Saturday, February 11, 2017

FTISLAND Live [THE TRUTH] Singapore 2017

After 3 years, FTISLAND is back to Singapore again.

I was there for their concert 5 years ago too, so happy to see them back again. 

My first time in the standing area for concert.
Thanks Jeremy for the ticket.

The fans have all been waiting eagerly for the comeback of FTISLAND.
We found ourselves a spot near the centre of the stage.

The boys took the stage with their electrifying songs.
They were very energetic and have spread their vibes to the crowds. Everyone went high together with the boys.

Hongki, Jonghun, Jaejin, Seunghyun and Minhwan took turn to greet the crowds. Hongki also commented that the crowds have all grown up since he last seen us few years back. We have grown together with them.

 Besides the songs from their latest albums, FTISLAND also performed songs from their first album to reminisce the old good times. 

FTISLAND also tried to adapt to our Singapore culture by speaking Singlish like 'so hot lah'. So hilarious. They definitely know how to keep the crowds entertained. There is never a boring moment.

Hong Ki thanked the fans for waitng patiently for them even though their last visit was 3 years ago.
They are also worried at the same time if the fans in Singapore has forgotten about them and thanked the crowds for coming today.

The 2 hours concert has come to an end.
Great time always passed fast.

Good bye boys.
It was a great 2 hours of energetic performance.

See you soon again in Singapore.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Beauty Review: Beauty Keeper Taiwan Beauty Box

Do you guys still remember about the Sample Store Giftopia Beauty Lifestyle Event that I blogged about in October 2016?

I received a beauty box from Beauty Keeper 美麗掌櫃, so today I wanna share with you guys about the products I received.

Beauty Keeper is a Taiwan website providing a one-stop service to bring us beauty goods and trendy, stylish products from Taiwan. With this service, there is no need for us to travel all the way to Taiwan to purchase our favourite Taiwan beauty products.

Ethel Cosmeceutical develops medication, health supplements and skincare products using the best ingredients and Taiwan's first class formula technique. Ethel is also awarded Nobel prize winning health supplement.

Packaged in a zip lock bags make it easy to carry around anywhere.

Ethel Citric Acid tablet

The citric acid tablet is rich in AHA, suitable for people who experience fatigue and low metabolism rate. It decrease the acidity levels in body.

Containing ingredients like lemon, the sour effect immediately took place when I popped the tablet into my mouth. We can take 3 - 5 tablets a day.

Ethel Purified Collagen 100%

The collagen is beauty for the skin and strength for the bones. It is suitable to add in all kinds of beverages and food. Containing 2000 molecules makes it easy to absorb and dissolves in water instantly.

The collagen is fat, sugar, flavouring substance free, it only contain 18.8 calories per pack.

It is never too early to start taking care of ourselves. 
Beauty starts from inside out.

YOHO Power Beautyskin18-Probiotics-Collagen

YOHO Power collagen is the secret of youth. It has a high collagen intensity of 83% that promote flexibility, firming and mobility, realising the real young look from within.

Taking the collagen is like taking 12 different natural phenol, all nutrients are absorbed into our body in one pack:
- Acai Berry
- Cranberry
- Mangosteen
- Pomegranate
- Wolfberry
- Strawberry
- Chilean fruit wine
- Blackberries
- Grape
- Blueberry
- Cherry

HANAKA Macaron Facial Mask

Initially I really thought they were macarons. After looking closely, I then realised they were actually facial mask. The skincare components were integrated into the cute macaron. Our skin will look transparent and radiant instantly.

One macaron can be used for 2 applications.
Each macaron consists of two halves, each of which is for one use. 
It moisturizes our skin, allowing us to stay sweet like macaron. 

INNA ORGANIC Rose Geranium Skin Soothing Facial Mask

This mask is good for skin soothing, reduce irritation and purify skin.
The natural scent from rose geranium organic blended essential oil helps me to relax instantly and put a smile on my face. The plant extract helps to improve our look and soothe our skin inside out.

