Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happenings in January - Hidden Figures Movie + Miam Miam with Clique

Wednesday 25/1/17

Met up with the girls for a movie date at Filmgarde @ Bugis+. Thanks GF for bringing me for the movie preview of Hidden Figures and happy belated birthday to you. We have the opportunity to watch the movie way ahead of others which is only release on 23 Feb 2017.

Based on a real life stories, the movie featured the success stories of 3 African-American women - Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia) and Mary Jackson (Janelle).

Took place in the 1960s where the entire white community is prejudiced against the `coloured’ skin, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson show us how they overcome the prejudice with their incredible knowledge and desire to dream big, and become true American heroes. They successfully help launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

Living in a multi-racial harmonious country, we never really experienced such an extreme discrimination like having 'colored' toilet, pantry and education. The movie shows us how is it really like back in the 1960s where dark coloured skin are discriminated. It also means no promotion, no highly paid job and no space for them in university.

It ached my heart to see such discrimination that actually exists. Nevertheless, it's a meaningful movie, never doubt your ability and give up on your dream. Go for it and create your own miracle.

Tuesday 31/1/17

Met up with the clique on the fourth day of CNY  and also first day of work after we were back from our long weekend. Today is the start of my unbearable one month.

The 6 of us gathered again, our last full attendance was during Christmas eve celebration. We fixed our dinner gathering at Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction.

Ryden ordered this chicken salad for sharing.
The chicken was tender and delicious. This salad is super for people who want to have low calories meal. The chicken will make you feel full, not to worry that you will get hungry very fast.

I have Carbonara.
The creamy pasta tossed with bacon, mushroom, cheese and fresh egg yolk. The yolk was in a beautiful shape of orange. Smash the yolk and mix it thoroughly with the pasta so that every mouth will taste the aroma of the yolk.

The featured dish in Miam Miam - The French Toast.
The french toast was toppled with fresh made whipped cream and maple syrup, enhancing the flavour of the toast and making it savoury sweet with every bite. 

Yogurt and valrhona chocolate souffle. 
Indulge in a heavenly decadent melted chocolate on top of our soufflé. We top up another $1.50 to get a yogurt. 

It was a great dinner gathering, I love being with this group of people. I may not have a lot of friends, but having a few groups of true friends is more than enough for me.

See you soon again.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Bukit Batok Town Park - Little Guilin

I have been wanting to visit Little Guilin or Xiao Guilin for the longest time, a place that is known for its beautiful landscape. So during this long weekend, we made a trip down to Bukit Batok Town Park for a stroll along the park.

The nearest MRT station is Bukit Gombak.

We went in the late afternoon at around 5pm to avoid the scorching sun, turned out the sky was gloomy.

Bukit Batok Town Park resembles Guilin in China, that's how the name Xiao Guilin is derived. The towering rock cliffs make a majestic backdrop to the large lake.

The sight resembles what I always seen on ancient period drama, giving me a fantastic view of the tranquil lake.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
Little Guilin is more than just a lake, it has a spectacular view to offer.

Embracing what the nature brings us, a moment of peace and serene.
A great retreat for the city dwellers. Many families and joggers were there for a run or stroll too.

We sat on one of the big rocks for quite awhile, trying to achieve relaxed state of mind. This is one of the rare moment where we just sat down doing nothing and enjoy the present moment. We cast our phones aside, away from the internet, except for taking pictures. I really appreciate this because I like it when people give all their attention to the person they are meeting. That's the purpose of meeting up isn't it?
If not, you can just stare at your phone for my updates.

Enjoy the breeze and birds chipping. Life can actually be so idyllic.
I wasn't in a good mood that day, so I appreciate the peace the place has brought to me.

Spending time together before we parted for a month.

I have katsu don and chawanmushi for dinner at Kopitiam.
I was so full that I couldn't finish the rice. 
This meal was also one of my fastest and quiet meal.

It was a bad day for me, I didn't meant it to hurt the people around me. 
I hate myself being like this, I need to learn to control my temper so it won't affect the people around me.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

CNY Day 2: Chinese Garden + The Manhattan FISH MARKET

CNY day 2 was quiet in the morning because the lion dance troupe no longer visit door by door to bai nian with us. It is a good thing too as we saved on our angbao money.

My plan for day 2 was to go bf's house to bai nian and spent time with him before he went off for his work trip. I decided to share this post since I have quite a number of photos taken and I want to document all my happenings down so that I have something to look back on.

It was almost 3pm when I arrived at his neighbourhood and we have our late lunch at a Muslim-indian eating place since most of the shops were closed for CNY.

I have a plain and egg prata. I preferred the egg prata, it was fluffy with the taste of egg nicely spread and dipped it in the curry sauce gave a delicious taste.

We have a drink to ease our thirst. I have the one at the right, ice horlick. Very milky and nice. 

Laze around at his house after the late lunch to wait for his daddy to come back. 

I presented him his Valentine Day's gift.
Hope you like it, it took me awhile to decide what to get for him.

Knowing he loves watch, I got him a Fossil watch as his gift.

We reached Chinese Garden at 6pm. 
It was packed with people, sitting on the grass and having their picnic. 

So nice to be back at Chinese Garden again, it seemed like almost 20 years ago since my last visit. Being back again brought back memories of my childhood. 

One of my memories of Chinese Garden is this 7-storey pagoda. I didn't managed to climb this the last time I was here because mummy told us scary stories that stopped us from climbing up.

I'm going to conquer this pagoda this time round. 

