Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Celebration 2015

December is one of my favourite month because it is the month of festive. With Christmas and New Year approaching, it's the time for a feast and celebrate theses special occasions. Time to shop for gifts for all the special friends.

Wednesday 16/12/15

Began my first Christmas celebration in the office. My bosses and team leads have chipped in to sponsor this Christmas party for our unit. Thank you bosses.

We went down half an hour early to set up the place and get all the food ready.
Ivy helped to cut the ham for everyone.

What is Christmas without log cake?
We have our log cake from Royal Plaza on Scotts. It's dark chocolate log cake and it has a rich taste.

Apple and grape flavour of sparkling drinks.

Honey Glazed Chicken Ham was purchased from Delifrance. The ham was accompanied with tangy pineapple sauce which we poured in the cup.

Pizza Hut.

I was right not to eat too full for lunch that day, I just have oats and biscuits for lunch. Save my tummy for the Christmas party. We have a nice one hour session eating, now that I was too full for dinner.

Sunday 20/12/15

I'm back to Toa Payoh two days in a row. I was here yesterday for an event and today I was here for a Christmas lunch with my lovely clique. GF introduced us to Krazy Salad Bar. It was our first time patronising the restaurant (all except for GF) and we love the place very much. I foresee myself going back there again.

Initially when GF proposed the idea of having our Christmas lunch at Krazy Salad Bar, my immediate reaction was like "Oh man, we are going to just have salad for lunch? We are all meat eater, you know?"
She assured me that there is main course available and we won't be having just salad. 

KRAZYSalads is a semi buffet concept restaurant offering great value for money main courses and wide salads spread. Each of us ordered a main course each. The price of the main course is about $20++.

I started off with the all-time-favourite mushroom soup, added some wanton stripes in it too. It tasted delicious, I wanted to go for second round for the mushroom soup if my tummy still have room for it later on.

Ryden ordered this seafood set for sharing. Thanks Ryden.

I have Uncle Krazy's Chicken Chop.
The old fashioned style chicken chop with mushroom sauce together with potato wedges and onion rings.
The chicken chop was juicy good and the portion was just nice.

I was really full after finishing the main course. No room for second round of soup because I needed to save the space for dessert.

Soft serve chocolate and vanilla mix ice-cream.

Mandatory group photo before we left. Thanks Jasmine for the photo.
From left to right: Meryl, Fif, Terence, GF, me, Jasmine and Ryden.

We had a great 2 hours lunch. Let's do it often, we have already set our next meeting date for the next month.

Playing with Fif's fisheye len.
This is good for photo taking if you have a large group of friends.

Received the loves from my clique.
Thanks for the gifts, receiving gifts always make me happy.

With the festive season approaching, it also means 2015 is coming to an end. Another year has gone, it's time to reflect what I have achieved in 2015 and what I want to achieve in 2016.

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