Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

Happy New Year, everybody!!
Ushering the new year with the Golden Rooster this year.

Chinese New Year (CNY) is another favourite holiday of mine other than the year end festive (Christmas and New Year) because it is yet another long weekend. It is a tradition for me to have gathering with my relatives and collect ang paos.

Chap chye is what we always have for our brunch every year.

Our coffee table was filled with tins of cny goodies for our guest to eat while talking. We kept coming to the table to help ourselves with the goodies. Don't forget to drink lots of water while eating.

My plants were also decorated to spread the CNY atmosphere.

It is a tradition to wear new clothes on CNY so I bought this orange-pink t-shirt to wear on first day of CNY. Since I was at my home the entire day, I just wore something casual and comfortable at home.

My nephews brought their dog to our home. It is big in size and looks adorable, drawing everyone to surround the dog.

Even little Aiden wanted to stay close with the dog. So cute.

The dog was obedient, it didn't bark and just quietly sit there.

While waiting for more of my cousins to come, I joined this younger group to play for awhile. They love my pink monster cushion very much, kept throwing and playing catching. So nice to be young.

The vegetarian shark fin soup was ready to be served to the guests, prepared by grandma and mummy.
It was so delicious that I have 2 bowls of the shark fin soup. 

Our yearly steamboat affair during CNY dinner. 
As we have a very big group and limited seat, we split into quite a few rounds to cater to everyone. I was assigned to the first round of eating by mummy. 

Gather and gamble time.
Activity after dinner. My luck is always bad when it comes to gambling so giving it a miss.

Before the relatives left, we have our lo hei to usher the new year.
Huat ah, may 2017 be a prosperous year for all of us.

Bf came over to my house for CNY dinner. Hope you have a memorable one this year.

This was how I spent my CNY day 1, a warm and cozy gathering with my family, relatives and loved ones.

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