Friday, October 28, 2016

ClearSK Lazer Acne Clear Facial Review

Back to ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics (ClearSK) once again. 

I was given a complimentary voucher to try out their V Face treatment during the ClearSK Club Launch. I was being assigned to the outlet at Novena Medical Center Singapore.

ClearSK Novena Medical Center outlet gave a nice and relaxed feeling when I stepped foot in. The place has dim lighting and comfortable sofa that made me feel at ease while waiting for my turn.

The friendly staff immediately served me a cup of warm water while I fill up some forms.
I was initially given the voucher to try on the V Face treatment. However, upon seeing my skin condition, the staff decided to change the treatment to Lazer Acne Clear Facial which is more suitable for my present condition.

Lazer Acne Clear Facial helps treat acne and acne-based scars using highly advanced technologies.

Shortly after that, I was led to my treatment room.
There is a cupboard where we can place our belonging inside. No need to change into the robe as there will not be any shoulder massage.

Just like the reception area, the treatment room also has a relaxing ambience. Immediately I knew for the next one and the half hour, I was be in a peaceful mode during the treatment.

Ready to lie down on the treatment bed and tuck myself in the warm blanket.
Felt so pampered.

Firstly was cleansing to remove all the impurities and have a clean skin to work on.

Right after cleansing, it's time for Light and Heat Energy (LHE) non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment Before the treatment, a layer of gel was applied over my skin and eye cover was placed to minimise the discomfort level caused by laser light.

The next step used laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which rely on light energy to effect clinical changes while filtering out the subsequent heat. 

When as each pulse of light was being administered into our skin, I experienced a warm and mild sensation . The pulsed light and heat energy administered reached different layers of the skin for acne control. The acne scars will be visibly lighter, with brighter, tighter and give a radiant skin.

It's mask time.
A special formula mask was used, even my lip was applied with mask. I have a good 20 minutes of rejuvenating time all to myself enjoying the peace.

After cleansing off the remaining essence of the mask, the therapist applied lotion and moisturiser. The lotion helped to balance the skin and prep the skin for better absorption of the moisturiser.  As it was already night time, so sun block was not necessary to apply. This marked the end of my treatment. 

Improvements can be seen after the first session. 
The acne scars have indeed lightened and my dull looking skin has brightened up. The result was satisfying.

I have a pampering session with ClearSK.

Everything was great from the service to the treatment with only one part that I dislike. One experience that I dislike was that towards the end, I was being held up for half an hour where the staff kept persuading me to sign on a package.

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