Friday, December 15, 2017

Review: MangoKing Thai Dessert + Opening Party at HANS IM GLÜCK

Sunday 3/12/17

MangoKing Thai Dessert has recently opened its door at ION Orchard basement 4.

We all know that Thailand is famous for their different variety of mango dessert, now we can try it here in Singapore. I have the opportunity to try  the mango drink, thanks Jackie for arranging.

You definitely will not miss this shop when you passed by basement 4, they can be easily identified by the strings of mangoes hanging and mango display around their shop.

MangoKing Thai Dessert is available in 2 sizes - large cup ($10.90) and regular cup ($8.90). Get the large cup if you are sharing the drinks. 

We were given the large cup where our cup was filled with mango juice and a layer of fresh cream, toppled with mango cubes.

The thickness of the mango juice was just right, it was refreshing and sweet, perfect drink to have for a hot day in Orchard. A spoon was also provided for us to eat the mango cubes.

The fresh mango cubes have a combination of sweet and sour ones, we finished the mango cubes and juice in no time.

Head down to Orchard to try it yourself.

MangoKing Thai Dessert
2 Orchard Turn #B4-63 
ION Orchard 
Singapore 238801

Monday 4/12/17

Started my Monday with Party In The Woods at Hans Im Glück.

I attended the opening party of HANS IM GLÜCK which is situated at the heart of Orchard, it can be found next to the Thai Embassy and International Building. 

The party has already started by the time we reached and it was packed with crowds. We have a hard time squeezing our way through.

HANS IM GLÜCK originates from Germany that is known for their In The Woods inspired interiors and gourmet burgers.

GF joined me for the event too. Thanks for the photo.
Grabbed the opportunity to meet her before she gets busy next 2 months.

We have a glass of mojito to chill our night away.
With drinks and music, it's time to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves.

We only managed to grab these small bites. Though they were regularly serving small bites, they were so many people fighting for the food. It was so hard to grab some bites. On a side note, the sweet potato fries were delicious, they were served piping hot.

We had a bottle of gingle ale before we left the place.
The crowds was madness that we couldn't properly enjoyed during the opening, we left the place early. Would love to come back again to enjoy the full dining experience.

362 Orchard Road
Singapore 238887

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Happenings in August - Cathy Doll Lip Perfume + Family Gathering + Hoshino Coffee

Previously I have gotten some products from Karmart event that I have attended, so today I will share with you a product I have received.

Cathy Doll Lip Perfume

I got the peach flavour. Peach Scent Lip Balm is suitable for irritated lips, it helps in calming the inflammation and uses Vitamin A to moisturize our lips. Not only that, it also makes them smell and taste just like heaven. The fruity fragrance makes my lips taste good too.

I love this lip balm as it created a glossy lips and gave a natural colour to my lips. It also glided easily when applied.

I used the eye mask to ease my eye fatigue, letting my eyes relax and enjoy being away from computer or phone.

Sunday 27/8/17

It was a last minute decision to visit Kheng Loon's house as some of my relatives have not visit my cousin's house to see baby Mia. So I went down to KL's house with my cousins. It was my second visit to KL's house.

Baby Mia was awoke and started fidgeting around, looking at the number of intruders that popped in her room.

Petra was feeling uncomfortable by the sight of so many unfamiliar faces in the house, Petra just hide at one corner and only started moving around when feel comfortable.

Gotcha! Aiden was afraid of Petra, he used the pillow to act as a shield to block the dog from sight. After that, Aiden started to lower his guard and dare to touch Petra.

KL also has a table tennis table for us to play table tennis. 
Watch the duo played table tennis. The next Feng Tianwei in the making.

Aiden also had a duet with his dad. He felt so happy when the ping pong ball touched his racket.

Amber was in the living room walking around while the adults were watching television. She always like to go close to the dog but the dog will move away from her, like playing catching.

We then went over to Allen's place for their zichar dinner. My family love the fish soup there. It was a sumptuous spread. 

After the dinner, some of us parted. Some of us went to Allen's house for a visit. 

And the reason there was to play with Latte. So hyper when seeing the dog snacks and will quickly come to you.

With the cutie, Latte was so cute and irresistible. He looked like a soft toy. He was very hyper and love running around.

Wednesday 30/8/17

Today's lunch was at our regular dine out place at Aston. I love dining here because the price that we see is the price we pay. No GST and service charge. Having always try chicken chop, I decided to go for something different today. I decided to try their spaghetti that comes with mushroom soup.

Mushroom soup with garlic bread.
The mushroom soup has a rich and yummy taste, I love dipping the bread into the soup to coat the bread with the soupy taste.

Chicken Napolitana.
Taste wise, so-so only.

Thursday 31/8/17

We took a grab down to Capitol Piazza for lunch. Today, we decided to try something new for lunch.

We went Hoshino Coffee for lunch. This was my first time trying out Hoshino Coffee, a Japanese-Western fusion style of cafe-restaurant. They serve coffee, food & desserts in comfortable and relaxing ambience for all ages.

I have Hoshino spaghetti with eggplant, bacon, shimeji and sausage. 
I love this a lot, especially when the egg yolk oozed out and the spaghetti was drenched very the yolk. It tasted delicious. I finished every bits of it.

This marked the end of my August happening, September is coming. 
Looking forward to the end of September.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cheapest Flight and AirAsia Promo via Traveloka Account

Travelling has been my latest hobby. 
I love exploring different countries, visiting their places of interest, trying out their local food, understanding their culture, appreciating their architectures, enjoying the comfort stay in the hotels and taking airplanes.

