Monday, January 2, 2017

Looking back at 2016

Another year has passed.

2016 has been a year filled with joy as well as depressing moments. Nevertheless, those moments were over. What doesn't kill you make you stronger. Just learn from the mistakes or lessons and turn myself into a better person. Life is too short to stay unhappy.

2016 has also been a joyful year for me. I started to travel around visiting different places and gain many new experiences. It has broaden my horizon and urge me to travel more. Gonna save up money for more travelling. 

Having a blog is one of the amazing things that I ever did. Though it requires a lot of time and efforts to maintain a blog, I really enjoy doing all of this, like recording down all the beautiful memories, the things happening in my life and preserving these precious memories. During my free time, I will look back at some of these old posts to reminisce the old good times. 

Let me share with you my fond memories of 2016:

January 2016

Made my first visit to Alive Museum with the lovely companions. It was really a fun experience posing for photos, something different from the usual gathering. Alive Museum provided many beautiful and Instagram worthy backdrop for phototaking.

February 2016

We decided to leave our busy city and traveled to the neighbouring state, Johor Bahru (JB), for a well deserving weekend doing some of our favourite things like eating, shopping, singing and most importantly, spending quality time together. Travelling is always enjoyable with your close friends.
Thanks Kelvin and GF for organising this trip.

March 2016

I have an enjoyable food tasting session with the gang where we catch up with one another while enjoying the delicious meal.

April 2016

I was being introduced to Old Boys Gallery Tapas Bar & Restaurant, a great place to chill out for a good food and fantastic beer. The vibrant colours of the art pieces instantly lifted up my mood. The ambiance made me feel at ease, Old Boys Gallery is a place that you will enjoy with your friends. I'm sure I will be back for a visit again for the good food.

May 2016

Now that exam was over, it's time to reward myself with a pampering treatment. Doing gel nails has always been in one of my 'to do' lists. Thanks CL'athena Nails Salotto for inviting me to try out the service, I love my gel nails very much.

June 2016

I have a short getaway trip to Malaysia with my relatives. This was my second overseas trip with them. We have a good time exploring Malacca and fun time at Legoland Malaysia. We also have a cozy night at Hotel Equatorial. It's really had to find time spent with one another given our busy schedules. I really treasured the fruitful time spent together.

July 2016

2016 marked the first year of NDP's return to our new National Stadium located at the Sports Hub. So happy to score a pair of tickets to this year NDP preview. My first time winning the ballot for NDP.
I love my nation and I'm always so proud of her and proud to be a Singaporean.

August 2016

Love spending time with family and friends by having great food and quality talk.

September 2016

I love coming here, taking a stroll by the pond, admiring the nature and exploring around. First time heading up to OCBC Skyway. Looking at the beautiful scenery and taking a stroll around the garden really helped in de-stress, I felt so much better. Energy recharged.

October 2016

A good weekend to me will be indulging in good food with great companion, enjoying some sight-seeing and shopping. It's been 4 months since I last visited Malaysia so I decided to visit our neighbouring state, Johor Bahru (JB), for shopping and eating.
I enjoyed myself during this half day trip to JB, can't wait to go back again for the good food and shopping.

November 2016

Johor Bahru KSL City Mall: D' Shanghai Dim Sum + Imperial Reflexology

The place I want to go after I finished my exam is Johor Bahru (JB), I want to go in for feasting and shopping. With exchange rate of S$1: RM$3.1, we can feast without worrying that the bill will become a bomb. I have been travelling to Malaysia a lot this year, so happy each time I visit. Always bring something back home.

December 2017

Johor Bahru Day 1: New York Hotel + Zoo Johor + KSL City Mall

Travelling does not means that we have to travel to far places, it can also be done by visiting the neighbouring island or cities. There will still be lots of interesting places or beauty that we yet to visit. With just 3 days to spare, we decided to visit Johor Bahru (JB) for our short getaway trip.

Visited the zoo where the ticket admission only cost RM2 per pax. For the price paid, it is definitely worth the price to check out the zoo if you have ample time to spare. Do set aside at least 1.5 hours for exploring the zoo.


May 2017 be a great year for all of us. 
And more travelling in 2017.

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