Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking back at 2015

Whenever a year ended, I always like to look back at all the memorable times I have experienced over the past 12 months. This has been my yearly habit since 2011. 

Click on the link below if you want a quick read on my fond memories over the few few years:

2015 has passed by so quickly with many ups and downs. It has not been an easy and smooth year for me. 

I managed to survive through year one of school. Finally, I made the step forward to go back to school. It changed my lifestyle completely, I no longer have the freedom and luxury time to do the things I enjoy. Other than attending weekly class (depending on the number of modules you take), I still have quizzes, group project or individual assignment/report to do. Because of school, I rejected quite a few event invitations. That's the reason why I attended lesser events this year. I also feel that I am drifting away from my friends. It is not easy to juggle between work, studies and personal life. I need motivation!!!!

Growing up is never easy. You may have the freedom to decide on what you want but at the same time, you are shoulder with more responsibilities. 

In 2015, I work too hard, giving myself lots of pressure and stress that I don't truly feel happy at all. I shut myself from the world and drown me in all the unhappiness. I have not feel so negative for a long time. So one of my new year resolution for 2016 is to be happy again, spend more time with the people that I loved and make 2016 a great year.

Okay, enough talking. Let's look back at some of my memorable memories of 2015:

January 2015

As I grew older, I cherished the time spent with friends over a meal and chat about everything under the sun.
I won a $60 dining voucher from Insadong Korea Town through an Instagram contest. So I brought my friends here to try the food. It was a great catching up with them.

February 2015

2015 not only marks the 50 years of Singapore's independence, it is also the 50 years milestone for the formation of the Singapore Armed Forces. Thank FLY Entertainment for this invitation, I have the opportunity to go on a celebrity-led tour to SAF50atVivo hosted by Irene Ang.

It was an unforgettable and fun education insight where I learnt and experienced more about the work life of SAF.

March 2015

23 March has been a painful and sorrow day for many Singaporeans. We have lost our respectable founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The seven-day period of national mourning was a week that I will ever remember.

April 2015

It's a little hard to fix a date where everyone is free because most of us are studying part time. So I cherished the time spent with them as we only meet up a couple of times in a year. There was never a boring moment because we try to keep everyone in the conversation. Even if there is silence, we don't feel the awkwardness.

May 2015

Finally meet up with the girls after my exam ended. I haven't hang out with them for so long.
I was being introduced to IPPIN CAFE BAR, Singapore's first home concept Japanese cafe bar located at Mohamed Sultan Road.

IPPIN CAFE BAR is a place where you feel at home and they served classic Japanese home-style dishes. It is a place for unassuming lunch/dinner spot or a dress-down weekend date.

June 2015

Happenings in June - iDarts + Night Safari

I have so much fun with le bff, JH introduced us to iDarts. This was my first time playing darts. Met many of my friends there, seem like many of my friends are dart lovers.

It was really a fun and addictive games. It creates unforgettable fun times for all of us. No wonder the guys always love coming to play darts, I'm sure we will have more of these session again. Such gathering gives me strength to stay endure till weekend.

I also planned a sight-seeing outing trip to Night Safari.
We enjoyed our tram ride very much. It put us in the best seat to observe the nocturnal animals in their specially lit enclosures. We came upclose with some of the animal, it’s a sensory adventure.

July 2015

Back to Singapore Zoo and River Safari

Oh yeah, so looking forward for the day to come. I'm going back to Singapore Zoo and River Safari again. We started our day early so that we have ample time to walk through both attractions. A pity, many animals were sleeping when we visited - lions, leopard, cheetah, koala bears and kangaroo.

We have a wonderful and enjoyable day spent. I like sitting there, doing nothing and just watch the animals. Made me so happy.

August 2015

Sunday Outing with Le Bff

Finally dragged myself out of house to meet some of my favourite people. We went to JH's house to play dart. He bought dart board and invited us to his house. I love meeting up with these brunch of people, we enjoyed each other companions and never a boring moment coming across us. Doing simple things like having a meal together or playing darts make us feel happy satisfied.

September 2015

Food Tasting at Cafe Borsa

Life has been so fast paced and hectic. Ought to give myself a break from work time to time, doing some of my favourite things such as cafe hopping.

I was being introduced to a cosy cafe found in a hidden gem, away from the hustle and bustle: Cafe Borsa. Linda and I enjoyed the food tasting very much. We will definitely be back again for the food again because of the delicious food and affordable price.

Cafe Borsa is a great to chill on a weekend, I enjoyed the quality time spent here having nice chat over the great meal.

October 2015

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Tea Party

Miss the girls so much, I haven't seen them for nearly 2 months. I have lots of stuff to catch up on.

his was my first encounter with Bulgarian Rose Karlovo and I was awed by the range of products that they have. Bulgarian Rose Karlovo take care of our needs from head to toe, from hair care to skincare and body care.

Apart from the products, we were being treated to delicious food from Muffet's Room.

November 2015

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 Concert

This was my second year attending Skechers Sundown Festival , I was so happy to be back again because I really love attending live concert.

We were given CAT 1 tickets where we got to see the artistes up close. Other than supporting Ground Zero, I was also here for Epik High.

I have a great rocking night at Skechers Sundown Festival, hope to be at the festival again next year.

December 2015

20th Asian Television Awards 2015

I am so thankful for having the opportunity to attend 20th Asian Television Awards 2015 where I have the opportunity to see many overseas artistes attending. I was here for Jeff Chang and Secret's performances.

Jeff Chang is definitely one of my favourite singers. He never fail to captivate me with his sentimental love songs.
The main highlight of the night was definitely the performance by Korean girl group, Secret. I'm a big fan of kpop, I was feeling thrilled to have the opportunity to watch the girls performing live.


