Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Food Tasting at Collin's‏ Shaw Plaza

Congratulations to Collin's on the opening of the new outlet at  Shaw Plaza.

Do you know that Collin's already has 17 outlets island-wide?
Collin's newly restaurant at Balestier Road is the latest outlet and also the largest outlet to date.

Collin's started off as a local eatery in coffeeshop offering extremely affordable, high quality Western & Japanese cuisine.

It was founded by Chef Collin Ho, who has had 15 years of experience in the culinary field. Working in five star hotel restaurant has allowed him to hone his skills in western cuisine.

New Collins Restaurant At Balestier Road. 
Congratulations on the opening.

The restaurant is spacious and the setting made us feel comfortable. Love the atmosphere.
Suitable for dining with family or small group gathering with friends.

One specialty of Shaw Plaza outlet is that this is the only outlet that offers handmade pizza with their wood stone oven. You can see everything they prepared through the see-through glass.

The pizza menu is only exclusive at Shaw Plaza outlet.

French soda apricot peach flavour and orange juice.

My bus journey to Shaw Plaza was about 40 minutes and I was super thirsty by the time I reached Collin's. The French soda was just perfect to clench my thirst and super refreshing.

This was actually my first time dinning at Collin's. I was fascinated with each dish served. 
Collin's has come up with a Christmas gourmet specially for this festive season. Let's take a look at what Collin's offer for Christmas. Time to kickstart the feast.

First dish up, winter potato salad with ham and chestnuts ($5.90).

The mustard sauce is a great companion to the potato, it added flavour to it. The potato is good to go with main course too. I like the ham very much, super tasty.  Both ham and potato complement each other, one is savoury while the other is sweet.

Handmade 12-Inch Thin Crust Pizza ($16.80) - Frutti Di Mare

Please don't be mistaken that this is a fruity pizza. Frutti Di Mare actually means "Fruits of the Sea", it is seafood pizza that consists of shrimp, squids, mussel and crabmeat.

This was my favourite dish of all. I like the cheesy texture of the pizza and chunks of seafood in every bite. It was flavoursome, delicious and filling. The crust of the pizza was crispy good, you can hear the 'crack' sound when bite it.

Handmade 12-Inch Thin Crust Pizza ($16.80) - Collin's Special

Another pizza with great variety of toppings that include ham, sausage, bacon, onion, capsicum, olive, mushroom, and salami.

I love the cheesiness of the pizza and generous amount of toppings on it. The thickness of the pizza was just right., not too thick and not too thin.

Santa's Baked Seafood Parcel ($11.90)

Unwrap the parcel to a bag of seafood - salmon, mussel, prawn and cauliflower.
It may look hot and spicy, but the sauce was actually tomato sauce.

The salmon was soft and succulent with no fishy taste. It could literally melt in the mouth. Every bite was juicy and flavourful with the sweet tomato sauce. The prawns and mussels served were fresh and tasty.


This was the end of our tasting for Christmas Gourmet, time to try on some of their other specialty and hot selling:

Appetizer Platter ($18.90)

Selection of classic buffalo drumlets, pork sausage, tempura squid tentacles and potato noodle prawn roll.
The platter was appealing to me where most of the selections were my favourite.

US Crisp Cut Fries ($3.90)

The fries were crispy and fried till perfection. The fries were tasty by itself, no need to further enhance the taste with any sauce. 

Duck Confit ($13.50)

The signature duck leg was slow-cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It was served with salad, mashed potato and mushroom. This dish was not an easy dish to master, lots of preparation were done at the backend. This dish was value for money, the places outside are definitely selling at a higher price.
Baked Caramel Banana ($6.90)

This was served with vanilla ice-cream. 
The banana was caramelised, it tasted a little bit like goreng pisang. the sweet version of goreng pisang. I love the scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I am a ice-cream lover.

Grand Marnier Orange Souffle ($7.90)

The texture of the souffle was airy and light. Recommend to eat immediately after being served. I could taste the sweet fluffiness of the souffle, it tasted like the combination of egg pudding and cotton candy.

We came over to Collin's with empty stomach and left with bloated stomach. 
Thanks Collin's for the sumptuous dinner, I enjoyed every dishes very much. Definitely will go back to Collin's again for the price affordable indulgence.

360 Balestier Road
Shaw Plaza #01-12 S329783

Operating time: 
Sunday - Thursday (7am - 1am) 
Friday & Saturday (24 Hours)

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