Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Perrier Masterclass Session with Laurent Greco

Ever wonder how a bartender prepares our cocktails?

I was fascinated with how the creative mixology techniques of a bar scene and the art of mixing the drinks. With the happening of Singapore Cocktail Week 2016, I attended the Perrier Masterclass session held by the award-winning and foremost Mixologist, Laurent Greco.

At Mariko with the lovelies. 
Thanks GF for extending the invitation to all of us and thanks Jas for the photo.

At Perrier Masterclass session, we learnt the mixology techniques using Perrier.

Perrier is the world's #1 Natural Sparkling Mineral Water from France. It has been an indispensable ingredient used in Mixologist's cocktail repertoire for over seventy years. It is known for its uniquely refreshing taste and flavour of spirits.

We love the intense, sparkling bubbles of Perrier that provide an extreme sensorial stimulation which quench our thirst.

Met Laurent Greco, Perrier's international brand ambassador. 
He flew down to Singapore to conduct the first time ever Perrier Masterclass sessions for Singapore Cocktail Week 2016.

During the session, we were treated to the live demonstration and a step-by-step teaching process on how Laurent mixed the different flavours with a special touch of Perrier.

For coffee lover.
Perrier can also be used to be mocha.

Laurent also showcased his techniques using open flames and gas.

The Perrier Smoky Mojito was served with a glass dome (which we placed at the back). When the dome was lifted up in front of the guests, we were immediately being treated to the aroma sense.

Ingredients used:
1/3 oz (4cl) of dark rum
A few drops of angostura bitters 
2/3 oz (2cl) sugar cane syrup 
Fresh mint 
2/3 (2cl) fresh lime juice 
1/3 oz (4cl) of chilled PERRIER 
1 smoking gun 
1 cigar 
1 Glass dome

This was the first time I came across Chanel perfume as ingredient to create bubble.

The best way to drink Perrier is to drink it when chilled. 
Do not add ice cube into it because it will alter the taste of Perrier. Ice cube comes from tap water while Perrier is a pure and natural sparkling water. You pay for the pureness of the drink, why add tap water in it right?

Ended the session with a visual sight created using dry ice.
We learnt a couple of tips about creating our own cocktails.

Thanks for the night.

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