Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happenings in January - Hidden Figures Movie + Bukit Batok Town Park + Miam Miam with Clique

Wednesday 25/1/17

Met up with the girls for a movie date at Filmgarde @ Bugis+. Thanks GF for bringing me for the movie preview of Hidden Figures and happy belated birthday to you. We have the opportunity to watch the movie way ahead of others which is only release on 23 Feb 2017.

Based on a real life stories, the movie featured the success stories of 3 African-American women - Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia) and Mary Jackson (Janelle).

Took place in the 1960s where the entire white community is prejudiced against the `coloured’ skin, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson show us how they overcome the prejudice with their incredible knowledge and desire to dream big, and become true American heroes. They successfully help launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

Living in a multi-racial harmonious country, we never really experienced such an extreme discrimination like having 'colored' toilet, pantry and education. The movie shows us how is it really like back in the 1960s where dark coloured skin are discriminated. It also means no promotion, no highly paid job and no space for them in university.

It ached my heart to see such discrimination that actually exists. Nevertheless, it's a meaningful movie, never doubt your ability and give up on your dream. Go for it and create your own miracle.

Monday 30/1/17

I have been wanting to visit Little Guilin or Xiao Guilin for the longest time, a place that is known for its beautiful landscape. So during this long weekend, we made a trip down to Bukit Batok Town Park for a stroll along the park. The nearest MRT station is Bukit Gombak.

We went in the late afternoon at around 5pm to avoid the scorching sun, turned out the sky was gloomy.

Bukit Batok Town Park resembles Guilin in China, that's how the name Xiao Guilin is derived. The towering rock cliffs make a majestic backdrop to the large lake.

The sight resembles what I always seen on ancient period drama, giving me a fantastic view of the tranquil lake.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
Little Guilin is more than just a lake, it has a spectacular view to offer.

Embracing what the nature brings us, a moment of peace and serene.
A great retreat for the city dwellers. Many families and joggers were there for a run or stroll too.

We sat on one of the big rocks for quite awhile, trying to achieve relaxed state of mind. This is one of the rare moment where we just sat down doing nothing and enjoy the present moment. We cast our phones aside, away from the internet, except for taking pictures. I really appreciate this because I like it when people give all their attention to the person they are meeting. That's the purpose of meeting up isn't it?
If not, you can just stare at your phone for my updates.

Enjoy the breeze and birds chipping. Life can actually be so idyllic.
I wasn't in a good mood that day, so I appreciate the peace the place has brought to me.

Spending time together before we parted for a month.

I have katsu don and chawanmushi for dinner at Kopitiam.

It was a bad day for me, I didn't meant it to hurt the people around me. 
I hate myself being like this, I need to learn to control my temper so it won't affect the people around me.

Tuesday 31/1/17

Met up with the clique on the fourth day of CNY  and also first day of work after we were back from our long weekend. Today is the start of my unbearable one month.

The 6 of us gathered again, our last full attendance was during Christmas eve celebration. We fixed our dinner gathering at Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction.

Ryden ordered this chicken salad for sharing.
The chicken was tender and delicious. This salad is super for people who want to have low calories meal. The chicken will make you feel full, not to worry that you will get hungry very fast.

I have Carbonara.
The creamy pasta tossed with bacon, mushroom, cheese and fresh egg yolk. The yolk was in a beautiful shape of orange. Smash the yolk and mix it thoroughly with the pasta so that every mouth will taste the aroma of the yolk.

The featured dish in Miam Miam - The French Toast.
The french toast was toppled with fresh made whipped cream and maple syrup, enhancing the flavour of the toast and making it savoury sweet with every bite. 

Yogurt and valrhona chocolate souffle. 
Indulge in a heavenly decadent melted chocolate on top of our soufflé. We top up another $1.50 to get a yogurt. 

It was a great dinner gathering, I love being with this group of people. I may not have a lot of friends, but having a few groups of true friends is more than enough for me.

See you soon again.

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