Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happenings in January - All About Food and Gathering

Saturday 9/1/16

KFC Lord of the Wings is back, who will rule this time round?

The defending champion Korean inspired Yang Yeum Chicken Wings has meet its new challenger - Japanese-inspired Shoyuzu wings. Have you try both to determine which is your favourite?

I have tried both flavour and I have a hard time deciding which is my favourite. Both flavours are equally nice.

Yang Yeum chicken wings tasted perfect for me. It has the combination of sweet and spicy sauce coated on the chicken. My appetite was immediately spice up with the first bite and tantalised my taste buds, make me craving for more.

Shoyuzu wings, coated with a citrusy soy sauce tasted sweet and savoury. The taste was unique and I fall in love with the sweetness of the flavour.

I vote for Yang Yeum chicken wings, I still prefer the hot and spicy flavour. 
Which is your favourite?

Monday 18/1/16

Kicked off the start of the week with Mookata (Thai BBQ steamboat) session with the lovely clique. A month has passed so fast, our last meetup was during Christmas. We were so looking forward to our makan session. This gathering was to celebrate GF's birthday and Terence's farewell. Terence is going to Australia for his school exchange programme for half a year.

We went for Kin Tub Thai Steamboat located at Peace Centre, We ordered 2 platters to share among 8 of us.

We requested to sit outdoor for better air ventilation. We don't want our hair to have BBQ smell at the end of the session.

We ended our mookata session with mandatory group photo before we proceed to Rochor Original Beancurd for dessert.

Thursday 28/1/16

Every year during Chinese New Year period, my lunch group, it is a tradition for us to treat ourselves to a good lunch and welcome Chinese New Year. 

We had Shabu Shabu for our lunch.
Shabu Shabu features Japanese hot-pot in an ambience that combines modernity and minimalist simplicity. We enjoyed a hearty and wholesome meal of premium quality produce and ingredients.

The standard set is 2 plates of meat, but we went for the set that offers free flow of meat which cost $3 more.
In the end, we think it is not very worth it for us before we are not happy eater. 2 plates are more than enough for us. Next time we shall stick to the standard set.

Saturday 30/1/16

Before we began our shopping trail, KP and I have a fulfilling lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Bugis Junction. I have not been to this Hong Kong cafe for a long time. We always like to order appetizer for sharing instead of a main course so that we can enjoy more variety of food. 

A photo of me with my ice milk tea, fries and french toast.
Oh yes, I got my step tracker from Health Promotion Board last weekend and I wore it out everytime I go out now. So cool, it helped to track the number of steps I took everyday. It motivated me to walk more to accumulate the steps and points.

The peanut butter french toast makes us really full, I think next time I can just order the french toast for a meal. Don't need to order anything else.

Fried dumpling. 

We ordered the banana split and asked them to serve after our meal.
We were really full after eating the french toast so thought of cancelling the banana split but they don't allow. So we braced ourselves and finished up the dessert. The ice-cream was nice though, I like the yam flavour.

That's all for update, January is really a month for food and gathering.
Just started school term, so I will be busy with projects and classes again. I will try to find time to blog again soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Alive Museum Singapore at Suntec City

Made my first visit to Alive Museum located at Suntec City.

I was so impressed with their artworks.
Alive Museum is supported by an R&D team in Korea. Every artwork we see is hand painted by their artists and coated with a special paint to preserve the quality of artworks.

Alive Museum is back with new exhibit zones - Young@Heart and Live.Laugh.Love. We have lots of fun taking photos over at these 2 zones especially. That will give you a reason to revisit Alive Museum again.

At Alive Museum with the lovely companions. It was really a fun experience posing for photos, something different from the usual gathering.

Let me first show you the newly added exhibit zone:

Young @ Heart Zone

The zone welcome guests who are young, or young at heart(like me).
We were greeted by the vibrant, colourful theme of “Young@Heart” art pieces.

Entering Thumbelina’s world of flowers, we blend well into the petals of flower, becoming part of the character in the story. 
Flower power.

Meryl and I appeared were featured in a book.

Spotted the happy us in this book.

