yet another Thai favourite dessert: sticky rice with coconut milk and mangoes.
This was different from the usual white sticky rice that I had for mango sticky rice.

I have come to my final dessert, Luk Chup.

By then, my stomach was bursting. There was no more room for food.
It was a fruit shaped dessert with ground bean paste in it. The colour was really bright and attractive.

End off the post with the lovely girls. 
Thanks GF for the photo.

Thanks Bangkok Jam and Creative Eateries for the invitation and great hospitality.

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