Here's my OOTD for CNY day 2.
Dress: Tomato from KSL JB
Shoe: Far East Plaza

I love this pink dress that comes with a stripe to act as a belt, creating a waistline. The dress made me look feminine and flare at the right spot. The multi layers at the bottom created a volume to the dress. I hardly do shopping in Singapore lately, all my clothes were bought during my overseas trip because they were more value for money.

Climbing up 7 storey at one shot and treated to the scenery ahead and many good spots for photo taking. It was worth climbing up.

Spending some time to admire the gorgeous view of Chinese Garden. This is probably one of the very few places in Singapore that preserves the scenery of an ancient place that we seen from the ancient period drama.
So glad to visit here again, I really forget how Chinese Garden looked like. 
Chinese Garden was especially crowded that day.

With love.
Thanks for coming into my life.

The incredible view of the picturesque lakeside with the shadow of the scenery cast in the lake. It was an unforgettable sight. 

CNY period is like the blossom of spring. The place was lifted up with liveliness.
I love visiting places with spectacular view, it just lightened up my mood.

Gotcha in action, caught taking photo.

Crossing the lover's bridge, 情人桥. 
Come here for a romantic stroll with your lover.

It was 7pm when we left Chinese Garden, we made our way to Jurong Point for our dinner. Since many places were closed for CNY, we decided to dine in at The Manhattan FISH MARKET which was opened on CNY.

Ice lemon tea to ease our thirst. Super thirsty.
Our feet feel tiring too.

We ordered salad for sharing.

I ordered this set that comes with fish n chips, chicken and rice. It was really nice but too much for a person to take. I could finish everything, I tried my best to clear all except rice. The fish was moist and the chicken was tasty.

Ended our dinner with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.
I was super super full by then.

After which, I went to bai nian again before going back home.
While on my way back, I was really sleepy, I guess the food coma took effect. So glad tomorrow is not a working day, I can sleep and wake up late the next day.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

Happy New Year, everybody!!
Ushering the new year with the Golden Rooster this year.

Chinese New Year (CNY) is another favourite holiday of mine other than the year end festive (Christmas and New Year) because it is yet another long weekend. It is a tradition for me to have gathering with my relatives and collect ang paos.

Chap chye is what we always have for our brunch every year.

Our coffee table was filled with tins of cny goodies for our guest to eat while talking. We kept coming to the table to help ourselves with the goodies. Don't forget to drink lots of water while eating.

My plants were also decorated to spread the CNY atmosphere.

It is a tradition to wear new clothes on CNY so I bought this orange-pink t-shirt to wear on first day of CNY. Since I was at my home the entire day, I just wore something casual and comfortable at home.

My nephews brought their dog to our home. It is big in size and looks adorable, drawing everyone to surround the dog.

Even little Aiden wanted to stay close with the dog. So cute.

The dog was obedient, it didn't bark and just quietly sit there.

While waiting for more of my cousins to come, I joined this younger group to play for awhile. They love my pink monster cushion very much, kept throwing and playing catching. So nice to be young.

The vegetarian shark fin soup was ready to be served to the guests, prepared by grandma and mummy.
It was so delicious that I have 2 bowls of the shark fin soup. 

Our yearly steamboat affair during CNY dinner. 
As we have a very big group and limited seat, we split into quite a few rounds to cater to everyone. I was assigned to the first round of eating by mummy. 

Gather and gamble time.
Activity after dinner. My luck is always bad when it comes to gambling so giving it a miss.

Before the relatives left, we have our lo hei to usher the new year.
Huat ah, may 2017 be a prosperous year for all of us.

Bf came over to my house for CNY dinner. Hope you have a memorable one this year.

This was how I spent my CNY day 1, a warm and cozy gathering with my family, relatives and loved ones.

Chinese New Year Eve + River Hongbao 2017

This year, Chinese New Year Eve falls on a Friday. It was a half day at work for the working adult. It was a busy day for my family too because my mum will be busy in the kitchen preparing for hosting today's dinner with my extended family.

Since the time was still early, bf and I went for a walk to spend quality time together at Sentosa.

There was a showcase of drums at Imbiah Station. It immediately sparked my interest and I went straight for it to play the lion dance drum beat. Not really a pro, but know a bit here and there.

At the foot of Merlion.
Here is a very nice place for photo taking, nice scenery and backdrop.

Causal wear out. I wore a lightweight top that was perfect for a day out in the sun.

With love.

Our relationship is definitely not love at first sight. It is through the endless communication that we got to understand each other better and form the chemistry. Being someone who don't find myself attractive and afraid of getting hurt, you give me the courage to love and accept this relationship.

Hate that we don't have a longer time to explore the area, my mum wanted me to be home at 6pm for dinner with my extended family. Time to bid goodbye and go home. 

We will be back soon again.

Look at our delicious dinner spread for 15 of us.

Play time with Amber after dinner. 
She is turning 1 year old this year.

At about 9pm, we went over to floating platform for River Hongbao, a fun-filled extravaganza of lights, sights, sounds to celebrate this festival. River Hongbao is open to public and admission is free.

Went exploring around, looking at the displays.

财神爷, may you bless that 2017 will be a prosperous year for us. Huat ah!

I have my favourite twister potato with chili powder that I gotten at the outdoor Food Street. I never have it for so long, miss it so much.

Since there was still an hour of buffer time before the clock strike 12 and fireworks to welcome Chinese New Year, we went to our favourite hangout place to chill, sitting there and enjoying every cozy moment.

We found a good spot for fireworks just 5 minutes before 12.
Happy Chinese New Year.

The night was too young to return home early. We lingered around to enjoy the peace of the night for another hour in case the train station was packed with people heading home after the fireworks. I love public holiday with train hour extension. We don't need to worry about returning home late.


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