Sitting on a balloon dog sculpture.
So cute right?

Presenting to you, Alive Museum Circus.

It's showtime!
Sit back, relax and watch the show.

Live.Laugh.Love Zone

Celebrate this holiday with a brand new zone of love and friendship.

Autumn is the best season to fall in love.
Be awe by the beautiful sights, a picture-perfect moment under a lovely cupid tree.

Meryl and Elaine looked so lovely.

Times we spent together

It's a beautiful night 
We're looking for something dumb to do 
Hey baby 
I think I want to marry you

Do you want to hitch a ride with us in the wedding car?
Come on, let's hop on.

Ever wonder what happen during the wacky wedding night scene?
The bedroom scene.
Jasmine has become so strong that she could carry Ivan up.


Here are  some of our shots at the other exhibits:

Your royal queen and her followers.
Don't be surprised to see that Spiderman is one of my loyal follower.

Okay, you may all rise.

Oh man, whirlpool happened in Marina Bay Sands. 
Save me, pls! I don't want to be suck into it.

Argh, Jasmine was caught by the giant cat when trying to walk past its territory.

Cravings for some dessert, how about a chocolate ice-cream?

Flying to the fairytale land.

Feeding time for the giraffe.

Anyone want to have your teeth pluck?
Just leave it to me and Elaine, we are both certified dentist.

Another group photo of us.

Playing my favourite sport, basketball.
Err, why did Jasmine suddenly grow so much?

Oh no, I have unleashed a container full of zombies.. 
The zombie apocalypse begins now.

Man, I must get out of here.

Oops, my trishaw was also hitting Meryl.
Lucky I managed to brake in time.

Sit like a boss.
This is how I sit when I am at home.

We were the left to leave Alive Museum. We had so much fun and wonderful memories posting in front of the camera. Alive Museum provided many beautiful and Instagram worthy backdrop for phototaking. Come to Alive Museum to experience this and bring back lots of gorgeous photo memories.

To find out more, pls visit

Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall #03-372
(between Towers 3 & 4)

Opens daily from 10am to 10pm
(last admission at 9pm)

Ticket prices:
 Adult 13 yrs and above: S$25
Child 3 – 12 yrs: S$20
Package 2 Adults + 1 Child: S$60

Friday, January 8, 2016

Crème Simon Spring Beauty Bloom Workshop & Dermo-Activ Floral Serum Review

Began my first event of the year with Crème Simon.

With Chinese New Year approaching, Crème Simon conducted Spring Beauty Bloom Workshop where the attendees learned unique skincare tips and latest makeup trends from skincare guru & celebrity makeup artist, Larry Yeo.

The event was held at Robinsons Raffles City.

Larry patiently explained to us the step by step procedure and giving us tips on using Crème Simon skincare products, like how should we go about using the toner mist, the angle to spray and the areas to apply.

Thanks Crème Simon for organising the workshop, we learnt how to better take care of our skin.
I also bagged home with some goodies from Crème Simon. Thanks Crème Simon for always pampering us with this little thoughts during festive seasons.

Today I will share with you the review of one of Crème Simon star products:

Brightening Moisturising Dermo-Activ Floral Serum

S$109.00 / 30ml

The floral serum is the "Best Whitening/Brightening Serum” award winning serum by Beauty & Aesthetics, Editor’s Choice.

It contains higher concentrations of clarifying and regenerating plant extracts that intensely boost skin radiance with deeper moisturisation for visibly luminous skin. It has proven efficacy in skin oxygenation, new skin cell regeneration and melanin inhibition.

The floral serum comes in an airless pump packaging that is hygienic for use. 

Application is simple, just apply the serum on your face before moisturiser.

My review:

The serum ha a light refreshing scent and the gel cream is lightweight. Though it may feel a little rich, it is fast absorbed into skin, leaving no sticky feeling. It hydrated my dull looking skin and replaced it with a refreshing look. It helped to prep the skin for better absorption for the next step of skincare regime. My skin feel soft and supple after use.

Do quote my voucher code "HR5X8G3" if you are interested in purchasing Crème Simon products.

For more information about Creme Simon, pls visit


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