Monday, October 31, 2016

ErgoSilver Laptop Stand Review

Living in the IT savvy world, many of us spend long hours in front of our laptop or computer.

I am no exception. I always spend my time in front of my laptop and I experienced muscle ache due to poor posture when using laptops, causing hunchback problem. Fortunately, Laptop Stand Singapore has came to my rescue by sending me ErgoSilver Laptop Stand.

I was given PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Stand for review.
ErgoSilver Laptop Stand comes in Box Size of 25cm x 22.5cm x 16cm

This is my first time using a laptop stand. I remembered previously I tried to raise my laptop to match my eye level by placing boxes to support the laptop.

Now I found a better solution - ErgoSilver Laptop Stand.

The laptop stand is made of aluminium which is waterproof, water resistant and stainless. The stand is also light weighted at only 1.8kg. Its size is 16cm at rear, 8cm at front.

 It comes with slip-proof rubber holds that help to protect our laptop from slipping off.

You might be wondering why there is holes around the laptop stand right?

It actually acts as a neat cable organizer to prevent clumping of wires. You can stuff all the wires underneath the holes. 

The solid aluminium panel cools our laptop’s CPU too. This is really a laptop stand with multi functions.

My laptop is huge and bulky, I was afraid that the laptop stand might not be able to support but ErgoSilver Laptop Stand did it. Despite being light, the laptop stand is able to withstand my bulky laptop.

ErgoSilver Laptop Stand is ergonomically designed for better posture, I don't need to keep tilting my head down to look at the screen. The height and angle worked well for me so I don't need to hunch my back to match my eye level to the screen.

Thanks Laptop Stand Singapore for sending me the product.

ErgoSilver Laptop Stand is retailing at $49.90. The purchase comes with a 6 months warranty. Shipping charges for all products is at $7. You can opt for courier or self collection at their warehouse located at 39, Jalan Pemimpin, #03-04.

For more information about Laptop Stand Singapore, pls visit

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