With the festive season approaching and long weekend coming, I am sure many of us are looking to spend the long weekend overseas. I have the same intention too and the place I wish to travel to for a short getaway is Bangkok.

Reasons to visit Bangkok:

1. Shopping at Pratunam Market 

This place is also Bangkok wholesale market.
The place is filled with shops along the sidewalks. Every stall got me fascinated, I was blew away by their wide range of fashion stalls available. Totally spoil for choice. The apparels were trendy too.

2. Trying the roadside stall's food

Roadside stall is a must try in Bangkok, it's part of their cultural. The fried squid eggs were served piping hot. They were fresh and tasty. They are cheap, delicious and convenient to get, sometimes even taste better than those serving in the restaurant or eatery. 

3. Visiting their train market

To visit Rod Fai Ratchada, one of the best train market in Bangkok. They have many rows of stalls line up in the market selling street food, modern fashion and bars. Just prepare an empty stomach and eat all night long over there.

4. Photo opportunity at Terminal 21

Terminal 21 has a very interesting concept, every level has a different country theme that allows the shoppers to travel the world to several world-famous cities under one roof. It was as though I have stepped into different country departure terminal. Be sure to check out their toilet. So many cute decorations to take photo with.

5. Taking ferry ride to Asiatique The Riverfront  

Asiatique The Riverfront houses many restaurants, boutiques and a night bazaar. The place is only opened at 5pm, so there is no need to come early. Coming here is all about shopping, eating and relaxing. You can even take the Asiatique Sky Ferris Wheel and get a bird eye view of Bangkok.

6. Going to Chatuchak Weekend Market  

Chatuchak Weekend Market is marked as a must-visit place for tourists. It is home to more than 8,000 market stalls selling food, clothes, merchandise, bags, shoes, plants, furnitures and many more. There were so many stretch of stalls like the photo above like it's never ending. You can really shop till you drop, totally spoil for choices.

7. Having coconut ice cream

Coconut ice cream is something to have everyday when at Bangkok because of the scorching sun and hot weather. You need something cold to soothe yourself.

8. Satisfy cravings for Thai food

It's all about eating when come to Bangkok. The price here was also very affordable, the food was savory good with generous ingredients in it, totally value for money. 

9. Visiting dog cafe

Animal cafes are on a rise worldwide, so we decided to take this opportunity to visit dog cafe during our trip. After doing some research, we chosen HOPs The House Of Paws Cafe which was near to us and located in Bangkok City.


All these experiences make me want to go back to Bangkok again. The first thing we need to do when planning overseas trip is to source for flights and accommodations. Recently, I was being introduced to this travel website that has everything we are looking for including flights and accommodations: Traveloka.

So I start to search the flight to Bangkok via Traveloka's website and it shows me a list of flights from various airlines, allowing me to choose the cheapest flights. It saves me the time to visit the individual airline's website to repeatedly key in the date of my trip and check the price. In one glance, I am able to spot the cheapest flights and the ideal flying time.

Besides that, AirAsia is having cheap and promo Air Asia Ticket Price.
You can get the best Airasia promotion and deals from Traveloka. Simply register your email and enjoy up to 70% member-only discount! 

Traveloka allows us to know some of the promotions going on for AirAsia and insights to the cheapest flights available. It makes our research easier and save our money which we can use for our trip. 

Flying to Asian countries seems so fuss free now with Traveloka.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Sound of Music Opening Night

The legendary musical THE SOUND OF MUSIC has made a triumphant return to Singapore this November. 

I was bursting with excitement upon receiving the invitation to watch the musical show. The Sound of Music is a show that I have been anticipating, I can't wait to reminisce all the familiar songs from 1965 movie.

The hills are alive, with the sound of music at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. The show will be running from now to 3 December 2017.

Meet and greet with Singapore’s young actors and actresses who will take turn to play the coveted roles of six of the seven von Trapp children. These children will perform in rotation throughout the season as the small and cute Gretl, the brothers Friedrich and Kurt, as well as their sisters Marta, Brigitta, and Louisa.

Catching up with Linda on her Taiwan trip.

The highly-acclaimed production comes from the home of West End musical theatre – the famous London Palladium.

The story took place in Austria where Maria, a nun-in-training, in an Abbey was being sent by Mother Abbess to the widowed Captain von Trapp's home and become the governess to the Captain's seven children.

With Maria coming into the family, she has changed the lives of the widowed Captain von Trapp and his seven children by re-introducing them to music.

The seven children are definitely the highlight of the musical. Other than the eldest child, Liesl, the remaining six children (Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl) are played by Singapore's young talent. All of them did so well and very professionally. They were the stars of the night, amazed us with their vocal and act.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC touches the hearts of all ages and relives some of the most memorable songs including My Favourite Things, Do-Re-Mi, Edelweiss, The Lonely Goatherd, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, and the title song The Sound of Music.

My favourite musical score is Do Re Mi.

Do-re-mi, do-re-mi 
The first three notes just happen to be 
Do-re-mi, do-re-mi

When you know the notes to sing 
You can sing most anything

The musical ended with the family’s escape across the Austrian mountains as tensions rise prior to the outbreak of World War II.

The Sound of Music is a heart warming production that leave a deep impression in me. The legendary musical relives many familiar songs of the young and old. Watching the musical live is definitely different from watching the movie at home, it will make you want to sing along with them. Immerse yourself into the energetic performances through the whole musical.

Thanks for the great night, I truly enjoyed myself at the musical.

Catch the musical now at MasterCard Theatres @ Marina Bay Sands before the musical ended. Ticket price starts from $65 to $185. Click here for more information.

Thanks Linda for the photo.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night 
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye 
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye 


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