Wednesday, November 25, 2015

iChef The Cathay Outlet Media Launch

Woohoo, iChef has just unveiled its second retail store at The Cathay.

iChef is a brainchild of Suki Group, it is one of Singapore online grocery sellers which was listed in Qoo10 in 2012. Throughout these years, the brand has grown from strength to strength. Customers can purchase premium-grade ingredients used at popular restaurants. These ingredients are imported from countries around the world including Japan, Argentina and Norway. 

Perfect solution during these festive seasons with Christmas and New Year approaching. We can now organised a party right at our home with home-cooked food.

I was at the launch of iChef The Cathay outlet held at Nihon Mura.

Consumers can visit the retail store at The Cathay or iChef’s flagship store at Suki Group’s headquarters in Tai Seng to purchase the ingredients. Alternatively, we can also make an order and self-collect the items at all Nihon Mura outlets.

iChef will also be launching its brand-new website ( this December. The new web interface is user-friendly and customers can be assured of a safe online shopping session. All the exquisite ingredients will be delivered right to our doorstep. The brand also offers several pick-up points for us to collect the orders.

iChef launched a brand-new menu replete with affordable and special Christmas must-haves. 
There are three hampers available for selection with price starting from S$98: Chicken; Sashimi; Chicken / Seafood editions. 

Chicken Hamper (S$98)

A choice of two chicken delights: 
- Shrimp Paste Chicken with secret recipe marinade 
- Cajun Chicken Chop for an exotic taste 
- Lemongrass Chicken for a familiar homely flavour 
- Panko Chicken
- Chicken Karaage

The hamper comes with Potato Croquette, Wagyu Beef and choice of Durian Puffs or Éclairs.

Chicken / Seafood Hamper (S$225)

Feast with the Premium Ikura: salmon fish roes imported from Japan. The irresistible Panko Chicken boasts a crispy exterior and juicy inside. Have Takoyaki, Osaka’s most popular street snack, right at home. The Raw White Shrimps can be prepared in any culinary style you like: baked, grilled or steamed.

The hamper also comes with Wagyu Beef, Raw Scallop and Snow Crab Leg Meat.

Sashimi Hamper

You can enjoy the Snow Crabs imported from Greenland and Argentina Deep Prawns with their succulence textures. The Salmon Belly is rich in omega-3 and takes only a few minutes of defrosting before it can be enjoyed. 

Other items in this hamper include Salmon Sashimi, Sashimi Oyster, Premium Ikura and choice of Durian Puffs or Éclairs.

At the launch, there was a cooking demonstration by Chef Pang from Taiwan. An audience was picked to be his assistant and prepared the dish on his behalf.

Egg with prawn prepared by the female audience.

Chef Pang was showcasing one of the dishes too.
Little did I know, Chef Pang was the chef for late President Chiang Ching-kuo.

After the demonstration, here comes the start of our feast:

Salmon & Ikura Salad

The salmon used for the sashimi is one of the most premium grade that ensure highest standard of freshness and quality.

Ikura also known as salmon roe is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is already seasoned with Shoyu, Japanese soy sauce and mirin when imported from Japan.

 I must say the salad was really appetizing. The taste was just right, not too creamy. Healthy and refreshing salad to kickstart our meal. 

Have a toast with our salad. 
Thanks Jasmine for the photo.

Snow crab and cooked prawn

Snow Crab is one of iChef's star products. They were caught from Greenland, boiled and then individually quick frozen. This ensures the freshness and the quality of the crab. The snow crab tasted really good, the meat was succulent and tender, and tasted sweet at the same time.

The Argentina prawns are naturally red in colour. They are wild caught in the deep sea and immediately individually quick frozen. No chemicals are injected into the prawns. Just like the snow crab, the prawns tasted sweet and fresh.

Aka Ebi Mentai, Salmon Teriyaki and Cream Sauce Scallop

Aka Ebi Mentaiko is also known as Mentaiko Red Shrimp. When grilled, the combination of the mentaiko with mayonnaise, gives a tangy and charred flavour that is addictive.

I like the Cream Sauce Scallop the best in this dish, it made me went nuts. It tasted really good and yummy, just like how it looked in the photo. Even Meryl who doesn't eat scallop find that it tasted delicious. The secret lies in the sauce used, it added flavour to the overall taste.

Dory Katsu, Oyster Katsu, Ika Karaage and Shrimp Paste Chicken

The fried food got me excited because fried food is my favourite.

The Shrimp Paste Chicken was fried until golden-brown. The chicken was marinated with a secret recipe. Another item that we agreed were good was Oyster Katsu. It was crispy on the outer and juicy on the inner. Super addictive.

Durian puffs and Éclairs

Dessert to round up our sumptuous dinner. Durian is one of our local favourite and the durian puffs were well loved by us.

With Jasmine at the launch, haven't seen her for quite awhile. 
Time for some catch up.

For more information, visit

2 Handy Road #B1-K2 
The Cathay S229233

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