After a busy day or when I need some "me" time to relax myself, I will put on a mask and lie on bed doing nothing. Just close my eyes and really relax. Not only does the mask rejuvenated my skin, it removed the weariness in me.

Bravura Whitening & Moisturizing Essence Mask

Goodbye to dark spots and hello to bright looking skin.

The facial mask contained brightening formula that penetrates deeply into skin, moisturizes and eliminates dark skin spots. It helps to brighten our skin and give a radiant look.

Anion Skin Towel

This towel can be used to cleanse the pres, removes blackheads and eliminates clogging cellular matter, makeup and pollutants. It promotes blood circulation and prepare our skin to receive skincare treatment.
Miss Hana Eyeliner Kit

Miss Hana eyeliner is known for its no smudge waterproof eyeliner. It can create perfect and precise stroke with the smooth gel texture. It gave a strong colour pigmentation that can create a 3D profound eye look.

It comes in 4 different tones:
- Night black: for creating a profound eye look
- Choco brown: for nude makeup
- Galaxy black: for bling-bling eye look
- Golden brown: for attractive eye look

All-Bella Eyelashes

Apart from the usual longer and thicker lashes, All-Bella Eyelashes will make everyone notice you with its fashion attitude. They have 80 different types of lashes ranging from lacy, paper to artistic lashes that you can choose from.

Gonna try that on some special occasion.

CONTIN Plant Extract Shampoo

The shampoo contained garlic that is amazing for scalp care. It helps in hair cleansing, fuller looking, oil removal, nourished locks and silky-smooth end look.
Do not need to worry that our hair will have garlic smell, the shampoo gave a light scent of fragrance.

Shan Camellia Essential Intensive Hair Oil

An essential to create strong and gorgeous hair. 
The premium oil will go deeply into hair cuticles for deep nourishment. It tames the frizz and makes our hair soft.

It is non-greasy and absorbed fast, leaving my hair feeling soft and smooth.

BP Neo Amino Acid Cleansing Cream

This facial cleanser is great for skin brightening which contains 25% natural Amino Acid from Japan. The foams gently clean our skin and keep the skin pH level at 5.5, the optimal skin condition.

PSK Pearl CC Cream

Pearl powder particles are added to help accelerate the metabolism.
The CC cream can be used to create a perfect nude makeup, it also protects our skin from the sun and light.
SERLANDO Rosy Pink Moisture Dew

This moisture dew is easy to carry around in our bag. It can be apply to our lips and skin. Pink skin will appear as soon as apply.

Thanks Beauty Keeper 美麗掌櫃 for giving me these lovely products. 

To find out more, pls visit

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happenings in February - Chinese New Year Continued

Friday 3/2/17

Happy birthday everyone. Today is the 7th day of the lunar calendar, the day where Nüwa created mankind. It is also known as renri, 人日. On renri, it is a traidition to lo hei, to toss for a good luck for the coming year ahead.

We bought the yusheng at Cold Storage at about $35.

Every yusheng ingredients has its own special meaning. As we pour the individual ingredient into the plate, we need to say the accompanying phrase out.
For example, the salmon will symbolize 年年有余. It means abundance and prosperity.
Gold crackers symbolizes great wealth, 遍地黄金.

Lo hei began.
We tossed and tossed for good luck in 2017 ahead. Huat ah!

Saturday 4/2/17

This weekend is a stay home weekend as I need to kickstart on my assignment. There are 2 TMA that I need to mug on. In the evening, my relatives came over to my house for steamboat session.

Opening up the abalone for steamboat later on.
Bf got for us the abalone from New Moon.

Here's our ingredients for steamboat for the 11 of us.
Chinese New Year (CNY) period is the only time we have steamboat at home. From 1st to 15th of CNY, we will have steamboat on every weekend to clear the stocks in our fridge.

