Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happenings in December - Long Christmas Weekend + Boxing Day

Saturday 23/12/17

The last 2 weeks of December is my favourite period of that month because we have long weekend for Christmas and New Year. It gave us an opportunity to meet up with family, loved ones and friends for festive celebration or a time to travel for short getaway.

Though Christmas is on Monday, we decided to celebrate it early on Saturday to avoid the crowds.

Festive season gives us an excuse to dress up for celebration. Besides that, it is also the time where we will buy gifts for each other. Decided to abandon my usual weekend casual outfit, I put on the black denim overall dress to boost my dressing. It was casual yet looked chic at the same time. I got this denim overall dress from JB.

Always cherish the time spent together, you always fill my life with sweetness. To many more celebration together.

Arriving at Clarke Quay in the early evening to soak ourselves in the chilling scenery ahead of us, sit back and relax while enjoying each other companion.

I brought bf to Blisshouse Theme Restaurant for dinner, it was his first time there.
We always like to explore new restaurants during special occasion to have a meal together, so I suggested this place.

Stepping into Blisshouse made me feel like I was in the garden wonderland with the greenery surrounded the interior of the restaurant, even pot of little plant was placed at individual table too. 
It was a great chill out place and easily accessible from Clarke Quay station. 

The ambience of the restaurant was pleasant and design was beautiful, it made us felt cozy and welcoming.

I ordered Fish and Chips ($12.90++).
The food was normal and the price was quite reasonable, so the price and the nice ambience made it up for the food served.

There was a swing placed with the wolf and rabbit plushie toys from Descendants of the Sun. I love all these cute decorations that provide more photo opportunity while dining.

My Christmas gift from him. I love it very much, definitely something that I will be using it soon because my skincare supply is running low.

The Christmas gift for him this year was a handmade leather cardholder. It wasn't an easy task to make a leather cardholder. Hope you like it.

Sunday 24/12/17

Today was Christmas Eve, didn't do anything special so I just laze at home until dinner time before heading out to look for food. There wasn't any particular food that we were cravings for so we just went to Queensway Shopping Centre to have their Katong Laksa.

What we love about Katong Laksa is definitely their broth which has a well balance of ingredients creating a marvelous taste. Katong Laksa comes in short strands of thick bee hoon that doesn't require us to use a pair of chopstick. It was a simple and delicious dinner.

Still not feeling full from dinner, we went McDonald to try their Cheesy Loaded Fries with chicken bacon bits. For cheese fries, we still preferred the one from KFC.

I don't need a lavish celebration for Christmas Eve, just spending the day together having simple meal makes us feel happy too.

That's how I spent my Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas everyone.
Hope everyone has a bless one this year.

Tuesday 26/12/17

Happy Boxing Day. Began first day after Christmas with a dinner gathering with my poly peers. It's been so long since we last meet up. We met up at our regular hangout place at HarbourFront Centre.

We settled for Pasta Mania because Chan Lin wanted a place that has vegetarian menu in it. Pasta Mania is not a bad choice for us because the price does not come with 10% service charge. I have cream based pasta.

After the dinner, Chan Lin treated us to a drink at KOI. I opt for milk tea with pearls. Thanks Chan Lin for the treat.

We have a fun night laughing at our jokes and sharing never ending conversations. We wished the night could be longer, it was always a great night with these lovely friends. Let's have our next meetup soon with Christine who was unable to join us today.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Tao Kae Noi Land Seaweed Snacks From Thailand

Whenever me or my friends go to Thailand, Tao Kae Noi seaweed snack is something we will always buy back as souvenir for family and friends. My family is a fan of seaweed snacks, it is an addictive snacks where we can finish the whole packet in mere seconds. 

Now with Tao Kae Noi Land opened in Suntec City, fans of Tao Kae Noi will be spoiled with wide variety of products to shop for without travelling to Thailand to get it.

Tao Kae Noi Land is located at Suntec City Tower 3.
GF brought me along to the opening of Tao Kae Noi Land where we have fun playing the challenge and trying out different seaweed snacks.

I tried on these spicy and crunchy seaweed, I was blown away by it upon first bite. The seaweed was coated with  kimchi that gave a good kick with its spiciness.  It was so addictive that we couldn't stop eating.

We also tried on KIM Bird's Nest Beverage sugar free, ginseng and rock sugar.
KIM Bird's Nest Beverage is made from genuine bird's nest and rock sugar. It contains 100% genuine bird's nest, with no jelly or gelatin added. 

The crispy series also comes in cheese flavour, I still prefer kimchi flavour the best.
The seaweed can be consumed as with soup, with meals, sandwich or as an all-time snack.

These Tao Kae Noi Korean style seaweed comes in 4 flavours: classic, spicy, wasabi and tomato sauce.

Tao Kae Noi also had herbal tea that comes with 3 variants: lemongrass, lemongrass & ginger tea and lemongrass & pandan tea.

