Friday, January 8, 2016

Crème Simon Spring Beauty Bloom Workshop & Dermo-Activ Floral Serum Review

Began my first event of the year with Crème Simon.

With Chinese New Year approaching, Crème Simon conducted Spring Beauty Bloom Workshop where the attendees learned unique skincare tips and latest makeup trends from skincare guru & celebrity makeup artist, Larry Yeo.

The event was held at Robinsons Raffles City.

Larry patiently explained to us the step by step procedure and giving us tips on using Crème Simon skincare products, like how should we go about using the toner mist, the angle to spray and the areas to apply.

Thanks Crème Simon for organising the workshop, we learnt how to better take care of our skin.
I also bagged home with some goodies from Crème Simon. Thanks Crème Simon for always pampering us with this little thoughts during festive seasons.

Today I will share with you the review of one of Crème Simon star products:

Brightening Moisturising Dermo-Activ Floral Serum

S$109.00 / 30ml

The floral serum is the "Best Whitening/Brightening Serum” award winning serum by Beauty & Aesthetics, Editor’s Choice.

It contains higher concentrations of clarifying and regenerating plant extracts that intensely boost skin radiance with deeper moisturisation for visibly luminous skin. It has proven efficacy in skin oxygenation, new skin cell regeneration and melanin inhibition.

The floral serum comes in an airless pump packaging that is hygienic for use. 

Application is simple, just apply the serum on your face before moisturiser.

My review:

The serum ha a light refreshing scent and the gel cream is lightweight. Though it may feel a little rich, it is fast absorbed into skin, leaving no sticky feeling. It hydrated my dull looking skin and replaced it with a refreshing look. It helped to prep the skin for better absorption for the next step of skincare regime. My skin feel soft and supple after use.

Do quote my voucher code "HR5X8G3" if you are interested in purchasing Crème Simon products.

For more information about Creme Simon, pls visit

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