Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Happenings in December - Food Hunt Part 2 + Christmas

Thursday 22/12/16

With more than half of December gone, it means end of year is drawing near and festive seasons are approaching. It is a month to reward ourselves for a year of hard work and indulge ourselves in all the feast.

Headed to Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant for lunch at City Square Mall.

Ice milk tea.
The lunch set comes with a complimentary drink.

I have chicken cutlet with scrambled egg sauce set.
I felt really full after finishing it.

All set for Christmas party.
We got the reindeer hairband from Daiso at $2.

Sparkling drinks for sharing.

Tarts and ham from Delifrance.
I always love the tarts from Delifrance, especially the savoury ones like egg mago and seafood.

What is Christmas without log cake?
We have not one, but two log cakes.

We have an early Christmas celebration, another one awaiting me this coming Saturday. I can't wait for the Christmas stayover with my clique.

Friday 23/12/16

Friday is here again, so happy because long weekend is coming. To kickstart our long weekend with a good mood, we went Liang Court for a hearty lunch. We chanced upon Butahage and decided to give it a try.

At Butahage, they only offered one main course which is Butadon (Grilled Pork Rice Bowl). This is a traditional cuisine from Hokkaido.

The secret deliciousness lies in their sauce that is produced in Hokkaido.
Each bowl only has 4 pieces of pork which is a bit little in my opinion.

Tuesday 27/12/16

Back from boxing day.
Finally this week has arrived, our last week before 2016 ended. Everyone is already in holiday mood.

We have our lunch at Din Tai Fung.
Thankfully the queue wasn't that long when we were there. The queue is always so long whether I past by Din Tai Fung.

Gina ordered Xiao Long Bao and fried wanton to share among the 3 of us.
Thanks for the snack treat.

I ordered egg fried rice for my main.
Their fried rice was very nice.


Finally we met again after 11 days, we headed to the same old place for dinner at Lau Pa Sat. I like having dinner there because it is not very crowded and has lots of variety to choose from. Thanks for the gift from Taiwan.

Found avocado milkshake at Lau Pa Sat.
I always have a liking for avocado milkshake because it is sweet, creamy and tasty.

Hokkien mee.

Oyster omelette.

We have a sinful and enjoyable dinner. 
A simple affair can also be a joyful one.
Sometimes it's not the ambience that determine a good dinner, but the good company that matters.

With this, I end my happenings post and little updates.
Good night everyone.

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