Sunday, November 29, 2015

SG Heart Map @ Float

SG50 is a year long celebration, SG Heart Map is one of the SG50 programmes. 

SG Heart Map is the first-ever crowd-sourced map of the nation’s ‘heart’ and special moments we hold. A time for us to celebrate these places. I was here together with my lovely girls to see the exhibition.

Us attempting jump shot. 
So fun.

Home is where the heart is.
Everyone has a special place which we hold close to our heart. There are places in Singapore that will always be meaningful and special to each of us. All these places and memories are the reasons why Singapore is home.

Part of the reason why we were at the festival was to support Tracy, she was working at the festival.
So thankful to know all of them and we shared many wonderful experience together.

With the famous panda of Singapore.
Looking at the panda reminded of my trip to River Safari. I went to River Safari 3 times, twice with friends and one with family. Memories came flooding back.

The pop-up illustrations showcased future city vision created by students. This is the imaginative future of Singapore.

This is one of my favourite homescapes because home is a place close to our heart.
It showcased the theme of home with many untold stories of the common and ordinary in our midst.

Thanks Meryl for all the group photos.
Through the festival, I get a deeper understanding about home.

I went to the dome together with Tracy to watch the projection show while the rest of the girls went to explore around. Some of the stories are very touching. All these stories come together in a living, growing map created by all who call Singapore home.

We didn't stay there for long , probably 50 minutes to an hour. The sky has turn gloomy again, looked like it gonna rain soon. See you girls soon again.

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