Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happenings in February - Chinese New Year + Gathering

Monday 8/2/16

Whatsup for your long weekend?

For me, I spent my Friday night in school for lecture, Saturday and Sunday noon at home rushing for my school assignment which will be due 2 days after CNY. So sian right?
Finally a break on Monday.

Say hello to the year of Monkey.

Actually the thought of how fast time has passed scared me, now all of us have already grown up. We all have our career and some even started their family. Still remember the days when we were young, we always played football at the corridor during CNY, those days were so carefree.

My family had chap chye and curry chicken for lunch.

Cute pie, Aiden, was here.
He was so easily contented with toy cars.
Aiden is coming to 2 years old in another month time. Becoming a big boy now.

Preparing for our steamboat dinner.
The cousins were fascinated with the size of the abalone.

There are close to 30 of us for our lunar new year reunion dinner.
By the time I ate, it was the third round. By then, the broth of the soup was already very tasty.
Having steamboat with the big family has become the usual and memorable practice during CNY. 

While mummy was preparing yusheng, Aiden was standing by the side, looking interested. He even helped to carry the paper plates over to the living room.

Yusheng has now officially become our yearly tradition practice on CNY.
Let's toss to a prosperity year ahead and may all our dreams come true. 
Happy new year to all of you.

Saturday 27/2/16

Finally weekend is here. 
How I wish I could the rewind the time back to last week where I spent my weekend in JB for a relaxing weekend.

This weekend, GF brought me to South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic open house where we find out more about the treatment and services available at the clinic.

The clinic has a nice spiral staircase at their back door that is good for photo shoot.
My OOTD that day.

GF and I met HP and Jonathan at the open house. Haven't seen the guys for a long time.
Today was really a day for gathering. We have a mini chillout session of our own, cheers.

We went to their toilet at level 2 and this altar look alike basin caught our attention. The clinic has a good mix of western and oriental elements in their interior design.

Meryl and Yueqing came over to join us as well.
Here's a group photo with the girls before we left.

After our long chat, we decided to visit Cafe Insadong which was just besides the clinic to try their bingsu. 
My first visit to Cafe Insadong.

We ordered Red Bean & Sweet Potato Bingsu. 
This was my first time eating bingsu as well. I love the shaved ice and taro ice-cream.
The perfect dessert to order on a hot and sunny day.

I love days like this where I can chill out with friends without worrying about time. Attending school really took already all my free time. Other than attending classes, usually I will dedicate my weekend to do quiz and rush school assignment/project. So I really cherish my free time spent with friends.

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