Tao Kae Noi Big Roll that my bro loves, he loves the spicy flavours.
It comes in 3 variants: classic, spicy and spicy grilled squid.

Tao Kae Noi's products use all natural ingredients to preserve the wholesome goodness of seaweed, making them taste so good all the time.

Tao Kae Noi ramen is having 1 for 1 promotion.

Tao Kae Noi's Big Bang at 5 packets for $15.
The 10 individually-wrap pieces grilled seaweed contains 0mg cholesterol and 0g fat, so we can eat freely without guilt.

The value pack crispy seaweed that I love.
Tao Kae Noi Japanese Crispy Seaweed maintains it crispiness and natural taste using their most state of the art technology and finest quality machinery.

We have a photo with Tao Kae Noi mascot. Thanks GF for the photo and bringing me along.

This plushie got my festive mood lifted up.

Speaking about festive mood, Tao Kae Noi is running a super exciting contest from now to 20 February 2018 where one lucky winner will get to go home with a Tao Kae Noi luggage worth $120. The luggage is flown in from Thailand and it will be filled with limited edition goodies in it.

To qualify for the contest, one just need to spend $10 on Tao Kae Noi products in a single receipt to participate. 

SMS the following details to 82232947:
Full name <space> NRIC no. <space> Receipt no.

The participating channels included:
NTUC Fairprice, NTUC online, Cheers, 7-eleven, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime Popular, Buzz, Meidaya, Isetan, Tao Kae Noi Land (Suntec City), Hao Mart, Japan Home and Watsons.

All the best in the contest.

The 3 of us went back home with our winning from the snack challenge. We even went to purchase more snacks to share with our family this festive season. We have fun at the event.

To find out more about the contest, visit https://www.facebook.com/taokaenoispore

Happenings in December - Zi Char + Eighteen Chefs

Sunday 17/12/17

I was just back from my 2D1N trip to JB. There was no MRT operating for selected red line and green line on Sunday. So after I alighted at Kranji, I made my way down to my cousin's house for a dinner with my family and relatives.

Kai Pin bought some cute cat donuts from Gokuku Japanese Bakery @ Jurong Point.  
Inside was normal donut except that the exterior was coated with chocolate. Too cute to be eaten.

Hello Latte.
Latte is so adorable, I have a great time playing with him. Latte looked so cute with its furs long, the first time I met him, he just got his furs trimmed.

Putting Latte on my lap and watched show together while waiting for my family to come.

After my family came, we immediately went down to the coffeeshop for zi char dinner. We love the food here.

The first dish was Salted Egg Pork Ribs. The meat was chewy and not too hard, it was drizzled with the creamy salted egg sauce that was aromatic. 

Mummy love the fish soup here, it is a must order everything we come here. The pot of fish soup came with a generous portion of ingredients in it and the soup was flavoursome. You can ask for refill of the soup when finished.

The Prawn Paste Chicken was very crispy on the outer and tender in the inner. 

The bill added up to $98.50 for 7 pax. This weekend was a gastronomia feast for me, my tummy totally enjoyed it. December is indeed a feasting month.

Monday 18/12/17

Today was yet another feast. We went for an early dinner at Paradise Dynasty @ VivoCity. Last weekend, both of us went for our own trips with friends. Bf went to Penang while I went JB, so we met up today to spend time with each other.

I ordered La Mian with Spicy Pork Dumpling.
The La Mian was really spicy, I didn't manage to finish all as my stomach was burning. Do stand by a glass of water to ease the spiciness. 

We ordered too much dumpling until I felt I was dumpling overdosed, my bowl of La Mian also come with dumpling. I am going to stop having dumplings for a period of time. 

Our bill totaled up to $29.09.

Wednesday 20/12/17

Look! See who came over to our house today?

Robbie came over to our house today as my sis was having an appointment nearby and inconvenient to bring him along, so Robbie was deposited at our house under my mummy's care.

Thursday 21/12/17

Today's dinner was at Eighteen Chefs @ Bugis Junction, a place we haven't visit for quite awhile. It was always packed with people during dinner time, so be there early during peak hours to secure a seat.

I ordered Carbonara ($9.80), the price you see on the menu is the price you paid. Menu price is inclusive of GST and no service charge. Awesome.

Top up $3.50 to get a combo which comes with a drink and ice cream.
I love dining in places that are pocket friendly.

Friday 22/12/17

I attended a leather making workshop that taught us how to make either lanyard, coin porch or cardholder. I opt for cardholder as I already have the intention of purchasing one prior the workshop.

The tools required for our leather making workshop. We learnt how to draw lines, drill holes and stitch up the compartments of the cardholder. It was really a tedious process that took us 3 hours.

Tadah, the end product after 3 hours of hardwork, handmade by me.

Met up with GF after my workshop, we went lepak at Burger King for Fanta float and nuggets. We enjoyed catching up with each other over a meal. 

One more week to the end of 2017, time passed so fast.


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