Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Preview of LG's 2016 TV Lineup and Audio Speaker

In the year 2016, LG Electronics unveiled its game-changing 2016 TV lineup with future of TV technology.

LG has showcased the addition: LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, OLED 4K TVs and SUPER UHD TVs.

They come with capabilities to play Dolby Vision high dy-namic range (HDR) media, which elevates the viewing experience to the next level.


One characteristic of this TV is its stun-ning 2.57mm-thin OLED panel, the TV is as thin as just four stacked credit cards. It is also one of the first TVs to bear LG’s unique Picture-on-Glass design concept.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV has shed every unnecessary element except for those essential to delivering the best picture and sound quality possible. 

LG OLED TV is available in 77” and 65” size.

Another salient capability of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is Dolby Vision, which combines high dynamic range and wide color gamut to delivers astonishing images that never before seen on TV. 
The image is so much sharper and clearer compared to the normal TV.

The Blade Slim design concept allows viewers for an immersive viewing experience just like  Full Cinema Screen.

LG’s ULTRA Luminance technology greatly enhances contrast between dark and bright areas, delivering vivid HDR images. The TV can display a billion rich colors for the finest details of color and gradation.

The TV has an aura of class and sophistication while bridging the gap between modern trends and timeless style.

Other than TVlineup, the launch also featured an array of speakers that bound to take the home theater experience to the next level. In the spotlight are the Wi-Fi-enabled Music Flow Speakers and Bluetooth speakers, Sound360.

Wow, look at these water bottle look-alike speakers.

LG Sound360 is inspired by a coffee tumbler to help fit naturally into listeners’ daily lives. The easy-to-use LG Sound360 is also a perfect fit for any interior decorating scheme, blending in seamlessly with the user’s other furniture and appliances.

The cylindrical speaker has a 360-degree range so music sounds great regardless of the listener’s relative position. It is perfect for listening in large groups and for party use with the strong sound quality and small body. It has strong battery life of playing up to 20 hours.

LG Sound360 is available in 3 different colours: white, pink and blue from S$229.

With LG Sound360, I can enjoy good quality music anytime, anywhere, just need to add music to any setting.

The easy-to-use LG Sound360 is a perfect fit for any interior decorating scheme, blending in seamlessly with the user’s other furniture and appliances. Just don't mistaken it as your water bottle.

For more information about LG, visit

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happenings in March and April - Gathering + Amber's First Month Celebration

Monday 21/3/16

I just realised many of my friends are born in the month of March. 
I arranged a dinner gathering with 3 of my poly peers and all 3 of them are born in March. It's been 8 months since our group last met up, the last one was during my birthday. 

We have our dinner at our usual meetup point  which is at VivoCity because Grace always has the tendency to be very late, hence we always meet up at Vivo which is near for her. 
The birthday boy then decided to have dinner at Marché Mövenpick.

Marché has an informal, comfortable atmosphere like a marketplace. The guests stroll through the market stalls and place the order at the stalls that they want using the card given.

We ordered all these for sharing:
Rosti with garlic sausage. The rosti is perfectly delicious to just eat on its own without the sausage. This is my favourite of all.

Salmon wrap.
The wrap was nice but a bit too salty to my liking.

Smoked Salmon. 
This was great and also first dish to finish clearing.

Chicken pizza. 
The pizza was served piping hot, I love the crispy crust.

Grace and Chan Lin.
Wow, Grace was early. She managed to reach before 7.45pm.

Maggie and I.
So happy to see Maggie again and glad that she is doing well in her new career.

After our meal, we just continued to sit and talk all the way until 10pm. Wanted to go for dessert but sadly our stomach has no room for dessert. We felt so full after the dinner.

Let's meet up soon again.

Saturday 2/4/16

Right after the food tasting ended, I quickly rushed back home to meet family and head down for Amber's first month celebration. We were going to baby Amber.

We were greeted by the lovely Tsum Tsum cupcake upon reaching.
Too cute to be eaten.

Say hello to Amber.
Amber is my eldest cousin's daughter and also Aiden's younger sister.
Everybody goes 'awwww' after seeing the baby Amber, such a cute little precious life.

Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York.......
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi 

My cousins have prepared some props for photo-taking.
Somehow this cap reminded me of Girls Generation's song - Mr Taxi.

We were ready for photo-taking for selecting our props.
Here we go.

Baby Amber is sleeping, shhhhh.
Oops, keep our volume down.

Good night, baby Amber.
See you soon again.

Old Boys Gallery Tapas Bar & Restaurant Food Tasting

Along the street of Kampong Bahru, one can find this charming and artistic spot that was previously an art gallery. I was being introduced to Old Boys Gallery Tapas Bar & Restaurant, a great place to chill out for a good food and fantastic beer.

