Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happenings in March and April - Gathering + Amber's First Month Celebration

Monday 21/3/16

I just realised many of my friends are born in the month of March. 
I arranged a dinner gathering with 3 of my poly peers and all 3 of them are born in March. It's been 8 months since our group last met up, the last one was during my birthday. 

We have our dinner at our usual meetup point  which is at VivoCity because Grace always has the tendency to be very late, hence we always meet up at Vivo which is near for her. 
The birthday boy then decided to have dinner at Marché Mövenpick.

Marché has an informal, comfortable atmosphere like a marketplace. The guests stroll through the market stalls and place the order at the stalls that they want using the card given.

We ordered all these for sharing:
Rosti with garlic sausage. The rosti is perfectly delicious to just eat on its own without the sausage. This is my favourite of all.

Salmon wrap.
The wrap was nice but a bit too salty to my liking.

Smoked Salmon. 
This was great and also first dish to finish clearing.

Chicken pizza. 
The pizza was served piping hot, I love the crispy crust.

Grace and Chan Lin.
Wow, Grace was early. She managed to reach before 7.45pm.

Maggie and I.
So happy to see Maggie again and glad that she is doing well in her new career.

After our meal, we just continued to sit and talk all the way until 10pm. Wanted to go for dessert but sadly our stomach has no room for dessert. We felt so full after the dinner.

Let's meet up soon again.

Saturday 2/4/16

Right after the food tasting ended, I quickly rushed back home to meet family and head down for Amber's first month celebration. We were going to baby Amber.

We were greeted by the lovely Tsum Tsum cupcake upon reaching.
Too cute to be eaten.

Say hello to Amber.
Amber is my eldest cousin's daughter and also Aiden's younger sister.
Everybody goes 'awwww' after seeing the baby Amber, such a cute little precious life.

Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York.......
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi 

My cousins have prepared some props for photo-taking.
Somehow this cap reminded me of Girls Generation's song - Mr Taxi.

We were ready for photo-taking for selecting our props.
Here we go.

Baby Amber is sleeping, shhhhh.
Oops, keep our volume down.

Good night, baby Amber.
See you soon again.

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