Yong got this toy set for us to play.
We have to put the stick into the jar and the lucky one will have the doll jump out. The winner will get all the winning.

CNY is also the only period where we strike a quick earning by gambling. That's when having more wealth and prosperity in the year end begins.

Sunday 5/2/17

Today is yet another round of steamboat. Another group of relatives came to our house for dinner. Today there is 9 of us.

Ingredients were similar to the dinner last time. 
My family loves having dinner together with all our relatives. CNY is really a time where we have the chance to catch up together.

I also have the chance to catch up with my cousins, KP and Vivien.
Sharing with each other some of our updates and issues.

February is the period where I started to get busy. School has started and all the deadline for assignments are approaching. This cycle goes on and on again. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Guerlain's Beauty Products from Sephora

Sephora is a one-stop beauty-retail store that I often shop at when looking for beauty haul. Sephora offers a wide range of product categories including skincare, makeup, fragrance, body and hair care, in addition to Sephora's own private label.

Not only does Sephora has a retail store for interactive shopping environment, Sephora is available for online purchase as well. The ordering process is fuss free and it comes with free delivery for order $40 and above. 

I just made an order online for getting Guerlain's beauty products. Thanks Sephora for giving me an exclusive gift voucher to shop for the products.

Parcels arrived at my door step within 3-5 days after placing the order.
I love the convenience of shopping online without having to visit the store personally to shop  for the items and carrying the beauty haul home.

I picked up 3 items from Guerlain using the gift voucher I received - Stop Spot, Precision Felt Eyeliner and KissKiss Roselip - Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lip Balm.

Guerlain is a French perfume and cosmetics and skincare house, among the oldest in the world. This is my first time trying out the brand.

Guerlain Stop Spot 
15ml S$40

This is anti-blemish skincare cream that effectively targets redness and blemishes. It acts instantly and camouflages imperfections when applied.

Just dab onto blemishes and blend in with our fingertip.

Stop Spot has helped to reduce the size of my acne breakout. These red spots have stayed with me for long time and it just can't seem to minimize down. I am glad that Stop Spot works for me. Besides that, it calmed down the redness that appeared on my skin. The spots have become visually smaller.

Guerlain L'Art Du Trait - Precision Felt Eyeliner

The water-resistant formula eyeliner offers precise and definite drawing to create natural-looking or bold looks in a single stroke that lasts for up to eight hours.

The packaging of the eyeliner is really stunning. I like how the liner tip is thin and precise, making it easy for application to create the desired line that I want. Another thing I like is the long hours of staying power. My skin can easily produced sebum and I really dislike eyeliner that does not come with water-resistant formula because the liner will smudge easily, making me look like a panda.

Guerlain eyeliner's colour is intense and has the ability to stay put that last me throughout the day.
My only grid about this eyeliner is that the price is a little steep, but the eyeliner is really fantastic and worthy of the price.

Guerlain KissKiss Roselip - Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lip Balm (Peach Party)

KissKiss Roselip offers the season’s must-have colours ranging from charming red to romantic pink shades. Each lip formula is enriched with rose oil extract to hydrate and plump lips, leaving the lips with a light and delicate look. 

Encased in an irresistible white lacquer case, the lip balm become the ultimate fashion accessory.

KissKiss Roselip is available in 6 colours. I picked the second colour - peach party.

This is my first time I'm using a tinted lip balm. The lip balm not only provide hydration to my lip, it also added colour to my lip, making them look natural and refreshing.

The tinted lip balm hydrated my lips and glided well when applied onto my lips. I carried it in my bag so that I can reapply it anytime anywhere.

Just apply one layer to get the lively effect.
The texture is quite creamy that makes it easily to glide through when applied.

The end look created using Guerlain's Beauty Products (except eyeshadows).

Thanks Sephora for giving me the gift voucher, allowing me the opportunity to try out Guerlain's Beauty Products. 

Shop your favourite GUERLAIN products here!


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