Upon entering Old Boys Gallery, I was immediately being attracted to all the fine art pieces that were surrounded the places.

The vibrant colours of the art pieces instantly lifted up my mood. The ambiance made me feel at ease, Old Boys Gallery is a place that you will enjoy with your friends.

Old Boys Gallery has been in operation since 6 months ago. The restaurant is found by a team of three not-so-young (old boys) buddies who share the same passion for the elements of a great chill-out place: food, beer, art. 

Old Boys Gallery is like a mini gallery, bringing Singapore’s burgeoning arts scene to the fore. The art pieces on the wall are for sale.

Can't get enough of the art, especially love the art piece on the wall. 
So beautiful, stop by for photo taking against the wall.

Look at their collection of alcohol available. It's a great idea to collect the empty bottles and displayed them out.

The three old boys went to source for these bottles of brews from Europe, Japan, wherever we can think of. 

After mingling around, it's time for a feast. May the feast began:

Manster Burger (Beef) - $17.90

The burger was stacked with layers and layers of goodness starting from egg, caramelized onions,cheese, beef, bacon, tomato and lettuce, served with fresh greens and fries. This is the hot signature of Old Boys Gallery.

Belly Good Burger - $18.90 (newly added to the menu)

This handmade burger definitely will fill our stomach. 
The ingredients were similar to the Manster Burger.  Belly Good Burger was filled with Japanese style slow braised pork belly with onion rings, pineapple, bacon, cheese and egg, served with fries and greens.

Pork belly and onion ring was a great combination. The pork belly was very tender and juicy while the onion ring was deliciously crispy. One bite of both, you will experience a tender juicy crunch. Deliciously good.

Bak Kwa Risotto - between $10 to $20 (newly added to the menu)

Who would have thought risotto can actually pair with bak kwa?

This creative concept came from our Chinese New Year delicacy, Bak Kwa, specially created for last CNY. The savoury of the bak kwa bring out the flavour of the creamy risotto with a taste of sweetness. Suitable for people who want to opt for something simple and not too heavy.

Spam Chips - $9

Trying this for the first time, deep-fried luncheon meat with wasabi mayo. The luncheon meat was fried until it turned golden brown. You can hear the cripsy crunch with every bite of it. We cleared the plate within minutes, leaving the veggies behind. 

Potato Head - $7.90

How about dipping the sweet potato fries with curry mustard.
This is super addictive, we couldn't stop ourselves from eating. The secret lies in their homemade curry mustard, it further enhanced the flavour of the fries, bringing a different taste out.

Chili Beef Fries - $13.90

Chili beef with kidney beans, fries topped with nacho cheese, mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese. If you like cheesy fries, this is the appetizer you can opt for. 

Form Your Own Triplets - $21

You can select any 3 sides from bits and bites at the price of $21. There are 14 selections that you can mix and match from.

We have Vongole Bianco served with crispy toast, crispy porky and OBG crab cakes.

The vongole bianco was really spicy. When I took the first sip, I think the spiciness was still bearable. But when you swallowed it, that's when the burning sensation kicked in and linger at the throat.

I love the sassy flavour crab cakes with mango relish and the juicy roasted pork.

OBG Wings - $10.90 for 3 pcs / $18 for 6 pcs

Full wings marinated in chef’s legendary sauce. The marinated wings tasted sweet and delicious. The meat was juicy and tender.

Devil's Double Chocolate - $9

Though sinful, but who can resist the chocolate lava cake with ice-cream?
I have a soft spot for dessert, especially ice-cream. I couldn't resist the mouthwatering devil's double chocolate.

Early Grey Cake with Lavender Cream - $7.90

The cake has a refreshing taste with a trace of light early grey and lavender aroma that linger. Suitable for people who prefer not so sweet dessert. The cake was moist and spongy as well.

Coconut Cake - $7.90

This was my favourite dessert, coconut cake with gula melaka.
Gula melaka complemented the overall taste with sweetness added, every bite tasted flavoursome.

With Meryl enjoying our desserts.
Thanks Meryl for the photo.

We have a great dining experience at Old Boys Gallery, I'm sure I will be back for a visit again for the good food. Thanks HP for the invitiation too (:

Old Boys Gallery is 10-15 minutes walk from Outram Park MRT station.

For more information, please visit

Old Boys Gallery 
67 Kampong Bahru Rd 
Singapore 169371

Opening Hour: 11:30AM – 11:00PM (Mon - Sat)

Tel: +65 9187 0756


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