Wednesday, October 26, 2016

4 Places to Dine in Great World City

Great World City is a development comprises of retail, office and serviced apartments located along Kim Seng, River Valley and Zion Roads. Great World City is a one-stop family mall catering that we will pass by when dropping by the old Zouk. A place where I met my friends before heading down to Zouk. Those were the days, I have past the age of going to club.

Great World City has numerous restaurants that I always frequent for a hearty meal. Let me share with you some of the choices:

1. Jack’s Place Restaurant 


Jack's Place serves a wide range of sizzling beef steaks, hearty food, desserts and cakes where consumers can enjoy a meals in a friendly ambience. Jack's Place offers daily lunch set promotion which comes with wholemeal garlic bread, soup of the day, main course, day's dessert and coffee/tea at $13.80++

I always love the soup served at Jack's Place. Regardless creamy or clear, the soup tasted so delicious.

I always dip the garlic bread with the soup so that the bread is infused with the fragrance of the soup and make it taste even better.

Half chicken for main course.
I noticed that their main course is always accompanied with healthy side dishes like corns and carrot, making our intake of food well-balanced. 

They have different lunch set promotion everyday. So do check the menu before heading down to avoid disappointment of not having your favourite set. 

2. Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant


Enjoy our meal in a spacious setting that can accommodate more than 140 seating. Besides the restaurant, they have Kuriya Japanese Market where we can shop for freshest sushi and sashimi after our meal.

Ordered my all-time favourite Katsudon.
I felt so full after finishing it, no room for dessert.

3. Kenny Rogers Roasters


Originated from Florida in August of 1991, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS has expanded to various countries around the world and has restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Philipines and very soon in Qatar.

Caesar Salad is always what I order whenever I am at Kenny Rogers Roasters.
Not be little this plate of salad, the degree of fullness is the same as the other main course that I ate.

It comes with fresh crisp romaine lettuce and croutons tossed in our special caesar dressing topped with sliced roasted chicken. 

Vegetable clear soup.

The set is served with 1 Kenny's Home-made Muffin.
The muffin was really delicious, the texture is just perfect.

4. Cedele


One thing I like about Cedele is that their foods have no trans fat, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no improvers, and uses organic unrefined sugar. They offers all day breakfast meal too. I love having breakfast but sometimes I'm just too lazy to head out early to have breakfast. So having breakfast set for lunch is awesome for me.

I am having hot breakfast.
We can select the choice of meat and eggs that we want. I went for sausage and poach eggs.

It is nice to indulge in good food once in awhile.
That's all for today, I need to go back to mug on my school assignment. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

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