With  that, it sums up my journey of 2015. 
Hope that 2016 will be a good year to me.

Happy new year.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Outing to Future Of Us Exhibition at Gardens By The Bay

Managed to meet  up with our poly peers just before the end of 2015. It's been a long time since we last hung out with full strength, the last gathering with the presence of 5 of us was in April 2015. Wow, that was like 8 months ago. Everyone is busy with their own stuffs - studies, work, travel etc. Time flies without us knowing.

We met up for lunch at The Coffee Bean @ Marina Square. The standard was quite disappointing for both the food and drinks. Initially we wanted to eat Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, but we discovered it has been closed down.

After our lunch, we made our way to Gardens by the Bay. On our way, we past by The Float and saw all the Wishing Sphere in the sea. They looked so beautiful floating on the sea.

So what are we doing at Gardens by the Bay?

We were here for The Future of Us’ exhibition.

‘The Future of Us’ exhibition is an immersive and multi-sensory experience that offers a glimpse into the possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, play, care and learn in 15 years time, 2030.

The Future of Us exhibition features the future of Singapore in six immersive and interactive zones.
Immerse in a show projected on LED screens.

In the zone for 'Home Tomorrow'.
A glimpse of the changes in our committees and daily life.

It was a pretty short exhibition, we finished touring within half an hour for the indoor.
Time to proceed outdoor for The Lion Playground.

The adult got super excited at the sight of swing. Steffi was the one to go.
We took turn to play with the swing, reminiscing the childhood times. It was so hard to find swing in playground nowadays.

I was the second to go.

Mix feeling about growing up. How I wish I could be young again where my life is carefree and my only worry is to score well for exam. Life has become complicated when you grow up.

Christine was next. 
She was always camera ready. Knowing I was taking photo of her, she paused to let me have a photo.

We decided not to halt the swing for too long there are kids who wanted to play with it.

OOTD with the ladies and the lion.
Enjoying our time spent together. Though we didn't see each other often, my friendship are still as close as ever. No awkwardness between us.

Chan Lin, Christine and Steffi.

With my beloved Grace. 
She is someone whom I can count on when I encounter problems.

The girls were standing in their rightful position according to height - do, re mi.

Chan Lin and I got a solo picture of our own.

With Christine.

Felt like a tourist today.
Since the time was still early, we decided to pop by to visit Christmas Wonderland which was also inside Gardens by the Bay.

we walked to the Christmas Wonderland.

Steffi kept telling us that she wanted to take the Carousel. Sadly, it will not be open until evening time.
Nothing much to see in the day time.

Shall end my post with a stunning landscape of Gardens by the Bay.

This is how I wish my weekend will be. Enjoy quality time spend with friends over a meal and outing. 
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Celebration 2015

December is one of my favourite month because it is the month of festive. With Christmas and New Year approaching, it's the time for a feast and celebrate theses special occasions. Time to shop for gifts for all the special friends.

Wednesday 16/12/15

Began my first Christmas celebration in the office. My bosses and team leads have chipped in to sponsor this Christmas party for our unit. Thank you bosses.

We went down half an hour early to set up the place and get all the food ready.
Ivy helped to cut the ham for everyone.

What is Christmas without log cake?
We have our log cake from Royal Plaza on Scotts. It's dark chocolate log cake and it has a rich taste.

Apple and grape flavour of sparkling drinks.

Honey Glazed Chicken Ham was purchased from Delifrance. The ham was accompanied with tangy pineapple sauce which we poured in the cup.

Pizza Hut.

I was right not to eat too full for lunch that day, I just have oats and biscuits for lunch. Save my tummy for the Christmas party. We have a nice one hour session eating, now that I was too full for dinner.

Sunday 20/12/15

I'm back to Toa Payoh two days in a row. I was here yesterday for an event and today I was here for a Christmas lunch with my lovely clique. GF introduced us to Krazy Salad Bar. It was our first time patronising the restaurant (all except for GF) and we love the place very much. I foresee myself going back there again.

Initially when GF proposed the idea of having our Christmas lunch at Krazy Salad Bar, my immediate reaction was like "Oh man, we are going to just have salad for lunch? We are all meat eater, you know?"
She assured me that there is main course available and we won't be having just salad. 

KRAZYSalads is a semi buffet concept restaurant offering great value for money main courses and wide salads spread. Each of us ordered a main course each. The price of the main course is about $20++.

I started off with the all-time-favourite mushroom soup, added some wanton stripes in it too. It tasted delicious, I wanted to go for second round for the mushroom soup if my tummy still have room for it later on.

Ryden ordered this seafood set for sharing. Thanks Ryden.

I have Uncle Krazy's Chicken Chop.
The old fashioned style chicken chop with mushroom sauce together with potato wedges and onion rings.
The chicken chop was juicy good and the portion was just nice.

I was really full after finishing the main course. No room for second round of soup because I needed to save the space for dessert.

Soft serve chocolate and vanilla mix ice-cream.

Mandatory group photo before we left. Thanks Jasmine for the photo.
From left to right: Meryl, Fif, Terence, GF, me, Jasmine and Ryden.

We had a great 2 hours lunch. Let's do it often, we have already set our next meeting date for the next month.

Playing with Fif's fisheye len.
This is good for photo taking if you have a large group of friends.

Received the loves from my clique.
Thanks for the gifts, receiving gifts always make me happy.

With the festive season approaching, it also means 2015 is coming to an end. Another year has gone, it's time to reflect what I have achieved in 2015 and what I want to achieve in 2016.


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