Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Preview of LG's 2016 TV Lineup and Audio Speaker

In the year 2016, LG Electronics unveiled its game-changing 2016 TV lineup with future of TV technology.

LG has showcased the addition: LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, OLED 4K TVs and SUPER UHD TVs.

They come with capabilities to play Dolby Vision high dy-namic range (HDR) media, which elevates the viewing experience to the next level.


One characteristic of this TV is its stun-ning 2.57mm-thin OLED panel, the TV is as thin as just four stacked credit cards. It is also one of the first TVs to bear LG’s unique Picture-on-Glass design concept.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV has shed every unnecessary element except for those essential to delivering the best picture and sound quality possible. 

LG OLED TV is available in 77” and 65” size.

Another salient capability of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is Dolby Vision, which combines high dynamic range and wide color gamut to delivers astonishing images that never before seen on TV. 
The image is so much sharper and clearer compared to the normal TV.

The Blade Slim design concept allows viewers for an immersive viewing experience just like  Full Cinema Screen.

LG’s ULTRA Luminance technology greatly enhances contrast between dark and bright areas, delivering vivid HDR images. The TV can display a billion rich colors for the finest details of color and gradation.

The TV has an aura of class and sophistication while bridging the gap between modern trends and timeless style.

Other than TVlineup, the launch also featured an array of speakers that bound to take the home theater experience to the next level. In the spotlight are the Wi-Fi-enabled Music Flow Speakers and Bluetooth speakers, Sound360.

Wow, look at these water bottle look-alike speakers.

LG Sound360 is inspired by a coffee tumbler to help fit naturally into listeners’ daily lives. The easy-to-use LG Sound360 is also a perfect fit for any interior decorating scheme, blending in seamlessly with the user’s other furniture and appliances.

The cylindrical speaker has a 360-degree range so music sounds great regardless of the listener’s relative position. It is perfect for listening in large groups and for party use with the strong sound quality and small body. It has strong battery life of playing up to 20 hours.

LG Sound360 is available in 3 different colours: white, pink and blue from S$229.

With LG Sound360, I can enjoy good quality music anytime, anywhere, just need to add music to any setting.

The easy-to-use LG Sound360 is a perfect fit for any interior decorating scheme, blending in seamlessly with the user’s other furniture and appliances. Just don't mistaken it as your water bottle.

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