Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Launch of LPG Endermologie Cosmétiques - Face & Body Line

I have a wonderful evening spent at the Launch of LPG Endermologie Cosmétiques, thanks for the kind invitation.

The event was held at LPG Endermospa outlet at Ngee Ann City Tower B.
I love the simple yet modern interior design of LPG Endermospa, it gave me a very pleasant feeling.

Let me share with you more about LPG Endermospa:

LPG Endermospa offers non-aggressive and non-invasive ultra-customised programmes for those seeking a slender body and radiant face. They are dedicated to delivering the perfect performance of LPG’s patented treatments. 

Mary Chia Holdings is behind the first LPG Endermospa in Singapore. Customers can be assured that every treatment is performed by dedicated LPG therapists.

At the launch, LPG Endermospa unveiled its newest line, LPG Endermologie Cosmétiques, a full array of facial and body care solutions:
 Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum; LPG 10% Peeling Procedure; and LPG Gynoid Body Endermologie.

Met Mr Nelson Philippe, Member of the Board of Directors and grandson of Louis Paul Guitay, the inventor of LPG® Endermologie technique.

Nelson also shared with us his life story. Little did I know, he was actually a former IndyCar race car driver. He started racing at a tender age of 17 and won his first IndyCar race in Australia at just 20 years old. However, due to a race accident, he was seriously injured and had to put a stop to his racing career.

Nelson then underwent the Endermologie therapy for a full recovery. Since then, he decided to be fully involved with LPG Systems to help people have access to and benefit from this unique cell stimulating technique.

A photo with Nelson. 
He is nice and friendly.

After the speech, we were being led into the treatment room where a demonstration was conducted using Endermolift.

This anti-aging ENDERMOLIFT technique is suitable for men and women of all ages. This technique replenishes the skin and attenuates the signs of aging, leaving our face looking radiant and rejuvenated.

Introducing LPG Face Endermologie Cosmétiques.

It is developed specifically to stimulate the natural cellular activity of anti-aging functions: Collagen Synthesis (for preservation and firmness), Elastin synthesis (for suppleness) and Hyaluronic Acid (for volume and hydration).
This new line of skincare products is tailored to suit the different need of individuals, targeting at the three main ageing types - sagging, hollowing and thickening.

Retain radiant young-looking skins by LPG 10% Peeling Procedure.

This procedure combines the LPG Peel and Face Endermologie for maximum results. 

Apply LPG Peel to the face and neck, it helps in exfoliating the skin and boosting cellular regeneration. The peel formula blends glycolic and mandelic acid for optimal anti-ageing results while reducing skin damage risks. 

Face Endermologie is the only technology capable of naturally reactivating the production of the skin substances that are essential for a young-looking skin.

Let us take a look at LPG Body Endermologie Cosmétiques.

It helps stimulate the natural release of stored fat and prevents new fat from accumulating, as well as promoting natural synthesis of collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother skin. It fulfills three main expectations of a perfect body - cellulite, volume loss and anti-ageing.

Achieve the body you want by LPG Gynoid Body Endermologie.

This procedure combines three treatments: Glowing Revitalising Cream; Body Endermologie and Smoothing Anti-dimple Complex. 

The Glowing Revitalising Cream facilitates micro-peeling action to rejuvenate the skin, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and prevents their occurrence. 

The Body Endermologie reactivates cellular activity by mechanically stimulating your skin using 100% natural MÉCANO-STIMULATION technique. Such a mechanical stimulation sends a signal deep down to the fat cells and fibroblasts to provoke a physiological response. Collagen and elastin production as well as lipolysis are hence activated. 

Lastly, the Smoothing Anti-dimple Complex is applied. This product helps to eliminate stored fat and smooth cellulite.

Thanks LPG Endermologie for giving us the star product: Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum.

 The serum helps to boost the moisturising process and creates an instant smoothing effect. It also plumps the skin, evens out fine lines and wrinkles. The paraben-free, non-scented serum boasts a fluid texture for maximum comfort. It hydrates the skin to help you achieve soft and supple skin. The serum also helps in the formation of a skin protective film that combats external aggressions.

After hearing so much, I am really excited to try out their treatment.
I want to lie on those comfortable bed and indulge myself in the treatment.
Gonna schedule my appointment soon.

Stay tuned for my review.

For more information, pls visit http://sg.endermospa.com/

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