Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sample Store Beauty Show x Beauty Keeper

So excited to attend Sample Store first ever Beauty Show.
It has been a long while since I last worked with Sample Store, so I took this opportunity to find out about their latest updates as well as catching up with the fellow girls.

Done preparing and ready to head out.

The beauty show was held at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria @The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The stage was nicely set up with a clean background.

Upon arriving, we were being treated to a nice spread of lunch prepared by Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria. 

It was a balance spread that consists of vegetables, meat and fruits.

Juscool sparkling passion fruit drink was placed on our chair. The drink was nice to go with our meal and really refreshing.

With Tracy.
We have a great time chatting and entertaining ourselves.

So nice to see Candy again, I haven't seen her for quite awhile.

As the time was still early, we went to check out the booths behind that showcased a variety of products that Beauty Keeper carries.

This Starsuki makeup set caught my attention with its sophisticated packaging.

The different designs of All-Belle's eyelashes.
The eyes are the windows of the mind, putting on the eyelashes will enhance the look of our eyes,

This rosy pink moisture dew is all 3-in-1  multi-purpose product. It can be used on our lips, aerola and even private parts. It helps to moisturise and add radiance.

Came across MD/AA Jiao skincare series, this balancing gel can help to remove oil and tighten enlarges pores.

Now it's the era of DD cream.
We have heard about BB cream and CC cream, it's time for the appearance of DD cream from Userism.

May the beauty show begins.
The beauty show was hosted by Hossan Leong. As he walked up the stage, he was singing 月亮代表我的心. 

There was also a meet and greet with the finalists from SING! China Season 2 Singapore Selections.

Congratulations to Marcus Lee, he is the second guy on the left.
He won the SING! China Season 2 Singapore and will be representing Singapore for the competition in China. All the best to Marcus.

3 finalists of SING! were chosen to stay on stage for a makeup demonstration by Candy Tong, makeup artist, 

Aaron was the first to begin, showing us how to treat our skin.

Candy started off with cleansing of face using MD/AA Jiao face cleanser.

After which, a beauty mask was placed on him for 15 minutes. 
The mask come in handy for people who want to look radiance in just 15 minutes time.

The second model was Mio.
Candy first performed a day makeup look on her using Starsuki makeup products and also Userism DD cream. After which, Candy enhanced the makeup look with a heavy eye makeup and red-pink lipstick to turn it into a night makeup look.

The third model is Kah Wei. 
Candy showed us how to remove makeup and prep our skin after makeup removal. One should always remove makeup at the end of the day before going to sleep. Having makeup on during sleep will irritate the skin and clog up the pores. Makeup can actually be removed using skin towel which I have gotten in my goodie bag. Will share about it later on.

The finalists were all being presented with a bag of Beauty Keeper products that keep them in tip top condition for their future competition.

Here's what I gotten in my goodie bag:
- Stamps from Sing!China Season 2
- Singapore Post notebook
- Pouch
- Anion Skin Towel (reviewed in last post)
- Taiwan Aboriginal Series-B facial mask
- Phytopia SlimWay Synergy 

Taiwan Aboriginal Series-B facial mask

Look at these lovely packaging of facial mask from Taiwan Aboriginal Series-B. Each packet looked so interesting and unique. It has the authentic local culture print on it, allowing us to experience the indigenous people in Taiwan.

The soapberry and bird nest fern facial mask has a moisturizing function that makes our skin look lighter and brighter.

My skin feel soft after use and definitely brighter. I going to save this and use it just before important functions.

Phytopia SlimWay Synergy

Having a slim body is every girl's dream as it boosts our confidence without worrying to show off our skin.

Phytopia helps to slim our body shape with noticeable improvement in a month. Just apply 10-20 drops on our body (avoid genital area) that want to be tone. It can be apply around stomach area 30 minutes before meal.

I have just started using this, will share my result in a month time.

Are you interested in finding out what Beauty Keeper are offering?

For more information, please visit

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