Friday, December 4, 2015

Oxygenating Facial Treatment at D’Skin

Do you guys still remember my post on Launch of D’Skin’s MIRA Skincare that I blogged about just last month?

I booked my appointment with d'skin to try out their facial treatment, thanks d'skin for the complimentary facial. Been undergoing lots of stress lately and my skin was in a terrible condition. Finally my exam was over, it's time to book my appointment for a pampering facial treatment.

We all want to look be at our best condition during this festive season.

Currently, d'skin has 4 outlets in Singapore. I visited the outlet at Heartland Mall Level 2 which is near Kovan MRT station.

Upon stepping in d'skin, the staff ushered me to a seat and hand me a form to fill up my particular.

At the same time, the staff also placed my belongings in the locker and handed me the key. Hot tea was served too.

Before the start of facial, d’skin will access our skin and recommend the type of treatment that suit our skin. The therapist measure my skin condition using Soft Plus machine to track your hydration level, skin elasticity, sebum and etc.

My result showed that I was experiencing dehydrated skin and the sebum at my forehead area was relatively low. As such, the therapist recommended Oxygenating Facial Treatment (S$198) for me.

Oxygen is the most necessary element to the human body. Without the right amount of oxygen, we will be more vulnerable to premature ageing and other skin problems such as decreased hydration, decreased cellular turnover etc. Hence, we need more oxygen to combat the environmental pollutants that can harm our skin.

Oxygen therapy is a rejuvenating treatment for dehydrated and tired skin. It helps to strengthen skin’s elasticity and help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, even out skin tone, and diminish pores. 

Wow, this treatment has everything I need.

d'skin was awarded Spa Awards 2015 by Women's Weekly. Can't wait to try out the treatment but the therapists were getting ready the room for me.

Removed my sneakers and changed into slippers .

Changed into the tube gown and getting ready for the pampering treatment.

Lying down on the comfortable bed for the next 2 hours. Oxygenating Facial Treatment is about 2 hours long. They placed a pillow at the end of the bed for us to rest our legs on, the thick blanket provided warm and comfort throughout the treatment.

It was really comfortable with the dim lighting and soothing music, as if it was preparing me for sleep.

Prior to every procedures done, my therapist will explain to me what she will be doing to prep me.
First step was to remove makeup using cleansing oil. The cleansing oil has a pleasant scent that smell good. Next up was facial cleansing to remove impurities left on our skin.

After which was steaming which helped to open up pores for easy extraction. A layer of cream was applied and towel to cover my eyes during steaming. The warmth produced during steaming soothe my skin and I felt really calmed. Totally relaxed and enjoyed every procedure so far.

Extraction was something I don't enjoyed during the whole treatment. My body become alert and tensed up, I become wide awake then. The process was painful, partly because I have many clogged pores and whiteheads. I could feel warmth releasing from my skin, my skin must be experiencing redness at the moment. Nevertheless, I managed to endure through this.

The painful part was over, I felt relieved and relaxed again. After extraction, the therapist used a device to soothe my skin and prevent inflammation. 

Sheet mask was applied to cool down the redness of my skin.

Another therapist took over after the mask application to trim my eyebrows. 

Next was the highlight of the treatment - Oxyjet.
This was the part I enjoyed the most. A device that pumped cool air over my face, super comfortable and cooling. Totally enjoyed it.

Mask time again. The therapist applied serum on my skin and net over my face, followed by applying layer of masque over the net. 

During the mask time, the therapist did not leave the room. Instead, she gave me a good head, neck and shoulder massage. Wow, I could feel the tension being eased away and stiff muscles being kneaded. So relaxing. I must say at certain points, I experienced a mild discomfort when pressure was applied, but still bearable for me. If you find the pressure too hard, do let the therapist knows.

Immediately after the treatment, I could feel my skin glowed with radiance and hydrated. It was soft upon touch and my clogged pores were gone. 

Skin emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with vitality. This treatment hydrates, plumps and renews the skin in an instant.

I really enjoyed the facial treatment very much, it was soothing and relaxing like all unhappiness troubling me were gone. Thanks d'skin for the treatment.

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