Saturday, July 23, 2016

National Day Parade: NDP 2016 Preview

So happy to score a pair of tickets to this year NDP preview. 
Though it is not the actual NDP, but I am equally contented to have a chance to watch the preview.

2016 marked the first year of NDP's return to our new National Stadium located at the Sports Hub. With a seating capacity of 55,000, the venue can house more NDP enthusiasts for them to enjoy the live atmosphere.

Though it is not the actual parade, we were encouraged to dress in red or white.
I wore my only red top out with me.
I need to add more colours of clothes to my wardrobe.

Wishing Singapore an advance 51st birthday.
I love my nation and I'm always so proud of her and proud to be a Singaporean.

While waiting for the segment to start, Linda and I were chatting away.
Due to our individual commitments, we haven't been catching up with one another for a long time.

Here came the arrival of Minister of States.......
People were still waving their flags enthusiastically 

We immersed ourselves into the sea of red and white.
Raising our flag and let it fly high.

Police motorcars were patrolling around the National Stadium.

Being in the indoor National Stadium, we were missing out on various outdoor segments such as the Red Lions, air craft performance and helicopter fly past. 

With the military band marching out, the Parade and Ceremony will begin soon.

The troops of contingents were taking their places and marching into the Parade in a orderly manner.

The contingents on parade represents the five pillars of Total Defence that underpin the resolve to ensure a sovereign and secure Singapore.

We were seated in the yellow sector of the National Stadium and were facing the back view of the Parade. Hence, we couldn't catch a glimpse of the Guard of Honour contingents.

When singing the National Anthem, instead of the usual National Flag fly past carried by the helicopter, the National Flags were carried by the volunteers up the steps with the spectators passing the flag backwards.

The crowds were waving their flags to the acting President when the vehicle passed by their areas.

The Parade and Ceremony has ended and there was a special segments by the marching contingents.

The contingents performing an onward march, where marching contingents come up close to the audience.

And the PAP group will be marching up our lane.
We were waving our flags at them when they marched past.

With the Parade and Ceremony ended, it's time for performance. 
This year performance used all the high technology LED, lasers and light.

Instead of the usual lightstick that was given in the fun pack, this year we were given a LED wrist-tag which will automatically changed its colours according to the different performance colours.

The legend of Badang and the discovery of Singapore Stone.
We celebrated our rich heritage through the story of Badang, who represents the strength and resilience of our nation in the face of hardships and challenges.

Singapore is an unicorn that has its own character and spirit that inspires dreams and hopes.
We were all captivated by the unicorn that were flying up high.

Prior to the start of the show, we learnt song signing of the familiar NDP songs like 'Count on me, Singapore' and 'Home' from the volunteers.

And now we did song signing together with the special needs participants. It's really meaningful and showing that we care for one another.

The programme ended off with an outdoor and indoor fireworks.
For the outdoor fireworks, we could view it from the small opening space of the National Stadium.

I like the theme song this year, it's quite catchy:

Dream away
Take the world by the hand
Cause Tomorrow's Here Today
Dream away
Come let's go right away
Cause Tomorrow's Here Today

Thank the organising committee and all the participants for putting up such a wonderful performance. You guys did well and hang on there, National Day is coming soon.

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