Sunday, December 6, 2015

8th ASEAN Para Games 2015 Singapore Day 4 - Swimming

SG50 is indeed a significant year for Singapore, it has been an eventful year for us.

Back in June, Singapore hosted 28th SEA Games, 12-day fiesta involving 11 countries and 36 sports.
And now in December, Singapore hosted 8th ASEAN Para Games as a befitting finale of a major year for Singapore sports.

ASEAN Para Games is held after every Southeast Asian Games for ASEAN athletes with physical disabilities, with mobility disabilities, visual disabilities, intellectual disabilities, amputees, and those with spastic and cerebral palsy. The games are hosted by the same country in the same year where the SEA Games would take place. That explained why Singapore is the host again.

This is Singapore first time hosting ASEAN Para Games as well as my first time watching, be it live or telecast.

As part of SG50 celebration, all sports events are free admission to the public. Most of the competition venues are mainly held at the Singapore Sports Hub, I decided to make a trip down to support the athletes.

Swimming competition is one of the sports that I always wanted to watch live.

First time at OCBC Aquatic Centre.
December is the monsoon season, it's been raining frequently. But rain doesn't dampen our spirits from coming down to cheer for the athletes.

This year theme is "Celebrate the Extraordinary" which aims to promote friendship and solidarity amongst persons with disabilities in the ASEAN region through sport, rehabilitate and integrate persons with disabilities into mainstream society through sport.

With 3,000 seat world class facility, OCBC Aquatic Centre is the perfect location with 10 lane competition pool to host a variety of competitions.

A total of 10 countries are involved - Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

Welcoming the athletes out.
They were starting the first event of the day - Men's 400M Freestyle - S6. 

The athletes were grouped according to their classes of physical impairment. S6 refers to amputations of both arms or moderate coordination problems on one side of their body.

400M would mean the athletes have to swim 8 lapses.

These athletes are seriously amazing. Despite their disabilities, they didn't let it hinder their dreams. Instead, they overcome disabilities and work towards their dreams. Their spirit and passion are what that impressed me and touched me the most. They deserved our utmost respect.

Nothing is impossible if you have the courage to chase your dream.

I stayed for Men's 400M Freestyle - S7 and S8 too.

S7 is class for athletes who are paralyzed or lost one arm and one leg on opposite sides, or double leg amputations Those who have full control over arms and trunk and some leg function can compete in this class.

S8 is class for athletes who lost either both hands or one arm, severe restrictions in the joints of the lower limbs.

There was awards ceremony too.
Congratulations to all the winners. To me, all athletes are winner in my heart, you guys have the strengths that I am lack in. You guys are seriously amazing. *Salute*

For Men's 400M Freestyle - S6:
1st: Myanmar
2nd: Indonesia
3rd: Indonesia

For Men's 400M Freestyle - S7:
1st: Philippines
2nd: Thailand
3rd: Indonesia

For Men's 400M Freestyle - S8:
1st: Thailand
2nd: Singapore
3rd: Vietnam

Went to take some light bites at Old Town White Coffee @ Kallang Wave Mall. We queued for about 15 minutes before getting a seat. It's only 3.30pm and the cafe was full house.

Since it was tea break time, I decided to order something that is not too heavy to ensure we have room for dinner.

I ordered OLDTOWN Ice Kacang with Gula Melaka. Sadly, the picture on menu has a drastic difference with the food served. It didn't have much toppings in it.

Garlic Butter Toast.

Fried Wanton.
This was the best among all that I ordered today. The wanton was very crispy and served piping hot.

That's all for sharing today. 
Good night.

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