Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Spa Series Private Launch‏

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is back with its new addition series - Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa.

I was being introduced to Bulgarian Rose Karlovo in October by GF and since then, I fall in love with the rosy scent of their products.

I attended the private launch of Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Spa Series held at HDB Hub.

Before the start of the launch, we were treated to some light bites.

Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa is a complex care to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin using natural rose oil and natural rose water with the wealth of the sea - caviar complex, sea water concentrate and brown algae extract.

Little did you know, the rose oil and rose water are obtained by distillation of fresh blossoms of oil-bearing rose - Rosa damascena Mill. 

Benefits of the ingredients:

Rose oil and rose water - refresh, moisturize, soothe and improve skin elasticity. Stimulate recovery processes and prevent premature aging. 

Caviar complex - activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin and to smooth the skin microlerief. 

Concentrate of sea water - helps in revitalization and remineralization of tired, stressed and treated skin, hair and scalp. 

The new Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa series includes products for face, eye contour and body. The products are suitable for all skin types.

Let me introduce you to the products:

Intensively Hydrating Cream

This is specially formulated to hydrate the skin with its intensive moisturising and soothing effect and to protect it from the harmful effects of the free radicals. 

It contains 100% pure Bulgarian Rose oil.

Cleansing Gel for Face

Gentle gel for everyday cleansing of the face from makeup and impurities. It refreshes the skin and keeps its natural moisture level.

Body Oil

The body oil provides an exclusive skin care and is ideal for massage. It nourishes and moisturises after bath by maintain the softness and elasticity of the skin.

Regenerating Face Cream

Regenerating face cream soothes the skin and stimulates the process of cell regeneration.

Tonic for face

The tonic provides optimal hydration and comfort, nourishes and softens that is suitable for all skin types. Apply on face in the morning/evening with a cosmetic sponge.

Gentle Eye Contour Cream

Fine and gentle cream to moisturise the eye area, stimulating regenerative processes in cells and preventing premature aging.

Thanks Bulgarian Rose Karlovo for the invitation to the private launch. I went back home with 2 Signature Spa series products from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo for try out.

One of the products I gotten is Tonic for face.
This is the product that I like best when I tried it out at the private launch. So happy that they packed this in our goodies bag.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Spa Tonic for face review:

What attracted me to tonic for face was the rosy scent that I adore very much, it makes me feel at ease just like the feeling of doing spa. The tonic has a watery texture that is lightweight and fast absorbed into skin. My skin feel refreshing and hydrated after application. It did not cause any irritation to skin.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Spa Regenerating Face Cream Review:

Suitable for use as day cream.
The newly added product to my morning skincare regime. I used it after cleansing and toning. It left my skin feeling supple and soft after use, it locked the moisture which give a boost up the hydration level.

Ready to begin my day with Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Spa Series.

If you would like to find out more about Bulgarian Rose Karlovo, please visit their Facebook page

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