Monday, October 24, 2016

Fasta - Healthy and Fresh Pasta

Catering to the hustle and bustle of busy urban life, Fasta serve you the best taste of pasta in the shortest time with the injection of a dose of fun and quirkiness into our meal.

Fasta is located in the heart of the city at Beach Road that offers healthy and fresh gourmet pasta at affordable prices. The food served are available for dine in or takeaway.

The eatery was a small and cosy place, do visit early if you intend to have your meal there.

The pasta was served in a takeaway bowl, a good dining concept for the people working near the areas where take away quality food back to workplace during lunch hours.

For pasta, you can choose either from the warm bowl, cold bowl or Fasta bowl. For Fasta bowl, you can choose your choice of pasta and customise your ingredients.

I decided to go for Scallop Wallop Spaghetti from warm bowl at $10.50.
We can select our pasta choices from Angel Hair, Linguine, Orzo, Spaghetti and Tagliatelle.

I really loved the pasta, the scallop was big and fresh. Every bite tasted flavourful. I finished every bite of it. Where can I eat delicious scallop pasta at only $10.50?

We also tried Vegan Fox from the cold bowl at $8.
I must say the cold bowl was quite interesting, it tasted savoury good. 
Vegan Fox is suitable for people who are health conscious. 

Tuna Poke from the cold bowl at $12.
The ingredients in it were really fresh. The highlight of it was definitely the 80% raw tuna, it caught the liking of my tastebuds and really chewy.

Shio Ba Mee from warm bowl at $9.
The shio ba was super yummy, it has a well balance of fats and lean meat, giving it a perfect texture when chewing. The pasta also come with a mild spiciness.

Smokey Quacky Ducky from cold bowl at $8.50.
The smoke duck was tender and a hinge of sweetness with the sauce coated.

Thanks Fasta for the delicious dinner treat. The service is fast and the food served are of quality. If I am working nearby, this will definitely be in my weekly to-eat listing.

For more information about Fasta, pls visit

26 Beach Road 
South Beach Avenue #B1-23 
Singapore 189768

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