Monday, October 31, 2016

ErgoSilver Laptop Stand Review

Living in the IT savvy world, many of us spend long hours in front of our laptop or computer.

I am no exception. I always spend my time in front of my laptop and I experienced muscle ache due to poor posture when using laptops, causing hunchback problem. Fortunately, Laptop Stand Singapore has came to my rescue by sending me ErgoSilver Laptop Stand.

I was given PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Stand for review.
ErgoSilver Laptop Stand comes in Box Size of 25cm x 22.5cm x 16cm

This is my first time using a laptop stand. I remembered previously I tried to raise my laptop to match my eye level by placing boxes to support the laptop.

Now I found a better solution - ErgoSilver Laptop Stand.

The laptop stand is made of aluminium which is waterproof, water resistant and stainless. The stand is also light weighted at only 1.8kg. Its size is 16cm at rear, 8cm at front.

 It comes with slip-proof rubber holds that help to protect our laptop from slipping off.

You might be wondering why there is holes around the laptop stand right?

It actually acts as a neat cable organizer to prevent clumping of wires. You can stuff all the wires underneath the holes. 

The solid aluminium panel cools our laptop’s CPU too. This is really a laptop stand with multi functions.

My laptop is huge and bulky, I was afraid that the laptop stand might not be able to support but ErgoSilver Laptop Stand did it. Despite being light, the laptop stand is able to withstand my bulky laptop.

ErgoSilver Laptop Stand is ergonomically designed for better posture, I don't need to keep tilting my head down to look at the screen. The height and angle worked well for me so I don't need to hunch my back to match my eye level to the screen.

Thanks Laptop Stand Singapore for sending me the product.

ErgoSilver Laptop Stand is retailing at $49.90. The purchase comes with a 6 months warranty. Shipping charges for all products is at $7. You can opt for courier or self collection at their warehouse located at 39, Jalan Pemimpin, #03-04.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Singapore Zoo and River Safari 2016

It seems like a yearly affair to visit Singapore Zoo and River Safari. Singapore Zoo is one of the best rainforest zoo in the world.
I was here last year in July and this year I'm back again.

I took a train down to Choa Chu Kang. After which, cut through Lot 1 to their bus stop and wait for bus 927. It will take you to Singapore Zoo.

Learning lesson from my last visit, we went to 7 eleven at Lot 1 to purchase mineral water before heading to zoo. The stuffs sell at zoo is overpriced. We reached the zoo at 1 plus in the afternoon.

Malyan Tapir.

They are one of the 5 species of Tapir and Malayan Tapir can be easily identified by their black and white body.They are closely related to rhinos and horses. In fact, they are the only tapir species in Asia.

White Tiger.

Everytime I visit, the white tigers were usually sleeping. I guess afternoon is their nap time.
The white tiger habitat is landscaped to resemble a dense jungle clearing.

Caught these birds stood root on the ground and staring at us. So I did a naughty thing, I banged on the fence to test the reaction of them. Woot, they did jerk a bit.

Reached Great Rift Valley.
Treated to a view of the majestic mountains, rugged terrain and waterfalls of the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia.

The lonely polar bear swimming in the pool.
It just kept swimming round and round, the same old spot, doing same old routine.

White rhinoceros.
They are the second largest land mammal after the elephant. They usually feed on short grasses.

The big cats all love to sleep in the afternoon, just like the white tiger.
They are always sleeping whenever we visit.

Zebras are closely related to horses and donkeys.
Their black and white stripes work like camouflage, making it appear unattractive to smaller predators.

We arrived at the Giraffe feeding time and saw some visitors feeding the Giraffe. They do have long tongue that will leave saliva on the visitor's hand.

One lonely Giraffe that didn't join the feeding.
Being tall and able to reach out to the leaves on the trees, Giraffe spends most of the day eating.

Even the leopard was sleeping too.
Leopard and cheetah looks so alike, I always have a hard time differentiating them.
How I differentiate is that Cheetah's spots is solid black.

The view from tropical crops.
It brought serene and peace to me. Taking a break from our busy lives and admiring such a view makes us appreciate the nature beauty more.

I love visiting the goats at Rainforest Kidzworld.
They are so many of them and they will come look for you when you feed them with leaves.

We went back to the polar bear habitat on our way out to enjoy the aircon.
And we discover the bear has come up from the pool for some sun tanning. A nice of the polar bear.

Since it's only 4pm and time was early, we headed over to River Safari since my friend has never been to River Safari.

The Mekong giant freshwater stingray and giant catfish, the world’s largest freshwater animal species.

Kai Kai just loved eating.
He seemed to be very happy eating the leaves.

With the pandas, so adorable.

They are one of the world’s most adored and protected rare animals. With only 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild, there is a need for wildlife protection and conservation.

Dropped by Mama Panda Kitchen for Panda Pau.
That's so called my lunch. The pau wasn't very fantastic but good for photo-taking.

It was a picturesque sight that I couldn't resist not taking photos when we passed by. 

Since I have took before the River Safari Cruise, decided not to take this time as there wasn't much things to see except for the green scenery.

