Friday, June 24, 2016

iSteamBoat Chinese Restaurant Food Tasting


What beats welcoming the weekend over a hearty dinner with friends?

So looking forward to this weekend because it gonna be filled to the brim with activities.
I spent my Friday night with a brunch of good friends for steamboat buffet.

Thanks Tracy for inviting us along for the food tasting.

iSteamBoat is a newly opened Chinese restaurant located at Marina Square level 4, they started operations on the 1st of May. 

iSteamBoat offers different types of buffet:

Porridge buffet - Daily home cooked Teochew style Porridge Buffet Lunch at $10.35 nett (after service charge and GST) with a choice of 24 dishes and free flow of drinks.
(Weekdays: 12 noon - 2:30pm; Weekends: 12noon - 3pm)

Steamboat buffet - Available throughout the day at only $22 nett / $24.50 nett for weekend with variety of more than 40 dishes, 7 different types of soup bases and free flow of homemade drinks.


Time to kickstart our steamboat buffet.

Each person gets our individual steamboat pot. We ordered different soup base for trying and sharing.

There are 7 types of soup base available for selection:
- Chicken Soup 
- Vegetarian Soup
- Fish Soup
- Herbal Soup
- Kimchi Soup
- Hot & Spicy Soup
- Ma La Soup  

Out of the 7 selection, the most popular soups are Tom Yam and Herbal. 
We tried kimchi, herbal, chicken and fish, we concluded that herbal tasted the best as it brought out an aromatic taste.

The steamboat items available.
Helping ourselves to the free flow of food.

Our table was filled with plenty of food.
The table of food could last us all night while chatting away.

Waiting for our food to be cooked.

A photo with Pearly.
I'm heading to Malacca the next day, so the girls were sharing with me the nice places to visit in Malacca. So looking forward to this short getaway trip.

Besides the steamboat items, we also tried some of the ala carte cooked food.
The samosas were one of my favourite. The skin was very crispy and I love the spice potato in it.

Prawn paste chicken.

Spring rolls.
The spring rolls tasted good too.

Calamari rings.

Curry fried rice, taste not bad.

Chocolate fondue.
Very interesting, my first time seeing chocolate fondue in a pot. Dip the fruits in the chocolate.

Ended off the dinner with a scoop of cookie & cream ice-cream.

A group photo with the girls before we parted.
Thanks Jas for the photo.

We have a great gathering at iSteamBoat.

For more information, please visit

iSteamboat Chinese Restaurant 
6 Raffles Boulevard 
#04-102A @ Marina Square Shopping Center 
Singapore 039594

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