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Taipei Seoul Cafe Food Tasting

Cafe hopping is one of my favourite pastimes whenever we have big groups gathering. We love going to cafes and order many dishes for sharing, sitting there relax and chill all day long.

I was being introduced to a very interesting cafe:
Taipei Seoul Cafe

A newly opened café that specialized in Taiwanese and Korean cuisines. 

Taipei Seoul Cafe is located at Jalan Leban.
The nearest MRT station is at Ang Mo Kio. After alighting at the station, walked to the bus interchange, hop on to bus 169 and alight at the 7th stop. The shop is located behind SPC petrol station, tiffiny blue logo.

The cafe offered a wide variety of choices ranging from drinks to sides to main courses and dessert.
We were spoilt for choices.

One common thing I like about Taiwan and Korea is their drama series. Guess what?
Taipei Seoul Cafe has special customized drinks that is named after the popular drama series from Taiwan and Korea. The drinks are selling at $10 to $12 a glass.

The cafe has a very cosy and clean interior, make me feel like I'm at home. The white furniture matched well with the blue walls. Taipei Seoul Cafe is a great place to chill out with friends for delicious food and dessert.

I was particularly attracted to their drink stirrer, they looked so pretty in the curve shape. 

Time for a big feast:


Monster Coffee

This drink was interesting. It was served with pastel blue base and brown top. After stirring, the colour changed into green.
It has strong coffee taste but not too overpowering.

The drinks serving next was based on popular Taiwan and Korea dramas, I'm sure you guys will be familiar with these drama series.


This drink really looked like galaxy with sparkling stars. It resembled nail polish with stars and glitters in it, except that everything in the drink was edible. 


Just like the title of the drama, the drink was green in colour. The soda drink tasted refreshing and cool burst of flavours.


Ice-cream float with soda.
Did the drink remind you of Winter Sonata?

This was really a huge glass, highly recommended for sharing.

原来是美男 (left) and 原来是美女 (right)

If you are milkshake lover, you might want to go for these drinks. All of us preferred 原来是美女 because it tasted less creamy and girls prefer that.

蔷薇之恋 (left) and 下一站幸福 (right)

Both drinks were equally nice but my favourite was still 下一站幸福. My friends were all saying that drink already will be very 幸福. I love the sweet taste of the drink and the aromatic scents of grapefruit extract. Both drinks were refreshing.

Side dishes

Sour Plum Sweet Potato - $3.50

I love sweet potato fries. They were crispy on the outer and not too oily. It tasted delicious just eating on its own, without dipping any sauce.

Taiwan Popcorn Chicken - $6.50

Popcorn chicken was always one of my all-time favourite snack to have. 
I love it that it was in bite size.

Main courses

Taipei Seoul Cafe offers main courses from Taiwan and Korea. Which one are you a fan of?

Honey Chicken Chop - $14.90

The chicken chop was served together with brocolli and rice. Marinated with honey sauce, the chicken chop has a sweet taste from the honey flavour. Being the first main course we tried, this has garnered good comments from our table.

Korean Spicy Chicken Jigae - $13.90

The spicy chicken definitely spice up my appetite, I enjoyed pairing the chicken slices with the rice to ease the spiciness. Not to be worry, the spiciness of the chicken was not too overwhelming.

Pork Ribs Potato Stew - $13.90

This was my favourite among the Korean dishes. You will never go wrong ordering this, I love the spicy soup base and the generous portion of ingredients served in it, it was filled with bursting flavour. Definitely guarantee a full and satisfying meal.

Golden Chicken Thigh - $13.90

Yet another satisfying dish we tried. The chicken thigh was tender and succulent. The girls loved this very much especially when the chicken thigh was boneless.

Beef Tteokbokki Stew - $13.90

The soup base has a light taste to my liking.

Ham & Cheese Pork Cutlet - $17.90

This was not the normal pork cutlet we always have. Beyond the crispy exterior, it was filled with ham and cheese in it. You could see how cheesy good it was and how the cheese will flow out. Fans of fried food lover, this is for you.

Kimchi Jigae with Pork - $9.90

Yet another bowl filled with generous ingredient. The soup was not very spicy, it added flavours to the pork. However for taste wise, I still prefer Pork Ribs Potato Stew. The soup was really flavoursome and leave me wanting for more.


Taipei Seoul Cafe offers a wide range of desserts. Many people came here specially for their desserts. You shall see why.
Because I fall in love with their desserts too, so irresistible. 

From left to right: Tiramichoux - $5.50, Pumpkin Cheesecake - $7 and Lemon Tart - $6.50

The Tiramichoux puff was filled with coffee mousse. It tasted pretty decent and the cocoa powder toppled on it added a strong coffee flavour to the puff. 

Pumpkin cheesecake was my favourite among all. I wasn't a pumpkin lover to begin with, but this cake totally wow-ed me. It has a smooth texture and pleasant flavour with perfect graham cracker crust.

The lemon tart was classic and tangy.

Matcha Tart - $7 and Mixed Berries Yogurt Pie - $6

The matcha tart has a strong green tea flavour that was bittersweet. We all enjoyed this very much.

Never know that Mixed Berries and Yogurt can be make into a pie, the sweetness of the pie was just right.

Among the two, my pick will be matcha tart.

Macaroon Gelato Sandwich - $8.90

This was also the biggest macaroon I ever seen. Being a macaroon and gelato lover, this dessert was something I cannot miss. The best 2 desserts I like can be made into a sandwich, allowing me to enjoy both at once. So delectable that I don't mind having all to myself.

Chocolate Lava Cake - $6

The chocolate lava cake was rich in flavour and fudgy in texture. The gelato was good to eat on its own or you can pair it together the lava cake. I love the rich chocolate taste. 

Waffle with Gelato - $10.90

Waffle with gelato seems like a must to have in every cafe. The waffle with gelato will be perfect if it wasn't served with sorbet gelato. I prefer to go for sweet flavour since the berries were sour in nature.

Ended our tasting with a group photo.

If you are on a hunt for new cafe hopping places, do give a try to Taipei Seoul Cafe. They have a wide variety of food available. Our group enjoyed the food served and the gathering session.


Special discount for all of you who are interested in trying the cafe:

Enjoy 15% discount with no minimum spending by quoting "Shuqing" or flash this blog post upon payment at the cashier. The special promotion is available up to 28 September 2016.

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Start your cafe hopping with Taipei Seoul Cafe now.

Taipei Seoul Cafe
10 Jalan Leban 
Singapore 577551
Operating hours: 12pm to 12am daily

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