Brought the birthday boy to River Safari because he has not visit before. 

We took the Amazon River Quest.
This wet and wild journey gave us an unique perspective on life along the mighty river.

Ended our River Safari tour and call it a day.

Happy birthday in advance to my buddy, hope you have an enjoyable day out to Zoo and River Safari. Hope you like this birthday outing.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Johor Bahru KSL City Mall: Taiwan Receipe + Sushi King

Taking a break from my studies to enjoy the good weekend before I go 闭关 for my year end exam.
A good weekend to me will be indulging in good food with great companion, enjoying some sight-seeing and shopping.

It's been 4 months since I last visited Malaysia so I decided to visit our neighbouring state, Johor Bahru (JB), for shopping and eating.

After a quick lunch at McDonald @ Bukit Batok, we took a train down to Kranji and board bus 170 to Woodland checkpoint. I haven't travel by public transport in to JB for a long time. Luckily, my friend knew the way so I just tag along.

After scanning of passport at Woodland checkpoint, we then queued for bus 170 again which brought us to JB custom. There was a jam as usual at JB custom and we queued for an hour before we could get our passport stamp.

After clearance, we took a cab down to KSL City Mall for RM11. I have not been to KSL for a long long time, immediately began my shopping spree the moment I reached. It was nearly 4pm by then. Didn't see much stuff that I like so I only got a off shoulder top.

We passed by Taiwan Receipe at LG level and I was attracted by their cute bonsai ice-cream. We then went in for some dessert fix.

Ice-cream treats are perfect to have during hot days. 
I have the bonsai ice-cream at RM5.90. Beneath the chocolate chip was just the normal chocolate ice-cream.

Mango snowy ice at RM13.90.
The portion was generous.

We were pretty much done with shopping at the mall, proceed for dinner next. I got another big bag of tidbits from Tesco.

We have our dinner at Sushi King located at LG floor. Sushi King serves quality sushi and other Japanese cuisine at affordable prices in a warm and friendly environment.

Here were some of our selection of food:

Vinegared rice balls topped with fresh premium salmon.

The fresh raw sashimi were sliced to perfection with the moisture retained in it.

Soft shell crab tempura.
The soft shell crab has a crunchy texture on the outside and tender soft in the inside. One can feel the crispiness and freshness at the same time. 

The soft and tasty chawanmushi to end off my meal.
The charging was valuable in my opinion, the bill came up to RM68.

The happy and satisfied us left KSL and cab back to City Square for local delicacies shopping before heading back to Singapore. It was 9 plus when we reached Singapore. 

I enjoyed myself during this half day trip to JB, can't wait to go back again for the good food and shopping. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

ClearSK Lazer Acne Clear Facial Review

Back to ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics (ClearSK) once again. 

I was given a complimentary voucher to try out their V Face treatment during the ClearSK Club Launch. I was being assigned to the outlet at Novena Medical Center Singapore.

ClearSK Novena Medical Center outlet gave a nice and relaxed feeling when I stepped foot in. The place has dim lighting and comfortable sofa that made me feel at ease while waiting for my turn.

The friendly staff immediately served me a cup of warm water while I fill up some forms.
I was initially given the voucher to try on the V Face treatment. However, upon seeing my skin condition, the staff decided to change the treatment to Lazer Acne Clear Facial which is more suitable for my present condition.

Lazer Acne Clear Facial helps treat acne and acne-based scars using highly advanced technologies.

Shortly after that, I was led to my treatment room.
There is a cupboard where we can place our belonging inside. No need to change into the robe as there will not be any shoulder massage.

Just like the reception area, the treatment room also has a relaxing ambience. Immediately I knew for the next one and the half hour, I was be in a peaceful mode during the treatment.

Ready to lie down on the treatment bed and tuck myself in the warm blanket.
Felt so pampered.

Firstly was cleansing to remove all the impurities and have a clean skin to work on.

Right after cleansing, it's time for Light and Heat Energy (LHE) non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment Before the treatment, a layer of gel was applied over my skin and eye cover was placed to minimise the discomfort level caused by laser light.

The next step used laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which rely on light energy to effect clinical changes while filtering out the subsequent heat. 

When as each pulse of light was being administered into our skin, I experienced a warm and mild sensation . The pulsed light and heat energy administered reached different layers of the skin for acne control. The acne scars will be visibly lighter, with brighter, tighter and give a radiant skin.

It's mask time.
A special formula mask was used, even my lip was applied with mask. I have a good 20 minutes of rejuvenating time all to myself enjoying the peace.

After cleansing off the remaining essence of the mask, the therapist applied lotion and moisturiser. The lotion helped to balance the skin and prep the skin for better absorption of the moisturiser.  As it was already night time, so sun block was not necessary to apply. This marked the end of my treatment. 

Improvements can be seen after the first session. 
The acne scars have indeed lightened and my dull looking skin has brightened up. The result was satisfying.

I have a pampering session with ClearSK.

Everything was great from the service to the treatment with only one part that I dislike. One experience that I dislike was that towards the end, I was being held up for half an hour where the staff kept persuading me to sign on a package.

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