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Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 Concert

Skechers Sundown Festival, Asia’s leading music event is back for its seventh consecutive year with a stellar lineup of Asia’s biggest hiphop and rock artistes with the theme "Let's rock".

This year festival featured artistes from 6 countries which includes Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore.

This was my second year attending Skechers Sundown Festival , I was so happy to be back again because I really love attending live concert. Click to read my post last year. Thanks GF for asking me along and The Red Planet Group for giving us the tickets.

The festival was held at F1 Pit area at the Marina Promenade. We reached at about 5.30pm. The first thing we did was to visit the booth for photo-taking.

Photo credits to Meryl.

Here's our OOTD with our bright looking hair. We looked chic and awesome, all ready to rock tonight. 
hey we wanna be a rockstar.

Just in time to catch the performance by Farrago from Singapore.

Farrago is an indie rock band formed in Singapore comprising of members from Singapore, Japan, the UK and Australia. This was my first time listening to their songs.

We were given CAT 1 tickets where we got to see the artistes up close.
Welfie time, thanks Meryl for the photo.

We were here for a common performing artiste - Ground Zero.
Other than supporting Ground Zero, I was also here for Epik High while GF was here for Potato.

Hooray, Ground Zero from Taiwan was next.

Ground Zero 放射空間 is a 4-member Taiwanese indie band founded in 2010 started out performing at major events in Taiwan. They were here in Singapore performing at Spring Wave Festival Singapore 2014. Other than Singapore, Ground Zero has been to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Malaysia for performance as well.

Ground Zero started off with an opening speech to thank Skechers Sundown Festival for the invitation to this big scale concert at this iconic location where Singapore Flyer is just located behind the stage. They also expressed their happiness to be back in Singapore again.

Ground Zero kicked start their performance with 东区的人别听慢歌, which is a unique and new rendition of May Day's 伤心的人别听慢歌.

The crowds started to get more energetic with Ground Zero's rock songs.
The lead vocal, Ray (on the right) encouraged the crowds to jump along with them.

Lead vocalist, Ray.

Ground Zero brought us 2 new songs from their latest album which was launched earlier in February this year, 玩真的 and 小朋友.

Jason, who is in-charge of bass.

小欣 was seated at the back playing the drum and I couldn't manage to take a clear photo of him.

They hyped up the crowd with their latest hit song, 大海之名, a Hokkien-dialect song, which expresses the thoughts of the farmers in Taiwan.

Ground Zero also did a cover of James Bay’s 'Hold Back the River', they are cool with both English and Mandarin songs. I like.

Ivan, the guitarist and backing vocal.

I must say Ground Zero is a lucky group to be able to perform exactly at the timing of sunset. Nothing beats listening to good music and, at the same time bidding good bye to the day and welcoming the night.

Ground Zero ended off their set on a high note with hits from the debut album, 终点起点 and 简单生活.

Took a video of 简单生活. This is my favourite song from Ground Zero. The meaning of the song stay close to my heart because it is something that I always wanted to do:
偶而run away

We have a rocking good time with Ground Zero. Their enthusiasm in music warmed the crowds up with excitement. It was a great performance. 
Thumb up!

We have a group photo with Ground Zero, thanks The Red Planet Group for arranging. 

The first thing Ground Zero said to GF and I when they saw us the first instant was: "是你们?"
小欣 was also telling me he was craving for 辣椒螃蟹.

Omg, we were so happy and touched, they still remembered us. Both of us went for their album launch in Singapore last year. Read the post here.

Rock up.
Hope you guys have a great experience in Singapore, you guys did well that night. 
Give them your support, they are very talented and down-to-earth artistes.

Good bye guys, see ya soon again.

Photo credits to Meryl.

Glad to have them with me, it is hard to find friends who share the same hobbies as you. And one of our hobbies is taking photo of ourselves.

Next up, INKT from Japan.

INKT, is a 5 member Japanese rock band who released their debut album in November 2014. 

Meet the lead vocalist, Koki.
He was a former member from the boy band KAT-TUN.

He was really good at rapping and swinging his hair in style. What a rocking performance!

The band that GF was waiting for, Potato from Thailand.

Potato is a renowned Thai Rock band with origins as far back as 2001. Their music has also been used as a soundtrack for a TV series in Thailand.

The lead singer, Pup, seemed to be enjoying himself very much at the festival.

The other members were having fun time too.

I love one of the songs very much - Tur Yang. It means 'do you still'.
Pup has sang it really well. Though I don't understand Thai, the way he sang was so touching till I felt like I was on the verge of tears. Perhaps because I sensed his heartfelt singing.

When Pup put his microphone facing us, I was really surprised that the audiences could sang out the Thai songs. Wow, there are really lots of Thai's song lovers in Singapore. I could see the smile on every member's face when the audience could actually continue their lines and sang the songs.

Gosh, I started to like Thai song now.

The highlight of the night, Epik High from Korea.

The hallyu wave made the girls went high when Epik High made their appearance.
Say hello to DJ Tukutz.

Tablo was next.
He showed up with his smartphone filming the crowds reaction in his instagram. 
The loud cheers went on and on.

Last but not least, Mithra Jin.

They started their opening act with 'Born Hater'.

Epik High is a boy band under YG Entertainment formed in 2003. 
I started to notice this group after watch “The Return of Superman.” featuring Tablo and his daughter, Haru.

It was amazing, Epik High is able to communicate with us in fluent English through the night. Tablo shared with us that this was Epik High second visit to Singapore, they were here in Singapore last year with their label mates for YG concert. Tablo asked the audience "If we have an Epik High concert here, will you come?"

The 9,000 audience has give them the assurance, "Yes".

Epik High brought us the song, 'High Technology'.
This is high high high technology.

Tablo also sang us his own English version of ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, a popular song by his label mate, Taeyang.

Another song I like was 'Love Love Love’.
Very nice and catchy.

Beware when Epik High was holding mineral water bottle. 
Because after they drank, they splashed the remaining at the audience in front. I got a few splashes from them too. Other than water, they also threw towel soaked with their swear to the audience. Fans went crazy for that.

The 6 hours long concert had come to an end.
The fans won't leave without an encore.

Epik High returned to the stage again with an encore song - ‘Don’t Hate Me’.
I love their performance, they injected humour and liveliness in it. They certainly know how to keep the atmosphere high.

Having post kpop syndrome now.

I have a great rocking night at Skechers Sundown Festival, hope to be at the festival again next year.

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