Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sophisca - Tricking Treats Launch

Sophisca has launched their new collection, Tricking Treats.

Sophisca is Taiwan’s very first specialty candy brand. Sophisca sells an array of candied fruits, soft bonbons, chocolates and more with products of their maker’s quirkiest and wildest imagination. 

Visited their newest outlet at Marina Square.
Thanks Jasmine for bringing me along and Meryl for the group photo.

This 1 April (April Fool's Day), Sophisca has launched their new collection of "Tricking Treats" that is quirky and delightfully tongue-in-cheek, making it perfect gifts to punk friends and family.

Let's take a look at the new collection:

Crayon Candy Sticks - $9.90

Fret not, these are not real crayon.

They are in fact melt-in-your-mouth candies disguised as colouring crayon sticks that come in 12 flavours:
- honey peach
- tropical fruit
- mandarin orange
- pomelo
- lemon
- green apple
- mint
- blueberry
- grape
- strawberry
- chocolate
- yoghurt

They are made with minimal artificial colouring and essence, suitable for people who are concerned with sugar intake.

Choco Colouring Pens - $17.90

Perfect tools for baking.

You can use the DIY 'soft pens' to jazz up your own bakes such as decorating cakes, breads, toasts or biscuits. Each choco colouring pen set comes in 6 chocolate-flavoured vibrant colours:
White: White Chocolate
Yellow: Lemon Chocolate
Green: Honeydew Flavour
Pink: Strawberry Flavour
Blue: Blueberry Flavour
Brown: Milk Chocolate

Brown Rice Sushi Bento - $11.90

This was really interesting, the brown rice sushi looked exactly like those real sushi we ordered from Japanese stall.

These sushi are actually chocolate brown rice. They are made with 100% natural brown rice that is smothered with Belgium-imported white chocolate. Every individual piece is wrapped in Kuso to ensure freshness and hygiene.

A healthier snack choice suitable for all ages with non-fried, fragrant brown rice that is chockful of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

Some of the all-time favourite:

This is my favourite of all. 
I love the smiling cookie so much, tasted so delicious. I have a soft spot for cookies.

True Words Chocolate always captured people's attention.

You can find lots of interesting and meaningful message on the packaging. Just choose the right message and it can be the perfect gift for different occasions. 

For Valentine Day or for confession to someone special.

Created specially just for Singapore - our very own language "Singlish".
You can buy this for your overseas friends, it makes a good souvenir for them to bring back home.

So many sweets, I'm overdosed by the sweetness of Sophisca.
Seeing the sweets made me happy.

Sophisca is indeed A Sweet Place for Sweethearts.
The design of the sweets are so cute that I won't bear to eat it.

With my sweetheart - Meryl and Jasmine.
So nice to see them again.

The gift corner.

Instead of buying bouquet of flowers, how about getting a bouquet of sweets?
More practical right?
Ladies feel happy receiving it and at the same time, they get to eat the sweet treats.

We have a sweet afternoon catching up with everyone, see you guys soon again.

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