Sunday, October 2, 2016

Allen and Karen's Wedding Lunch

Attended the first wedding of the year.
It's my cousin's wedding. The wedding lunch was held at Concorde Hotel Singapore, a business class hotel located in Orchard Road.

So happy for Allen and Karen. They have been together since their Secondary Schools day for more than 10 years and still as loving as ever. Congratulations on tying the knot!

I was there early because my parents wanted to be there for the tea ceremony which was held in the ballroom. In the meanwhile, I just loitered around at the hotel lobby to enjoy the peacefulness so that I can revised on my studies and most importantly, to get a seat. So not used to wear heels out.

I haven't been wearing coloured stocking out for a long time. Managed to dig this stocking out to pair it with my heels.

Finally after an hour of waiting, we settled down inside the ballroom.
We were seated at table 1.

Ordered a glass of ice water.
I always prefer drinking plain water than any other drinks.

The sword bearers were standing in place for the wedding ceremony.
Oh yes, forget to mention, my cousin is from SAF. The military wedding is reserved for Regular Commissioned Officers.

The bride and groom looked so stunning. 
My cousin looked so smart in his No.1 uniform. I always think guys look smart in uniform.

Right after the cake cutting, the first dish was served.
The express cold cut combination comprised of roast pork, spring roll, baby octopus, seaweed prawn roll and jellyfish 

Shortly, the second dish was being served too.
We had the four treasure soup which include dried scallop, crabmeats, prawns and shredded duck.

Wasabi mayonnaise prawns. The wasabi prawns were really choking delicious, the hint of wasabi was not too overwhelming.

Steamed marble goby.

Golden roasted chicken with cracker.
I ate more crackers than the roasted chicken.

The couple had changed into their suit and gown for the wedding toast.
We gave our blessing to the newly wed through the toast.

I actually preferred attending wedding lunch than wedding dinner. During lunch, the food was served very fast and consistently unlike during dinner where one dish could take until to 20-30 minutes to serve. Everything wrapped up before 3.30pm and I have the time to meet my friend for shopping and dessert session after the wedding lunch.

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