Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sample Store Tea Session + Saturday Outing

Began my October with meetup session with my lovely friends.

Met up with GF and Jas for a visit to Sample Store office at Paya Lebar. Sample Store has held a mini tea session to share with us about the revamp website and unveiling of the October special.

Sample Store has a very nice and cosy pantry area where the staff can laze around during lunch hours for a quality time spent with colleagues.

I love this particular corner very much, so cosy. 
The bird cage like sofa.
Never know that I can find such a relaxing ambience inside an office.

With my bestie - Jas and GF.
Jas shared with us a great news, so happy for her (: 

I have a joyful afternoon spent with the girls, so much things to share with each other.
With them around, it made the event more enjoyable as it become a gathering session for us.

Domino pizza and Vitacoco for our tea break.
Thanks Sample Store for having this mini tea session. We enjoyed ourselves at this session.

After the session, we parted to continue with our own activities.
I headed over to VivoCity to meet up with another buddy of mine.

Wahaha, first time seeing my friend in glasses. Suddenly look so 斯文. 
It has been a few weeks since we last met. So glad that I have endured back the critical period and finally have time to catch up with all my friends. Scheduling the meetup all in a day. 

I'm back to Vivo for pokemon catching again.
It's already 2 months since the release of pokemon go and I am still playing it. Pokemon go still going on.

Selfie is a must when I head out.

Been craving for prata as I didn't had it for a long time, so I suggested to have our dinner at Seah Im Food Centre. The Indian Muslim stall has a variety of prata that we can choose from. I have chicken sausage and egg prata.

Despite feeling full, we still went for dessert. Dinner will never be complete without dessert.
J recommended the mango dessert at Kim Gary. So here we were at Kim Gary.

Mango sago.

My stomach was filled with the greasiness from the prata, I need something sweet and sour to cleanse away this feeling.

This sums up my Saturday. 
I love weekend like this, spending quality time with all my buddies and friends. See you guys soon again.

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