Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Stay Over with the Clique

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays because it's time to meet up with friends for gatherings and gift exchange, not forgetting to give ourselves a feast. Doing simple things like that makes me happy.

So this Christmas eve, I got to spend the time with my closed friends and countdown to Christmas. I'm really glad to have these brunch of friends with me, they are so supportive and we stand by each other side all these years. I always enjoyed my time spent with them. 

Met up with GF and Kelvin at Marina in the late afternoon, we then made our way down to Jasmine's place. The weather looked gloomy and was raining that evening.

Here we were at Jasmine's place. My second visit to her new home.
Since we were still early, we helped out with the preparation of food for our dinner later and doing some decoration.

Initially, I thought that was a CNY decoration. I asked Jas, "Why are we hanging CNY decor?"
This was the Chinese style Christmas decoration, it actually formed the word M-E-R-R-Y-C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.

Tucked ourselves to the delicious spread. We ordered Pizza Hut and food from Cold Storage for feasting.
We enjoyed our dinner at home, it was so homely where we sat at the dining table at ease, helping ourselves with the food and chatting all night long.

Our spreads include pizzas, mushroom soup, garlic bread, sausages, ham, roasted chicken and beef. The cost was about $20 per pax, it's quite valuable right?

We have grapes and watermelon after our dinner.

Meryl got us a bottle of Bailey for chillout.

Group photos with the lovely clique. 
It was a great night spent with them, nothing beats spending the festive season with close friends and having house party.

I was in my dress down mode. Wore something casual so that I can be comfortable just like I'm at home.

With the girls. 
As we grow older and have our own commitments, the time we spend together get lesser and lesser. Despite that, our friendship still stay strong. Love the time spent with them.

We literally stayed awake throughout the night. So here's how we keep ourselves busy with.
First activity: Uno card game.

Meryl got us some snacks from Japan, I love the pocky.

The ladies were inside the room for a cosy chat while the man were outside playing games.

We started the mahjong session after midnight, after counting down to Christmas.

We then switched to poker card.

It's 5.30am and we were almost half dead. 
Omg, we are really getting old, where did our energy went to?

We played until tired and stress, but it's fun.
We wrapped up the game at 7am. 
We rested for awhile before heading down to the coffeeshop for our breakfast.

I missed having these combination for breakfast: milo, soft boiled egg and kaya butter toast.
This was one of my favourite kind of breakfast when I was young, my family always brought me to hawker centre for this.

Home sweet home after the breakfast.

I have a wonderful Christmas this year and this is one of the best Christmas that I had.
Hope you guys have a great one too.

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